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What Is DashLeague Crystals (DLC)? Complete Guide & Review About DashLeague Crystals

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What Is DashLeague Crystals (DLC)?

DashLeague Crystals is an AI generated open world fantasy MMORPG where players can buy, sell, trade, battle, farm, mine, and conquer dungeons in order to earn tokens through skilled contributions to an open world ecosystem.

DashLeague is built upon the blockchain, player, item and other in-game assets are easily accessible to 3rd parties allowing or them to build their own tools and extensions of the DashLeague ecosystem.

Important Points Table Of DashLeague Crystals

Coin NameDashLeague Crystals
Short NameDLC
Total Supply100,000,000
ExplorerClick Here To View
DocumentationView Document
WebsiteClick Here To Visit

How to Buy the Continental & Trade On Exchange?

First Step

Buying DLC Is Very Easy Task . Just Find Exchange Where DLC Available & Buy Through Your Credit & Other Altcoin .

Second Step

Once You Purchased DLC. Now It Is Time To Store Your DLC Or Start Trading On Exchange .

Play To Earn

DashLeague is a unique MMORPG built on the blockchain Play by minting one of the unique 20,000 Genesis NFTs Some are funky – Some are special All of them raid dungeons.

Its Play To Play

The unique rune system allows you to play thousands of unique dungeons by combining different runes at the portal in the game. Each rune has special attributes that govern the level, dungeon type, drops and more!

Each time you portal to a new dungeon it requires a small token fee. Upon beating the dungeon boss, you can claim the map, earning the token fees paid for the next 7 days!

DashLeague’s Mission

The goal with DashLeague Crystals is to build an endlessly playable P2E MMORPG that evolves and enables Dashers to enjoy and build the worlds they desire, while earning tokens for their talent and contributions to the DashLeague universe.

They want to create not just a fun game, but to also provide Dashers with the tools and infrastructure in a framework that brings ideas to life, rewards hard work, and celebrates creativity.

How To Play

Getting Your First Dasher

DashLeague Crystals lives on the Ethereum Blockchain (soon will be multi-chain), in order to get your first character you will want to use the Chrome Browser and download the Chrome Extension – Metamask.

If it is your first time interacting with anything in crypto, the first step you are going to want to do is create a Coinbase account and fund it with enough ETH to acquire one DashLeague NFT from the OpenSea marketplace.

The final step is to “withdraw” ETH to your metamask wallet and acquire a character on the OpenSea marketplace. If you are lost, please see the video below :

$DLC Contract & Deflation

DashLeague Crystals in-game utility currency is $DLC.

$DLC is required to teleport to any dungeon with the exclusion of the “tutorial” dungeon, purchase any in-game items from NPCs, redeem extensions on owned dungeons, and more.

When you kill monsters in the game, open chests, sell items, trade with other players, etc. you an earn $DLC which can be traded on any 3rd party exchange for BNB, AVAX, or other coin.

In every in-game interaction, a minimum of 5% of $DLC is burned per transaction.

This is done to decrease the supply of $DLC and increase the value of $DLC over time.

How Many $DLC Coins Are There in Circulation?

$DLC was launched on the AVAX blockchain on June 24, 2022 with 100 million $DLC tokens created at genesis. Additional supply is available to be minted via bonds on, additionally community votes may increase supply of $DLC on ( and was launched with the following breakdown :

a) 50% to game treasury for emissions (users buy and sell items directly to and from treasury) b) 20% to the development team to fund further game development c) 10% to the marketing fund to advertise DashLeague d) 20% reserved for circulation of $DLC on 3rd party networks, liquidity pools, and market making opportunities —— Only 5% of the 20% initial circulation reserve will be added to an LP upon launch of $DLC, the remaining 95% will be released per future snapshots

Who Are the Founders of $DLC (DashLeague)?

DashLeague Crystalsis the intellectual property of BABS, a 2D/3D game studio out of Scottsdale, Arizona (United States). It was the product of several dozen artists, developers, sound engineers, and art directors and continues to be developed by BABS on behalf of the community.

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