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Cobo Wallet Review: Is It Is Safe Wallet Or Not?

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About Cobo Wallet

Cobo Wallet is the first leading wallet company in the world to offer Staking and masternode rewards on user holdings, making it easy for users to grow their digital assets effortlessly. As a company, they emphasize long-term security, reliability, and convenience. The key products and services reflect that vision.

Altogether, Cobo Wallet offers a secure mobile wallet (Cobo Wallet), high-end cold storage wallet for advanced users (Cobo Vault), and custodial services for institutional investors. With support for over thirty different coins, 700 tokens, and an integrated DApp store along the way, they aim to be a one-stop shop for everything crypto.

Cobo Wallet is Cobo’s flagship mobile wallet, built to make it easy for people to grow and secure their crypto. Cobo Wallet is the first in the world to support pooled staking, offers native staking for dozens of PoS projects, has an integrated dapp store, and supports more than 30 coins and 500 tokens.

Cobo Wallet Key Details

Vendor Name Cobo Wallet
Supported Currency + 500 other coins
Wallet Features Open Source, Hierarchical Deterministic
Platforms Google
Validation Type SPV
Ease of UseEasy
Anonymity High
Listed At Altwow 07/03/2022
Official Wallet Website Click Here To Visit Wallet Website

How To Install Cobo Wallet ?

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Step 1

First Download Keystone Wallet App From App Store For Example ( Google Play, Or Apple Store. You Get Official Download Wallet Link At Keystone Website.

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Step 2

Once You Successfully Installed Wallet.Than Start Creating Wallet By Filling Necessary Data Which Required By Wallet Like – Name , Email, Password Etc.

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Step 3

Download The Keystore File. This File Enable Or Allow You To Decrypt Your Wallet Just Alike Private Key Does, So If You Lose It Or Someone Gains Access To It, Your Coins Are Locked. Save This File On A USB Stick, Put It In A Ziploc Bag Or Waterproof Container, And Store It In A Safe Place .

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Step 4

Many Wallet Offer Private Key Features. If Keystone Offer Private Ket Features Than Follow This Guide – Snap “I Get, Proceed” And You Will See Your Private Key. Spare This Key By Printing Your Paper Wallet. Store This In A Safe Place For Example In Almira Or Any Zip Locker.

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Step 5

Once You Follow All Above Guidelines Than Your Wallet Successfully Setup. Now It Is Time To Store Coin.

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Cobo Wallet features:

  • Mobile app with over 1,000,000 users globally and support for more than 30 coins and 500 tokens.
  • Native pooled staking for dozens of projects including VET, DASH, ONT, XZC, DCR, IOTX, IOST, and more.
  • Support for emerging innovations like a dapp marketplace and the Lightning Network.

One-Stop-Shop Custody Solution

Crypto Exchanges

Cobo Custody offers an advanced API that enables crypto exchanges to rapidly integrate world-grade wallet. By providing blockchain maintenance and coin listing services, exchanges can utilize the most secure wallet a

Digital Assets Managers

Cobo Wallet Custody provides a one-stop solution to safeguard your digital assets and exchange accounts. They build trust between two parties while liquidating your digital assets and improving efficiency.

Liquidity Providers and Brokers

Cobo Custody delivers institutional grade security solutions by integrating wallet function modules and risk management models. They help scale your operations without sacrificing security.

Joint Custodial Service

The Custody works with clients to jointly secure and control their assets with a comprehensive array of multi-signature authorizations.

Pure Custodial Service

Assets are safely secured in hot/cold storage, accessible via a tailored policy and verification process determined by the client.

Cobo Custody API

They offer REST API supporting wallet services for over 50+ main chains and 1000+ tokens. Make it easy for all types of developers to build on platform, including cryptocurrency exchanges, token funds, payment platforms, asset-backed lending platforms, DApps, and other projects.

Hot, Warm & Cold 3-Tier Storage

Offers industry-leading storage tiering technology to secure your digital assets and address business needs.

One-Stop Solution for Crypto Asset Management

Cobo WaaS

Seamlessly supports 50+ main chains and 1000+ tokens with minimal development required.

High-value Digital Asset Custody

Secures crypto assets with world-class custody solution.

Cobo Trading

Enterprise-grade digital assets management services for traders and investors with top preferential fees on tier 1 major exchanges.

Cobo StaaS

Generates passive income of 10+ PoS coins on secure digital assets holdings.

Cobo: Support crypto savings, PoS, gain products

Cobo is the first wallet ever to create POS revenue, enabling users to safely store, use and invest in encrypted assets. Supports multiple coin gains, which can be enjoyed when stored safely; Cobo continues to launch unprecedented services to set industry benchmarks. The following is the fully updated Cobo Wallet v5.0 version:

1. POS
– Deposit your DASH, XZC and LBTC into our gain account to enjoy APY 200%
– Stay tuned for more POS assets. Want more POS assets to join the gain? Please contact us

2.Cloud wallet
– Safe and independent account system, one-click login, easy to use

3. Finance
– Multi-coin enhancement products to help wealth growth

– Multiple security verification
– Heat and cold separation, dynamic asset distribution, HSM and multisig card to ensure server-side security

5.Multi-chain ecosystem
– They are partners of ETH, EOS, TRON and more ecosystems, and our users can fully participate in these communities

6.Multiple cryptocurrencies and global products
– Support 80+ chains and more than 1000 multi-chain tokens, keep adding more
– Providing services in more than 80 countries/regions, you are very important to us

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Crypto investments come with high risk and you should always exercise caution when investing in any crypto asset. Investing in crypto carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Any investment decisions made by you are made at your own risk and we are not responsible for any losses that may occur. Before investing, we recommend you consult a financial advisor to understand the risks and rewards associated with investing in crypto.

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