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Monday, September 26, 2022 Advertising Review : Profit From Market Rising & Falling

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About exchange is a bitcoin exchange platform allows you to invest in popular cryptocurrencies like xbt, eth and ltc futures trading with 100x leverage. provide secure and reliable cryptocurrency trading services, guaranteeing users’ funds and transaction security through distributed servers, cold wallets with multi-signature encryption, anti-DDoS protection systems and other advanced technologies. is a global crypto derivatives trading platform established in late 2017. The company is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Bexplus has offices in Singapore, Japan, the US and Brazil and is constantly expanding worldwide. Bexplus was created by seasoned blockchain architects, experienced financial experts, and Internet professionals. It provides fast order execution speed and low latency, giving beginners and professional traders an efficient, convenient, and versatile platform. Currently, Bexplus provides BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS, and XRP perpetual contracts for futures trading, and a 100x leveraged profit model is also available on the platform. provide secure and reliable cryptocurrency trading services, guaranteeing users’ funds and transaction security through distributed servers, cold wallets with multi-signature encryption, anti-DDoS protection systems, and other advanced technologies. Bexplus is constantly evolving so that your transactions on the platform are smooth and profitable. And this is just the beginning.

Quick Facts About Affiliates Network

Company Affiliates Network
Commission TypeCPL, CPS
Min Payments$10
Payment FrequencyAnytime by request
Payment MethodCredit Card, Bank Wire Transfer, PayPal, Paxum, Cryptocurrency, Promo Code
Referral Commission30%
Daily Impression
Email SupportN/A
Official WebsiteClick Here To View

Profit From Market Rising & Falling Margin trading (Futures trading) lets you amplify the gains from market fluctuation by longing or shorting cryptocurrencies. Open a long position when you predict the price of BTC will go up, while a short position reflects the opposite Margin trading also involves using leverage to increase the position, so that traders can boost the larger gains from a profitable trade without investing in a large sum of capital.

Why Choose Bexplus?

Simple Trading Interface Intuitive, user-friendly and simplistic trading interface helps newcomers start futures trading easily.

High Security

Protection against DDoS attacks and encrypted with SSL, multisignature technology, 2FA to secure users’ account and assets

High Liquidity Extra-fast order execution even during great market fluctuation, no spread and with low latency.

Interest-bearing Wallet

Safely store BTC and enjoy up to an annualized interest of 30%. Instant deposit and withdrawal, and 24/7 available.

Margin Trading- Crypto Bit Trade Margin trading means opening a position that is larger than the balance of your account. By “borrowing” capital from the exchange, you can increase your buying power and open a position with a small investment without paying the full amount of what is needed.

Perpetual Contracts- Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency

A traditional futures contract is an agreement to buy or sell a currency, commodity, or other instruments at a predetermined price at a specified time in the future. A perpetual contract, also known as a perpetual swap, is an innovative derivative product that is similar to a traditional futures contract, but with one significant difference: Perpetual contracts do not have an expiration date. That is to say, you can hold a position for as long as you like.

100x Leverage- Cryptocurrency Leverage Trading Leveraged trading is an instrument offered in financial trading, which allows traders to multiply the value of their trades by depositing a small initial amount of capital. In the cryptocurrency market, traders can open a position much larger than their own capital would otherwise allow. It can increase the traders’ profits, while it could also increase their potential risk.

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