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CCFOX Advertising Review : 30% – 50%+ Revenue Share

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CCFOX has top-notch technology and top-level teams. The core development team is from the world’s leading derivatives exchanges and the world’s top market makers, with an average of more than 10 years of relevant work experience positioned to provide customers with the best liquidity support for a safer, fairer, smarter and faster trading experience, and to continuously optimize the product experience and provide better customer support and service.

CCFOX is committed to using its professional knowledge, mature development capabilities, and using the most advanced trading system as a carrier to provide investors with the best services to help investors control risks and increase profits

Quick Facts CCFOX

Commission TypeRevShare
Base Commission30% – 50%+ revenue share
Minimum PaymentNo Minimum
Payment FrequencyUpon Request
Payment MethodBitcoin, Cryptocurrency
Referral CommissionN/A
Tracking SoftwareIn-house
Cookie LengthUnknown
Advertisers ContactSupport
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1) The Simplest Futures Contract 

30 seconds to register, 1 minute to deposit, 5 minutes to withdraw cash, 100 RMB can also get started with the contract;

2) The Safest futures Contract 

Fear of extreme market pins? Gradient-strength mechanism, not afraid of forced liquidation, still have chance to recover what you have been lost; Full positions, and fixed positions can switch from each other at any time, one-click buttom to take profit or cut loss without worries.

Introducing the Cobo wallet, an enterprise-class custodian asset management, makes it safer to own crypto currency; Third-party trading index to prevent artificial price manipulation.

3) The Most Professional Futures Contract

Complete derivatives, sustainable and regular multi-contract products, supporting forward and reverse transactionsM

30,000+/second super-high speed matching engine, the probability of downtime lower than the aircraft accident rate;

CCFOX Research Institute, full-scale courses for rookies to become elite;

The most comprehensive information on crypto currency, providing contract opening guidance, 7*24h service response. 

4) The Most Valuable futures Contract

Locking costs, hedging, no longer worry about falling spot price changes;

Strongly lighten the priority queue to protect your profits to the greatest extent;

hundred folds leverage, easy to gain reasonable income.

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