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Cardence Ico Review: Decentralized Presale Platform

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About Cardence Ico

is largely acknowledged that Cardence Ico is a sleeping giant. But it is closing to its awakening epoch. It possesses clear advantages over the Ethereum network and ushers the best of the third generation blockchain. It has clear advantages in terms of scalability by design, speed and cost. Future development plans also include building quantum-resistant addresses, on-chain voting, and off-chain payments. This will be a game changer towards mass adoption of blockchain technology as it will be capable of bringing the technology to the masses by removing bottlenecks to adoption.

Company NameCardence Ico
Token SymbolCRDN
Token StandardBEP 20
Token Price1 CRDN = 0.04 USD
Available for Token Sale5,870,000 CRDN
PlatformBinance Smart Chain
Total Supply50,000,000 CRDN
Registration 2021
Social SupportYes

Decentralized presale platform

Cardence Ico is a fixed swap pool intended to create presale of tokens at fixed prices. Any project will be allowed to create a sale. This platform will have the following advantages over other platforms:

  1. It allows for release of tokens according to a vesting schedule which is preset before the sale creation.
  2. It allows for whitelisting of wallet addresses during a presale. This will allow projects to whitelist participants in a presale.
  3. It allows for locking of liquidity created through the funds raised. The percentage of funds to be used as liquidity will be specified during the sale creation.
  4. It allows for running of an affiliate marketing campaign where marketers can create referral links and earn by marketing the project presales.

Token locker

They want to add on functionality of a time locked token locker . Think of an advanced version team.finance or unicrypt. They want to make additions to this:

  • Functionality of a time locked transfer.
  • Functionality of a bulk upload of tokens for time-locked distribution.
  • Functionality of locking of tokens according to a vesting schedule.


SmartMint will be deployed on Cardano main net directly. It will allow the making of new Cardano tokens. It will be fully customizable, allowing to create all kinds of tokens (inflationary, deflationary, rebase etc). As these tokens will be already security audited, it will bring down cost for new startups to launch on the Cardano network.


Decentralized Presale Platform

World’s most advanced truly multichain decentralized presale platform which enables novel features like whitelisting of participants, release of tokens according to vesting schedule and beyond.

IDO Launchpad for vetted Cardano Projects

Cardence Ico is creating an IDO launchpad for carefully vetted Cardano Projects.It will be an accelerator , incubator and enabler for the best projects launching on Cardano.

Token Locker

A standalone locker app allows for locking of team tokens and release according to vesting schedule.It also allows for timelocked distribution of tokens.

Smart MintSmart

Mint allows generation of fully customizable new tokens on Cardano network without writing any code.

Viral Marketing Platform

World’s first presale platform with affiliate marketing enabled. Marketing performance Analytics.

Why Cardence IDO Launchpad ?

Cardence Ico quality of a launchpad depends on the kind of projects launching on the platform. All other features revolve around attracting great projects, incubating them and adding greater value to it through mentoring, community building, technical support and marketing.

Cardence gives utmost importance to the vetting of projects to be onboarded. This is required to ensure relevance of the platform and to safeguard investor’s interest. The strong connections in the industry and inhouse expertise ensures that new projects receive the right support to grow. Having a great idea is important but what is more important is to be able to execute it

Complete support to onboarded projects through our partner network in development, tokenomics, marketing and design.

Only trusted and carefully vetted projects go live.

Allows for trustless presales and investor confidence by applying locking mechanisms.


Cardence Ico Review: Decentralized Presale Platform

Cardence Ico Review


Expert Trading







  • Decentralized Presale Platform
  • Smart Mint
  • Token Locker
  • Secure Ecosystem


  • New Ico
  • Not For Beginner
  • No Live Support
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