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Compound Coin Review : Is It Good Or Bad Coin Read Our Article

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About Compound Coin

Compound Coin is an ERC-20 asset that empowers community governance of the Compound protocol; COMP token-holders and their delegates debate, propose, and vote on all changes to the protocol. By placing COMP directly into the hands of users and applications, an increasingly large ecosystem will be able to upgrade the protocol, and will be incentivized to collectively steward the protocol into the future with good governance.

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Compound Coin Point Table

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCompound Coin
Short NameCOMP
Circulating Supply7,267,152.00 COMP
Max Supply10,000,000
Source CodeClick Here To View Source Code
ExplorersClick Here To View Explorers
Twitter PageClick Here To Visit Twitter Group
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

How does the distribution work?

Each day, approximately 1,234 COMP will be distributed to users of the protocol; the distribution is allocated to each market (ETH, USDC, DAI…), and is set through the governance process by COMP token-holders. Within each market, half of the distribution is earned by suppliers, and the other half by borrowers.

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Receive COMP

When you use Compound to supply or borrow assets, you’ll automatically begin accruing COMP; in the Market Distribution table above, you can see how much COMP is distributed by market and activity. You can track and claim your COMP Distribution in the Dashboard.

Building an application

COMP is only claimable by addresses that directly interact with the protocol (msg.sender), and that are capable of calling the claim function. Developers building smart contract wrappers should design for this interaction, otherwise COMP will be unclaimed & inaccessible. If you have questions, join the Compound Discord and ask the community.

Why Choose Compound Coin?

Interest accrues to all suppliers and borrowers in a market when any Ethereum address interacts with the market’s cToken contract, calling one of these functions: mint, redeem, borrow, or repay. Successful execution of one of these functions triggers the method, which causes interest to be added to the underlying balance of every supplier and borrower in the market.

Interest accrues for the current block, as well as each prior block in which the method was not triggered (no user interacted with the cToken contract). Interest compounds only during blocks in which the cToken contract has one of the aforementioned methods invoked.

Where Can You Buy Compound Coin?

Tokens Can Be Purchased On Most Exchanges. One Choice To Trade Is On Binance As It Has The Highest COMP/USDT. e Trading Volume, $8,947 As Of February 2021. Next is OKEx, With A Trading Volume Of $6,180,82. Other option To Trade Include COMP/USDT And Huobi Global. Of Course, It Is Important To Note That Investing In Cryptocurrency Comes With A Risk, Just Like Any Other Investment Opportunity.

Market Screenshot

Compound Coin market screenshot

Compound Coin Supported Wallet

Several Browser And Mobile App Based Wallets Support Compound Coin. Here Is Example Of Wallet Which Compound Coin – Trust Wallet For Hardware Ledger Nano.

FAQ Of Compound Coin

Where I Can Find Compound Coin Whitepaper?

You Can Find Compound Coin Whitepaper By Clicking Here.

Where I Can Buy/Sell Balancer Token?

You Can Buy or Sell Balancer Token On Some Popular Exchange For Example – Binance.

What is Circulating Supply Of Balancer Token?

Circulating Supply Of Balancer Token Is 7,267,152.00 COMP.

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Crypto investments come with high risk and you should always exercise caution when investing in any crypto asset. Investing in crypto carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Any investment decisions made by you are made at your own risk and we are not responsible for any losses that may occur. Before investing, we recommend you consult a financial advisor to understand the risks and rewards associated with investing in crypto.

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