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About Bounce Airdrop

Bounce Airdrop is a decentralized auction platform, incorporating liquidity mining, decentralized governance and staking mechanisms. The first principle of Bounce is scarcity of resources, which creates a competitive swap environment. Pphilosophy of decentralized finance is not copying and pasting, forking or competing with already existing DeFi projects, but instead we promote cooperation to build a decentralized finance production line.

The goal of the second stage of Bounce Finance is to integrate and merge with existing DeFi components to improve the overall user experience. As the leading decentralized auction platform, our first integration will be connecting auctions and the decentralized exchange trading process. We are excited to introduce the Bounce Locked Liquidity Pool.

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The origin of Bounce

The idea of “swap” originated from Uniswap, where infinite liquidity is provided for participants. While this is a great and concept, Bounce focusses on the opposite scenario instead.

Bounce provides a competitive environment, for a limited supply of tokens or other assets like NFT’s. The assets can be auctioned off in various ways, such as:

Token sales

Bounce Airdrop Various types of auctions where a limited amount of tokens are auctioned off with different auction principles and time limits, such as fixed price (fixed swap auction), decreasing price (Dutch auction) or hidden price (sealed-bid auction)

NFT auctions

NFT’s are auctioned off with similar auction principles as token sales. However, there is usually a lower number of NFT’s (or only a unique piece) for sale.

Multi wallet support

The Bounce platform works with the most commonly used cryptocurrency wallets, such as MetaMask, Binance Chain wallet, WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet, Ledger and Trezor. More wallets will be supported in the future.

Multi chain support

The Bounce web app is available for Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain based assets. Once connected your wallet, you can toggle between the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain mainnet networks.

What is a fixed swap auction?

Bounce Airdrop fixed swap auction, also referred to as fixed price auction is an auction where auctioneers and participants agree to execute a deal based on a set price.

A fixed swap auction is used in case the auctioneer has a clear value target for the auctioned assets. Bounce Finance offers fixed swap auctions for ERC20 tokens and BEP20 based assets.

The fixed swap auction is time contingent and automatically executed. Auctioneers and participants receive swapped assets at the same time.

What is a Lottery Auction?

In a lottery auction, participants buy lottery tickets for a fixed amount (the principle amount) to enter into the draw. The fixed token price and principle amount are set by the pool creator.

At the end of the running time of the lottery pool, the winners are selected randomly by a smart contract and their principle amount is automatically swapped for the auctioned tokens. The pool creator claims the money raised from the sale, while winners will claim their swapped tokens from the pool.

Bounce Airdrop lottery auction does not have permanent losses for non-winning participants. Participants that are not selected as a winner, can claim their principle back from the pool.

The lottery auction is built for mass usage. The maximum number of participants that can enter into a draw is 60,000 people and the solution is gas-friendly with low fees to enter into the draw. Fairness and integrity are secured by random selection and execution by smart contracts.