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What Is Ceres Token? Complete Guide & Review About Ceres Token

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What Is Ceres Token?

Welcome to the Ceres ecosystem, the concepts of burning, airdrops and governance in one place. You could either watch it happen or be a part of it. Ceres is one of the first projects on SORA blockchain which will be future Polkadot parachain. Ceres is developing DeFi services and utilities for new projects and tokens in DotSama ecosystem.

Ceres is the first project to build on the SORA network. They specialize in developing DeFi services and utilities for projects on the SORA network and tokens on Polkaswap. There are also three airdrop tokens for Ceres holders: Demeter, Hermes and Apollo. Each of the tokens will have its own platform with different purposes. Fees from those platforms will be used for burning and other ecosystem uses.

Important Points Table Of Ceres Token

Coin NameCeres Token
Short NameDEO
Circulating Supply150,236.75 DEO
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How to Buy the Continental & Trade On Exchange?

First Step

Is Very Easy Task DEO. Just Find Exchange Where Available & Buy Through Your Credit & Other Altcoin .

Second Step

Once You Purchased DEO
. Now It Is Time To Store Your
Or Start Trading On Exchange .


Demeter (DEO) is the first airdrop token with its platform called Demeter Farming Platform. Users are able to farm in multiple pools with the same LPs. Furthermore, all liquidity providers in Demeter Farming pools will get PSWAP rewards the same as before because they will not give their liquidity to the platform as is the case with smart contracts on ERC-20, BSC, and other networks. The Demeter Farming platform is not only beneficial to users who seek to put the tokens they are hodling to work. This platform provides Farming-as-a-Service feature which other projects can use to create farming for their tokens without coding. Demeter (DEO) token will have the first Play-to-Earn game on SORA – DEO Arena in which users will use DEO token for playing the game.


Ceres token holders can influence decisions concerning the project such as proposing or deciding on new feature proposals.


Ceres Launchpad platform is the first station for new projects on the SORA network. With Launchpad new projects will easier launch their tokens on Polkaswap and users will get more security because Ceres Liquidity Locker is integrated into Launchpad.

Liquidity Locker

Liquidity Locker is a decentralized application that brings more transparency and security to the Polkaswap and SORA/Polkadot ecosystem. Teams will be able to lock their tokens liquidity and ensure that it cannot be pulled giving investors proof of security and seriousness of the project.

Token Locker

Token Locker is offered as an independent service as well integrated with Launchpad. Teams will use this platform for vesting team, marketing and other tokens. Fee is 0.5% of locked tokens.


Ceres Governance platform is an important step towards decentralization. Ceres token holders will be able to influence decisions concerning the project such as proposing or deciding on new feature proposals.


On the staking platform, holders are able to stake Ceres tokens and as a reward to receive Ceres tokens. The minimum APR is 16.5% and the maximum APR depends on the demand. There is no minimum or maximum amount of Ceres tokens to be required in order to stake. Staking is based on the First-Come-First-Served principle as the maximum size of the staking pool is 14400 Ceres tokens.

DEO Arena

As is the case with the first farming platform of its kind, the Ceres team again wants to be among the first, this time in building a game in the DotSama ecosystem. DEO Arena will be the first Play-To-Earn game on SORA network. In-game currency will be the XOR-native token Demeter (DEO). In the beta phase, game will be available only as a Player-vs-Player (PVP) game and later the main Battle Royale mode (with more players in same arena) will be added.

The economy logic works by players investing some amount in DEO token and the victor gets a certain percentage of funds from player who lost the battle, while the rest of DEO will be burned which will cause a reduction in the DEO supply. Users will be logging into game with their PolkadotJS wallets. Besides that, there will be DEO Arena League which will be held weekly. In those weekend League tournaments, a game will cost more in DEO tokens and the top 10 players will receive extra reward from the $100k prize pool (25k DEO tokens and 60k$ in XOR)

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