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More than 200 BTC disappeared! Bitcoin Core Developer “Private Key Leaked” Stolen

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Bitcoin core developer Luke Dashjr posted in the early morning of this (2nd) that almost all Bitcoins were stolen on December 31 due to the leak of his PGP private key.

Luke Dashjr claims that hackers somehow obtained his PGP private key, and because of this hacking incident, Luke Dashjr said that he “essentially” lost all his bitcoins.

It is understood that PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is the first encryption software that implements public key cryptography. Through a hybrid cryptographic system architecture, it uses symmetric encryption and asymmetric encryption to achieve high-level security

In the post, Luke Dashjr stated that some of the stolen bitcoins had been sent to a suspicious address through the currency mixing service, but he did not disclose how many bitcoins were stolen.

However, according to on-chain data, the wallet address had four transactions between 2:08 pm and 2:16 pm UTC on December 31, stealing 216.93 bitcoins from Luke Dashjr’s wallet, Worth $3.6 million at current prices.

Luke Dashjr insisted that he did not know how hackers obtained his private key. In this regard, developer Peter Todd believes that the PGP private key leak is likely due to backdoor software.

Peter Todd therefore recommends using disposable VMs for web browsing, separate from the Bitcoin wallet VMs

In response to this theft incident, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) issued a document pointing out that the Binance security team has been notified to monitor and remind the majority of users that even Bitcoin core developers have lost more than 200 bitcoins, proving that ” There are different risks with self-hosting

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