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What Is Blackpearlchain (BPLC)? Coin Review? Guide About Blackpearlchain

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What Is Blackpearlchain (BPLC)?

A truly decentralized public Blackpearlchain network which enables mobile devices, PC, Cloud/ Data Center servers to run as nodes Enables worldwide use (7B people) and 10T devices to run simultaneously,  with millions TPS and seconds latency

1000x speed increase; fully secure, low power consumption (10^-9)x and super low transaction cost ($0.05/T) An infrastructure with expandable throughput which can enable enterprise level decentralized  applications

The live  Blackpearlchain Token price today is $0.001201 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,528,692 USD. They update the BPLC to USD price in real-time. BlackPearl Token is up 100.09% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #2938, with a live market cap of not available. 

The circulating supply is not available and a max. supply of 64,000,000,000 BPLC coins. BlackPearl.Chain claims to be a network achieves blazing transaction speeds (Millions TPS) using Sharding and a VRF lightning-fast consensus mechanism built in-house. Aiming to push decentralization into the future with a third-generation public blockchain.

Important Points Table Of Blackpearlchain

Coin NameBlackpearlchain
Short Name BPLC
Max Supply64,000,000,000
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How to Buy the Blackpearlchain & Trade On Exchange

First Step

Buying Blackpearlchain Coin Is Very Easy Task . Just Find Exchange Where Blackpearlchain Coin Available & Buy Through Your Credit & Other Altcoin .

Second Step

Once You Purchased Blackpearlchain Coin Now It Is Time To Store Your Blackpearlchain Or Start Trading On Exchange.

Problem & Solution

Current major public chain value system has fundamental flaw. The public chain industry will become victim of speculation tool and will be deserted eventually if no fundamental new business model being created.

Fundamental issue

BTC, ETH, EOS all rely on
1. producing new token
2. increasing circulation volume
3. sucking in new fiat money
4. controlling token supply by various pledging tricks
5. MLM


The problem #1: Current Public Blockchain, no throughput and  poor decentralization

The problem #2 : Poor security, and performance can’t support real financial services

A Complete Blockchain Solution Is Needed

1. Extremely secure

2. New levels of speed and throughput

3. Complete decentralization

4. Minimizes computing resources

5. Ultra-low Gas fee

6. Easy adopted Smart contract platform :100% compatible with Ethereum, EOS


“A True Gen3 Blockchain OS” Is the Answer

BPC – Leading performance
Target and TEST results:

1.Single shard smart contract trading, continuous TPS is 5730

2.Completely run Ethereum’s 420 million smart contract transactions from the whole Ethereum history, took BPC 20 hours (More than > 421,004,776 transactions).

3.Completely run Bitcoin’s 400 million transactions from scripts, took BPC about 15 hours.

Which means:

Bitcoin’s more than 10 years of distributed accounting history can be done in a single shard by BPC within a day, with 1000 shards, can be done in 1 minute.

It’s not a dream, it’s reality

Four major technological breakthroughs

1.APP is the node, making full use of idle computing power and bandwidth. Users can install BPC wallet to participate in consensus and block producing.

2.VRF lightning fast consensus, VRF randomly selects this round of voting nodes, BPC pioneers lightning fast consensus, 0.3 seconds – 3 seconds to complete consensus.

3.Super-routed P2P broadcasts allow home broadband to complete up to several thousand Single-shard TPS.

4.Unique intelligent Sharding design solves inter-shard trust, shard asynchronous consensus, inter-shard communication, data distribution algorithm with intelligent load balancing, automatically completes shard merge and split.

Token Utility

The token circulation volume for BlackPearl.Chain is constant, it guarantees no inflation. With the unlimited throughput, millions transactions per second, extremely low cost,  extremely secure and carefully designed reward model with help from economists, the circulation of  token will be more like currency circulation. The token will be the fuel of internet financial services.

Why Blackpearlchain

Bitcoin and Ethereum are the world’s two most well-known blockchains, and yet while anyone can tell you what they’re worth, very few can tell you how they perform. In short, both of them perform with transaction latency that makes it impossible to use them at scale for the applications many hope they’ll be useful for one day.

BPLC Token

That’s why BlackPeal.Chain has decided that the time is now for the release of their high-performance third-generation public blockchain. BlackPearl.Chain has performed a long term audit of existing public chains including BTC, ETH, ADA, NEO, ONT, and has found that they all fall victim to the impossible triangle problem. The impossible triangle states that all blockchains currently fall to either security, decentralization, or performance compromises in order to bolster another facet of the chain.

To imagine the impossible triangle problem, think of the way a chain like EOS scales its transaction throughput. It sacrifices decentralization by concentrating nodes to increase their blockchain’s transaction-per-second performance. Doing so sacrifices security as the compromise of fewer nodes is theoretically easier than it is when nodes have numerous distribution.


BlackPearl.Chain has solved the impossible triangle problem by constructing an original consensus mechanism known as VRF that departs from the proof-of-work model used by both BTC and ETH.

The team at BlackPearl.Chain understands the demands of tomorrow’s blockchain systems and has accordingly outfitted BPLC with: A three-layer sharding technique, Threshold encryption, Super secret private key, Multi-dimensional routing, IPFS storage, Neuron node management.

These original innovations allow BPChain to carry at-scale commercial applications regardless of how much demand they put on the chain. Moreover, BPChain keeps gas fees extremely low to ensure that industry blockchain applications are not only enticing, but are financially feasible enough to make sensible alternatives to the current status quo.

Secure & Fast

BPChain implements VRF lightning fast consensus. Its unique VRF implementation randomly selects current round of voting nodes achieving pioneered lightning consensus within a short time of about 0.3 seconds – 3 seconds.

Power Reduction

An App forms the node in BPChain system. This technology fully organizes and utilizes the global idle computing power and bandwidth that enables building of powerful computing and storage capabilities without incurring extra huge expenses on professional mining machines. Users can install BPChain wallet to participate in consensus and block production.

Improved Network Performance

The technology has a super-routed P2P broadcasts that enable current home broadband to achieve up to several thousand Single-Shard TPS. The measured TPS peak is 5730 at current broadband conditions.

Facts & Founders

BlackPearl.Chain is a company consisting of experts from diverse fields, including IT entrepreneur, business development expert, marketing strategy expert, branding expert, financial expert and many more. By assembling this group of professionals, BlackPearl.Chain is able to benefit from all the technological skills, expertise in the social values of blockchain and the innovations they bring to the table.

What Is Blackpearlchain (BPLC)? Coin Review? Guide About Blackpearlchain

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