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DarleyGo Airdrop Review: 30 Participants Will win 200 DGE

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About DarleyGo Airdrop

DarleyGo Airdrop is the world’s first myth-based NFT horse racing game based on Solana that allows players to train, race, breed, and collect NFT horses. The Essence Token $DGE is the governance token used in the DarleyGo universe. It will be primarily used for breeding, staking, voting, special rewards, and the in-house marketplace.

DarleyGo is giving away a total of 36,000 DGE to 250 lucky giveaway participants. Sign up for the giveaway and complete simple social tasks to earn entries. A total of 10 participants will be randomly selected to win 500 DGE each, 20 participants will win 300 DGE each, 30 participants will win 200 DGE each and 190 participants will win100 DGE each.

PlatformTotal ValueMax. ParticipantsWebsite
Solana36,000 DGEUnlimitedClick Here To Visit

Step No 1

Register for the DarleyGo Airdrop, by creating an account.

Step No 2

Verify your email & log in to your account.

Step No 3

Take part in the referral program and invite 3 friends.

Step No 4

Join DarleyGo Airdrop on Telegram group & Telegram channel

Step No 5

Follow DarleyGo Airdrop on Twitter & like/share the pinned tweet and tag 3 friends.  

Step No 6

Like/follow DarleyGo Airdrop on Facebook & like/share the pinned post.  

Step No 7

Submit your details to the DarleyGo Airdrop form. 

DarleyGo’s Mission

The mission is to create a fun and educational way for the general public to adopt blockchain technology. They will use virtual horseracing as a tool to educate, entertain, and empower people towards the future of gaming and virtual reality.

DarleyGo’s Vision

They believe in a future where work and play are one. They want to empower our players by giving them economic opportunities, and most of all, they envision a future where racing virtual horses can change the world.

DarleyGo Essence Token $DGE

$DGE is the governance token used in the universe. It will be primarily used for breeding, staking, voting, special rewards, and the in-house marketplace.

DarleyGo Airdrop Review: 30 Participants Will win 200 DGE

DarleyGo P2E Economic Model

They aim to be a fully decentralized game managed by DarleyGo DAO. However, because it takes years of game development and community growth for a game to be fully decentralized, They will not be a decentralized game upon release.

Race For Glory and Honor

Race against other active players in regular or special racing events for glory and honor while earning tokens. The player can race up to 12 other active players in each competition. 

Discover Your Horse’s Ability

Compete in training drills with either AI DarleyHorses or other players’ horses to level up your own horses’ skills and experience. Finish specific training courses to unlock ability badges while earning tokens in return!

Breed Your Own Horse Build Your Own Stables

Breed your own NFT horse! It requires extensive research and complete understanding of your horses’ pedigree and ability to be successful in the breeding industry – just like in the real world of horseracing.

DarleyGo Treasury – The Club

The Club acts as a community fund with the core purpose of growing the DarleyGo Airdrop community. The Club will sponsor community GA events, special rewards, racing stakes, and necessary marketing events for the community.



Mainly used for transactions like race entry fees, mission, prize pool rewards, breeding, and the in-house marketplace.


DarleyGo governance token used for breeding, special race rewards, staking, voting, and other exclusive access in the future.


The original team is made up of hardcore horseracing enthusiasts, skilled mobile game and blockchain developers, and game and movie graphic designers (ex-Racingland, Tencent, Alibaba, Mastercard, Capcom, and Bandai Namco).

For many years, they have always wanted to build a horseracing game that solves the central problem of all horseracing video games: Monetization.

DarleyGo Airdrop After years of exploration and research, they think the best time to build one is now, as the technology has grown more mature (Blockchain, NFT, and Solana) and the public is more receptive to cryptocurrency and its components such as NFTs.

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