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CrowdForce ICO Review : Global Decentralized Network Of Micro Businesses

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About CrowdForce ICO

CrowdForce ICO uses mobile technology and a network of field agents to help businesses, banks, Digital wallets, and exchange companies scale to the next billion underserved population in emerging markets. Backed by top silicon valley VCs including 500 startups and DraperDarkflow, they are developing a decentralized network of agent micro businesses to provide crypto and digital services to the mass market and drive mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in emerging markets.

94% of all transactions in most emerging markets are done using physical cash. As a result, the bulk of the economic activities that go on in these regions occurs at the subsistence level and are done primarily offline through traditional outlets. This creates huge problems for companies trying to determine consumer behaviour as a barometer to understand the dynamics of the market. It is of utmost importance to develop adequate strategies that can ignite growth in the emerging markets before they fall too far behind in the global economic narrative.

Company NameCrowdForce Ico
Token TypeUtility token
Token Sale Hard Cap6,000,000 USD
Price1 CRF = 0.03 USD
Token TypeERC 20 on Ethereum platform

Access to Financial Services

Leverage CrowdForce ICO merchant network to deploy your digital services, financial products and collect payments from the mass market. 94% of the transactions in emerging markets are done in cash via retail outlets and micro businesses in each community. The PayForce Agent Network helps banks and Fintech startups with the right network to scale render digital services and capture digital identities via local merchant stores.

Access to Reliable Data

Leverage CrowdForce agent network to collect real-time market data and surveys on the ground. 90% of Consumer Goods sales happen in traditional outlets. CPGs and Governments rely on our agent network to get real-time data to enable them to improve service delivery and maximize revenue.

Access to the Offline Market

Empowering local merchants with the tools to drive adoption of digital services to the next billion consumers. Leverage our merchant network to deliver your services to the largely CrowdForce ICO offline and underserved population.

Why Choose ?

Task Design

Schedule a meeting with the to describe your requirements. They can launch your task campaign in 1 to 3 days. They can help with Retail Audits, Consumer Insights, Census, Surveys, GIS Mapping, Sales Agents or just general routine data collection

Campaign Launch

We analyze your requirements and launch a campaign using our agent network that meets your objectives. We can activate agents anywhere in less than 3 hours. We monitor and verify all data collected using best quality control practices.

Real-time Data / Analytics

Analyze and monitor all data collected and activities on the field from the convenience of your office in real time. We also provide a team of data experts to help you analyze your data points where needed.

They are Changing the way Business is Done in Africa

At CrowdForce we are changing the narrative, building an ecosystem of 1 million merchants that will render penetrative market research and financial inclusion services to the billions of CrowdForce ICO consumers in Africa and other emerging markets. We use mobile technology and the largest agent network to help businesses, banks, digital wallets, multinational organization, NGO and government agencies reach the underserved population in the emerging market.

They are Transforming the way data is collected in Africa

The enable local and international businesses and Non Profits crowdsource reliable market data using mobile technology and a network of field agents.

Impact Assessments

Monitor the impact of investments in Projects, Policy and social interventions in real time

Sustainable Development Goals

The most reliable way to monitor and track your SDG Goals by involving youths in various communities providing real-time feedback

CrowdForce ICO Review

1,000 USD








  • More Currency ETH, BTC, LTC, XRP
  • Social Support


  • Restricted areas - USA, Somalia, China
  • No KYC
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