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What Is CharityDAO?(CHD) Coin Review? Guide About CharityDAO

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What Is CharityDAO?(CHD)

Charity DAO is a decentralized charitable organization that aims to make charity simple and more efficient without political interference and geographic restrictions. Currently Charity DAO has established partnership with about 50 countries and districts’ charitable organizations around the world, and they made their first cryptocurrency donation to Ukrainian Red Cross Society for humanitarian assistance.

Important Points Table Of CharityDAO Blue Coin

Coin NameCharityDAO
Short NameCHD
Circulating Supply100.00B DVFB
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How to Buy the Continental & Trade On Exchange?

First Step

Buying CHD Is Very Easy Task . Just Find Exchange Where CHD Available & Buy Through Your Credit & Other Altcoin .

Second Step

Once You Purchased CHD. Now It Is Time To Store Your CHD Or Start Trading On Exchange .

4 out of 100 people in the world are in need of humanitarian assistance.

They are suffering from war, hunger, and poverty.

What if one of them is our friend, family and children?

  • It’s time to offer our helping hand to them.

Governance Structure


Donors are the starting point of the Charity DAO organization. By donating cryptocurrencies such as BNB, they receive CHD tokens, participate in the governance of the DAO, and get the dividends of CHD.


The Treasury will accept BNB donated by donors and, produce the corresponding amount of CHD tokens according to the mining algorithm. 80% of the CHD will become rewards for the donors and the remaining 20% will be put into the Public Donation Pool. And 95% of the BNB in the Treasury will be used to maintain the value and liquidity of CHD, and 5% of the BNB will be used for rewarding volunteers and occasional airdrops of DAO.

Public Donation Pool:

For the CHD in the public donation pool, DAO will vote to decide who will receive the donation of 20% of the total existing CHD in the pool and get the NFT of the donation certificate given by the corresponding organization; or it can choose not to donate the CHD and destroy half of the 20% CHD and distribute half of them in the DAO organization with the NFT recording this selfish behavior.


Users stake CHD into DAO to participate in voting on all governance events of the Charity DAO, and more staked tokens mean more votes. The option with the most votes in the current period will be the result; if the top two or more options have the same amount of votes, the current voting result will become nullified and invalid


Implementation Charity DAO is based on EVM and implemented using Solidity. Its initial offering will be based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem, and it will support cross-chain implementations of Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche, among others in the future. Charity DAO is governed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), and it has a reserved migration module for future upgrades.

Usage of CHD in Governance Proposal.

In the planning of Charity DAO, proposals can be initiated by CHD holding users. Such proposals can be the donation target persons of the CHD in the public donation pool, or about optimization and adjustment of the whole Charity DAO mechanisms and ecosystem. At this stage, proposals are initiated by the gatekeepers with opinions from the entire community; and as the DAO becomes more stable, the proposal responsibility is transferred to the DAO.

After the DAO initiates a proposal, users can stake CHD into the DAO to get the right to vote, and more staked tokens mean more votes. The proposal option with the most votes within a specified time will prevail and will be executed.

CHD Economic Model

Value linkage. When the Treasury exchange ratio is lower than the market exchange ratio, donors will choose to obtain CHD by donating to the Treasury. As donations increase and more CHD flow into the market, the Treasury exchange ratio will be higher than the market exchange ratio, then a proposal will be initiated through the DAO to determine the timing and amount among the 95% BNB in the Treasury to enter the market, to make the Treasury exchange ratio lower than the market exchange ratio. Thus, the DAO will initiate the next stage of the cycle.

Ecosystem development. NFTs made from donation certificates issued by charities have a limited amount and collection value and thus can add vitality to the original ecosystem. The portion from the Direct Donation Pool that flows into the Treasury, in turn, keeps the Treasury running. Meanwhile, 5% of the BNB distributed to volunteers can motivate volunteers to publicize for us. Moreover, planned functions for the later stage can also promote the development of the ecosystem and thus motivate people to donate.

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