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Monday, December 5, 2022 Ico Review :International Blockchain Network of Independent Filmmakers

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The world face of finance is gradually changing. are on the verge of entering the era of global digital currency. In 2018, they finally see clear signs that the cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and others, for the first time in history, penetrates not only into the banking system, but there is global tokenization of world business.

The MOVIECASH token is designed to finance film projects hosted on the CINEMADROM platform, as well as to launch and support the work of various services of the Cinemadrom ecosystem. The MOVIECASH is sold exclusively on cryptocurrency exchanges and on the Cinemadrom website.

Token SymbolLUT
AcceptingETH, BTC, USDT, Fiat
Whitelist/KYCKYC & Whitelist
PriceU$ 1.
Token Available500 M
Softcap1,000,000 USD
Hard cap150,000,000 USD
CountryCayman Islands

How does it work?

The this is a combination of many people and areas of activity in one ecosystem.

  • For a filmmakers this is Hollywood online.
  • For a investors, these are new tools.
  • For a crypto community, this is a new blockchain technology, a new coin for mining, trading, transfers.
  • For a freelancers, these are new jobs.
  • And for a audience, these are new film histories and TV shows with additional new advantages.

The Main goal

Cinemadrom main goal – it is to create a new, developed, and independent system of the world film industry, in which every film will pay off, and every second will bring profit to its creators and investors! To achieve this goal has been developed – PLATFORM FOR FINANCING, PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION OF CINEMA PROJECTS – BASED ON BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY.

Holywood Games

Play the online game “HOLLYWOOD”, any user can. The first release of the game was created as a bot for Telegrams. The next releases of the game will be graphic. Gradually, the game will acquire complex graphics and intelligent software code, which is based on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. New releases will gradually allow players to control the process of producing films in real time.

This is the future of world cinema and the gaming industry.

Simple Process

The player does not need to have special knowledge of filmmaking, the game program code will do everything for you, automatically. You will manage the process of creating a movie and make a profit.


Produced Movies of players will be released for viewing by viewers. The distributor of the films is company CINEMADROM, which buys films from players. There are no losers in the “HOLLYWOOD” game, everyone earns.

Profit In The Game

Participation can be either free or paid. In the free version, you play and find out how the film industry works. In the paid version of the game, you earn real money. Your income, depends on the size of the investment and business savvy.

The Game Mining

Working in game mode with various film projects you can earn from 10 to 100% of the invested funds within one month. By investing your time and intelligence and money, you play and earn. Play the “HOLLYWOOD” and earn MOVIECASH token. The guarantee of your profit is always the company


LUTOKEN this is the main token of the project that is designed to function the Cinemadrom ecosystem. LUT is valid until the Cinemadrom switches to its own blockchain. The LUMIERE coin is intended for the functioning of the CINEMADROM ecosystem, as well as for the implementation of transactions, financing of film projects and mining.

Capabilities – International Blockchain Network of Independent Filmmakers

IBNIF CINEMADROM – is created on new technological, and financial principles of interaction of all participants of film production, authors, directors, producers, professionals, actors, investors, partners and spectators.

For Author

Opportunity to film your creative idea independently or in co-authorship. Find a producer, director, creative team and implement your project. Create a scenario group to work on their plan. Sell the script on the online movie market.

For Producers

The opportunity, without politics and connections, in a short time to collect the necessary budget for the production of the film, start shooting and go to hire. Find the script, the author, the director – for the film version of his plan. Get profit from the film project.

For Filmy workers

Ability for directors debutants put their first full meter. For experienced filmmakers assemble a team and get funding for their project. For beginning directors take off a short meter for festival rentals. Make a career in cinema.


  • The main management company IBNIF.
  • Network of international offices  IBNIF.
  • Movie Studio IBNIF.
  • Distribution company IBNIF.
  • Streaming service IBNIF.
  • Online Movie Market IBNIF.
  • Film agency IBNIF.
  • Social network of cinematographers IBNIF.

Main Problem In the Industry

  1. Producers, it is difficult to find money for the production of the film.
  2. Difficulties with hiring, skilled creative professionals, and film groups.
  3. The problem with the protection of the copyright to the movie film script.
  4. The problem is timely payment of fees to the authors and the film group, for the work done.
  5. The monotony of the plots and the degradation of cinema creates a crisis in the industry.
  6. Limited access to the international film market and distribution of films.
  7. Most films do not pay for their own, the cost of production of money is not returned.
  8. The absence of a world social platform for the interaction of all participants in independent films.
  9. Problems of co-production (management, transactions, filmmaking).
  10. Income distributions are biased towards middlemen, not film makers.
  11. Difficulties in finding investors and money in private and state cinema funds.
  12. Large deductions to distributors when showing pictures in cinemas from 70%.

Business Model

  • 10% – from investments in film projects posted by users.
  • 50% – from the box office cinema projects created by Film Studio.
  • 50% – from the fee of subscribers of the Streaming service IBNIF, for services (Video on Demand).
  • 10% – from the distribution of film projects and the sale of rights to the film market.
  • 50% – from placing advertising projects on the Cinemadrom services.



1) Idea, concept development. 2) Project implementation plan.

Implementation plan the CINEMADROM – IBNIF

1) Market research, 2) Development of WP. 3) Development of the MOVIECASH and LUTOKEN token. 4) Development of the CINEMADROM – IBNIF platform.

Start Project Financing

1) Start Privat Sale. 2) Signing of contracts with partners. 3) Start a marketing company. 4) The placement of the first movie projects of the CINEMADROM platform. 5) Launch pre – production of the projects of Film Studio CINEMADROM.


1) Conclusion of contracts with various crypto exchanges for the purpose of MOVIECASH Listing. 2) The development of your own of the blockchain, and the crypto coin LUMIERE. 3) Launch of a multi-level affiliate program to promote the CINEMADROM platform. 4) Active development of pre-production of the first film projects of users. 5) Attraction of the first producers, partners and investors in film projects.

Development of the CINEMADROM EcoSystem

 Development of the Ecosystem of the CINEMADROM – IBNIF platform. 2) Creation of basic services of the ecosystem and film studio CINEMADROM. 3) Opening of CINEMADROM – IBNIF offices in the regions of the world. 4) Production of film projects posted on the CINEMADROM platform.

The planned functioning of the CINEMADROM – IBNIF platform

 Running decentralized the Cinema Projects Streaming System CINEMADROM – IBNIF. 2) The full operation of the CINEMADROM Blockchain, the launch of Mining LUMIERE and the listing of crypto Coins LUMIERE. 3) Post-production cinema projects of the Film Studio CINEMADROM. 4) Launching a movie theater rental of films created using the CINEMADROM Ecosystem. 5) Distribution of profits from the distribution of the first film projects.

Advantages of using the LUMIERE crypto COINS


Virtually independent of the amount transferred or the location of the sending and receiving parties. Also there is no any subscription fee, limits and other restrictions.


If you wanted to send the transfer at 3 am on Sunday – then it will be received by the other party at this time. There are no restrictions on the amounts (from 1 to infinity) of transfers and payments.


In banks, transfers between accounts take on average 3-7 business days, or more,. In IBNIF, transactions take from a few seconds to several minutes depending on the amount.


In crypto-currency to store the access keys to the funds, we use proven cryptography with a division into open and private keys. Similar algorithms are used by banks and other financial organizations to protect their data.


Excellent divisibility, simple transfer and verification of the authenticity of virtual coins, while preserving many advantages of cash. The technology of monetizing content, services, goods and other business opportunities.

Smart Contract

Smart contracts, multi-signatures, round-the-clock monitoring and other progress made for the convenience of business and users. Smart contracts allow you to set effective conditions for performing operations without a human factor.

Buy Sell

The token can be bought and sold on the Exchanges an unlimited number of times, thus earning on the difference in rates.

Exchange For Film

The LUMIERE can be exchanged for film rights at any time and for any film, even when the film was released and the profit from this film is already clear. The LUMIERE – INSURED !!! Insurance is carried out at the expense of Cinemadrom company resources.

The Main Team

Hamza Khan – Advisor 23 age

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