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30 Best Wine Brands In India

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Best Wine Brands In India are wine market has had a significant upswing in popularity in India, and a number of brands have become well-known for their superior products. Renowned for its wide array of wines made in the Nashik region, Sula Vineyards is a trailblazer and among the nation’s top wine brands. Grover Zampa Vineyards, well-known for its high-end wines made in the Nandi Hills, deserves special notice as well. Another notable winery is Fratelli Vineyards, whose Italian-inspired wines exhibit a unique fusion of history and innovation.

York Winery is well-known for its superior varietals and boasts stunning vines near Nashik. Together with other brands, these ones add to the increasingly sophisticated Indian wine market by providing customers with a pleasant range of selections to discover and enjoy. These brands are essential in forming the viniculture landscape of India as the country’s wine culture develops.

How We Pick Best Wine Brands In India?

Choosing the top wine brands in India requires taking into account a number of variables that affect the product’s overall reputation, quality, and customer happiness. Among the crucial requirements are:

Wine Quality: The wine’s quality is the most important consideration. This covers the flavour, bouquet, and body of wine that a particular brand produces.

Variety and Range: Red, white, rosé, and sparkling wines are just a few of the many wines that a good wine brand usually offers. The brand’s attractiveness is increased by the availability of several wine styles.

Vineyard Location: The quality of the wine can be greatly influenced by the area in which the vines are situated. India’s vineyards in places like Nashik and Nandi Hills are known for their superior grape production.

Reputation & Awards: A brand’s position in the market and the calibre of its wines can be determined by looking at its record in the industry as well as any honours or recognitions it has won.

Innovation: Wine brands that experiment with different grape varietals, create new mixes, and innovate in winemaking methods can make a lasting impression on consumers.

Customer Reviews: Consumer and wine enthusiast feedback sheds light on a brand’s appeal and general level of satisfaction.

Sustainability Practices: Some customers give preference to brands that use environmentally friendly and sustainable winemaking and grape-growing methods.

Price-Performance Ratio: A brand’s ability to provide value for the money is essential. It’s important to deliver quality that matches the cost rather than merely being costly or inexpensive.

Distribution and Accessibility: To make its products available to a wider audience, a quality wine company should have a respectable distribution network.

Brand Heritage: A brand’s history and legacy can bolster its legitimacy by demonstrating a dedication to winemaking customs and knowledge.

Here Is List of The Best Wine Brands In India

  • Charosa
  • Fratelli Wines
  • Good Earth Antaraa
  • Grover Zampa
  • Reveilo Winery
  • Sula
  • Myra
  • Vallonne
  • SDU Deva
  • Naara-Aaba
  • Four Seasons
  • York
  • Seagrams Nine Hills
  • Big Banyan
  • Chateau d’Ori
  • Imbuko
  • Chandon
  • Tenuta San Guido
  • Vietti
  • Saint Cosme
  • Dom Perignon
  • Querciabella
  • Early Dark Wines
  • Yellow Tail
  • Changyu
  • Moet & Chandon
  • Lafite Rothschild
  • Penfolds
  • Louis Roederer

30 Best Wine Brands In India

1.Charosa (Best Wine Brands In India)

Among the top wine brands in India, Charosa is well-known for its superb winemaking and offers a lovely symphony of flavours that captivates the discriminating palette. The scenic scenery of Charosa Winery, which is tucked away in the tranquil Nashik Valley, adds to the distinctive flavour of their wines. Every bottle in the brand’s wide selection, which suits a range of tastes, reflects the brand’s dedication to excellence. Charosa creates wines that demonstrate the full potential of Indian vineyards, ranging from the crisp and refreshing Sauvignon Blanc to the full-bodied and deep Reserve Tempranillo.


High-quality grapes and painstaking attention to detail during the winemaking process produce wines that not only satisfy worldwide standards but also highlight the unique terroir of the area. Because of Charosa’s recognition for quality and awards, wine lovers looking for a genuine and unforgettable Indian wine experience know where to go.

2.Fratelli Wines

Among the top wine companies in India, Fratelli Wines is a shining example of quality because each bottle of itss harmoniously combines tradition and innovation. The vineyards of Fratelli, located in the verdant Akluj district of Maharashtra, are blessed with a perfect climate and soil, which adds to the wines’ remarkable quality. Aiming to highlight the many varietals flourishing in Indian terroir, Fratelli has created a portfolio that is appealing to a broad range of palates. Every wine in the lineup, from the sophisticated Chenin Blanc to the powerful Cabernet Sauvignon, demonstrates the brand’s commitment to precise winemaking.

Fratelli Wines

The Italian Secci brothers’ partnership with Indian winemakers has produced a blend of Old World elegance and New World innovation that has made Fratelli a prominent player in the Indian wine market. Fratelli Wines provides an unforgettable voyage through the rich flavours of Indian viticulture, whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just having a laid-back evening.

3.Good Earth Antaraa

Earthly Goodness Among the top wine companies in India, Antaraa stands out as a unique and noteworthy player thanks to its dedication to organic and sustainable winemaking methods. The vineyards of Antaraa are meticulously grown using organic agricultural practices that prioritise environmental harmony, and they are tucked away in the peaceful Nashik Valley. The brand’s diversified range reflects its philosophy of creating wines that capture the purity of the region. Every bottle captures the spirit of the terroir, from the lively and crisp Sauvignon Blanc to the deep and subtle Merlot.

Good Earth Antaraa

In addition to creating outstanding wines, Good Earth Antaraa’s commitment to environmentally friendly viticulture highlights a belief in moral and responsible winemaking. For individuals who value winemaking artistry and environmental responsibility, Good Earth Antaraa is an appealing option because to its exceptional quality and sustainable practices.

4.Grover Zampa

One of the greatest wine brands in India, Grover Zampa is a trailblazer in the wine market and is well-known for its heritage and dedication to quality. Grover Zampa’s vineyards are dispersed over the scenic Nandi Hills in Karnataka and the Nashik Valley in Maharashtra. This diversity of terroirs influences the quality of the wines produced by Grover Zampa. The brand’s broad portfolio includes a variety of varietals, ranging from the crisp Art Collection Sauvignon Blanc to the award-winning La Réserve Cabernet Sauvignon. Grover Zampa creates wines that are sophisticated and reflective of history by skilfully fusing traditional winemaking methods with cutting-edge advancements.

Grover Zampa

Grover Zampa has gained international recognition for its commitment to quality and consistency, establishing it as a representation of Indian wine’s increasing popularity in the world market. Grover Zampa wines are still a dependable option for individuals looking for a delicious and genuine Indian wine experience, whether they are being consumed on a daily basis or for special events.

5.Reveilo Winery (Best Wine Brands In India)

Reveilo Winery is a well-known wine brand in India, renowned for its dedication to producing great wines that showcase the abundant potential of Indian vineyards. Reveilo, which is tucked away in the tranquil Nashik Valley, has an ideal terroir and is made with obvious care and attention to detail in both viticulture and winemaking. The vineyard offers a wide range of wines in its inventory, including the crisp and aromatic Chardonnay and the robust and velvety Syrah. Reveilo stands out for its focus on innovation and perfection, which is demonstrated by their reserve and limited-edition wines that push the limits of Indian winemaking.

Reveilo Winery

Reveilo Winery has a dedicated fanbase and multiple awards because to its innovative blend of traditional methods and cutting-edge ideas. Reveilo, which offers connoisseurs a delightful voyage through the flavours of the Nashik Valley, continues to play a vital part in crafting the story of Indian wines with an emphasis on quality, authenticity, and a passion for the art of winemaking.


Unquestionably one of India’s top wine labels, Sula Vineyards has been instrumental in transforming the nation’s wine culture. Sula, which is in the centre of the Nashik Valley, is now known for its creativity and high standards. The winery stands out for its dedication to environmentally friendly viticulture and sustainable procedures, which are evident in each bottle they make. Sula offers a wide variety of wines to suit a wide range of palates, including the well-known Sula Chenin Blanc and the hearty Sula Dindori Reserve Shiraz.


In addition to its outstanding portfolio, Sula has led the way in developing wine tourism in India by providing guests with first-rate hospitality and an immersive experience in the verdant vineyards. Sula’s impact is worldwide, bringing it attention on the international scene and bolstering the growing stature of Indian wines. Sula Vineyards is a mainstay option for both wine enthusiasts and those who are just now discovering the joys of wine because to its flawless fusion of tradition and innovation. It continues to influence the landscape of Indian winemaking.


Among the top wine brands in India, Myra Vineyards stands out for its tasteful fusion of innovation and tradition in the developing wine business of the nation. Nestled in the scenic Nandi Hills region of Karnataka, Myra has led the way in crafting high-end wines that highlight the distinct terroir of the Indian subcontinent. The winery is renowned for its innovative methods and wide variety of wines, which include the deep and sophisticated Reserve Shiraz and the crisp and lively Sauvignon Blanc. Myra is distinguished by its avant-garde attitude, which is shown in its winemaking as well as in the creative label designs and unusual bottle shapes.


Myra has been able to carve out a niche for itself and draw in wine lovers looking for a modern yet genuine experience. Myra Vineyards is an exceptional option for individuals who value a contemporary take on traditional winemaking because of its commitment to quality and innovative spirit, which has allowed it to greatly contribute to the evolution of India’s wine culture.


Among the greatest wine labels in India, Vallonné Vineyards is a standout jewel that is highly regarded for its dedication to producing wines that encapsulate the spirit of the Nashik area. Tucked away in the tranquil Sahyadri Valley, Vallonné enjoys a perfect terroir and climate that make it the perfect place to grow grapes. The winery takes great satisfaction in creating handcrafted wines in small batches, paying close attention to every detail during the whole winemaking process. Each bottle in Vallonné’s collection reflects the distinct character of the vineyards, ranging from the crisp and refreshing Chenin Blanc to the powerful Cabernet Sauvignon.


In addition to its commitment to winemaking, Vallonné provides guests with a scenic environment that combines wine tastings with the Sahyadris’ magnificent beauty. With an emphasis on quality, genuineness, and a strong bond with the land, Vallonné Vineyards has established themselves as a distinguished option for those looking for an authentic and enjoyable Indian wine experience.

9.SDU Deva

With a combination of outstanding quality and an alluring price range that puts a little thrill in your pocket, SDU Deva has cemented its place as a well-known and respected brand among the top 10 wine brands in India. The word “Deva,” which means divinity, is used in the brand’s moniker, hinting at a promise of a euphoric and exalted experience. It is implied that each sip of the wines is designed to provide a flavour that goes beyond the ordinary and lets you experience the exhilaration of life. SDU Deva’s stellar reputation isn’t just a marketing gimmick; it’s a result of their wines’ constant superiority.

SDU Deva

With a varied selection of wines that appeal to a wide range of customers, the brand has justifiably earned a spot among the top wine brands. SDU Deva wines stand out and have received excellent reviews for their texture, taste, and scent. As a result, people who value a genuinely sophisticated and satisfying wine experience tend to favour them.

10.Naara-Aaba (Best Wine Brands In India)

In India’s wine business, Naara-Aaba is a shining example that stands out for two key reasons. First of all, it takes great pride in being the first organic Kiwi winery in India, providing a distinctive twist on the traditional usage of grapes in winemaking. Expect a delicious selection of wines made from organic kiwis at Naara-Aaba, offering a novel and refreshing take on the wine scene. Second, Tage Rita, an Indian businesswoman, is the proud owner and operator of the winery. Her roots are in Arunachal Pradesh, and she committed to using organic methods when she started her winemaking career.


In addition to Organic Kiwi Wines, Naara-Aaba’s inventory also features Pecha Wine (Wild Apple), Plum Wine (Red), and other intriguing varieties. Naara-Aaba is now regarded as a remarkable and high-end addition to India’s top wine brands thanks to Tage Rita’s entrepreneurial energy and commitment to quality. Naara-Aaba is a great way to add to your collection of quality Indian wines if you’re looking for something special and natural.

11.Four Seasons

Renowned for its dedication to crafting premium wines that perfectly capture India’s varied terroirs, Four Seasons Vineyards has cemented its position as one of the finest wine labels in the nation. Situated in Maharashtra’s scenic Baramati Valley, the vines reap the benefits of an ideal climate, which enhances the remarkable flavour profile of Four Seasons wines. From the strong and robust Barrique Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon to the crisp and aromatic Chenin Blanc, the brand offers a wide selection of options to suit a variety of palates.

Four Seasons

In order to create the ideal balance that will appeal to both seasoned wine fans and those who are new to the world of wine, Four Seasons Winery blends classic winemaking processes with contemporary innovation. Four Seasons has become a household name in the Indian wine business thanks to its unwavering commitment to quality and recognition in both the domestic and global markets. India’s diverse wine industry is exemplified by Four Seasons wines, which are perfect for both everyday drinking and exceptional events.


York Winery is renowned for producing high-quality wines in the tranquil Nashik Valley, making it one of the top wine brands in India. York, which is located at the base of the Western Ghats, enjoys a special terroir that gives its wines particular qualities. The brand’s careful winemaking process demonstrates its dedication to environmentally responsible and sustainable practices. The wines of York Winery are varied, ranging from the rich and nuanced Arros to the lively and crisp Chenin Blanc.


The winery has been at the forefront of introducing cutting-edge varietals and blends, exhibiting a flawless synthesis of contemporary and heritage. York has won praise from both domestic and foreign audiences for its emphasis on quality and dedication to presenting the full potential of Indian grapes. York Winery provides a fascinating voyage through the rich flavours of the Nashik terroir, making it a symbol of quality for those seeking a genuine and sophisticated Indian wine experience.

13.Seagrams Nine Hills

Thanks to its steady supply of excellent wines, Seagram’s Nine Hills has solidified its position as one of India’s leading wine brands. The vineyards, which are tucked away in the peaceful Nashik Valley, reap the benefits of the region’s perfect temperature and soil composition, which enhances the remarkable quality of Seagram’s Nine Hills wines. From the rich and velvety Cabernet Sauvignon to the crisp and refreshing Sauvignon Blanc, the brand provides a varied portfolio to suit a wide range of palates. Seagram’s Nine Hills is distinguished by its steadfast dedication to quality and creativity in winemaking.

Seagrams Nine Hills

Due to its steady quality, the brand has developed a devoted fan base and is now regarded as a reliable option by wine connoisseurs all around the nation. Seagram’s Nine Hills, which successfully combines tradition and modernity, is still a major player in the Indian wine business and helps the country’s reputation for making world-class wines flourish.


KRSMA Estates has cemented its place as one of India’s top wine brands, renowned for its dedication to crafting remarkable wines that embodie the distinct terroir of its vineyards. KRSMA is situated in the Karnataka region’s Hampi Hills, and its elevation gives its grapes unique qualities. The premium wines produced in small quantities by this boutique winery are well-known for their attention to detail in the winemaking process. All of KRSMA’s varietals are expertly created, ranging from the sophisticated Sauvignon Blanc to the powerful Cabernet Sauvignon.


The founders, Krishna and Uma Chigurupati, have played a significant role in pushing the envelope and creating new benchmarks for the excellence of Indian wines. KRSMA has a well-earned reputation for quality thanks to the critical praise its wines have won both domestically and abroad. KRSMA Estates is a monument to the promise and sophistication of Indian viticulture, catering to people looking for an elegant and distinctive Indian wine experience.

15.Big Banyan (Best Wine Brands In India)

Big Banyan has made a name for itself as one of India’s top wine brands because to its commitment to producing superb wines that perfectly reflect the many terroirs of the nation. Tucked away in the lush surroundings of Karnataka’s Nandi Hills, the vines enjoy ideal weather, which adds to the unique flavour of Big Banyan wines. From the fresh and fruity Chenin Blanc to the robust and rich Cabernet Sauvignon, the brand provides a wide variety.

Big Banyan

Big Banyan is unique in that it places a strong focus on organic and sustainable techniques, demonstrating a strong commitment to environmental responsibility. Big Banyan has a devoted fanbase thanks to its creative blends and varietals and holistic approach to winemaking. Big Banyan, a well-known player in the Indian wine market, is still a favourite among connoisseurs, offering a lovely voyage through the terroir of Karnataka.

16.Chateau d’Ori

Known for making some of the best wines in the world, Chateau d’Ori has established itself as one of India’s leading international wine brands. Owing to their outstanding quality, Chateau d’Ori wines are preferred by connoisseurs who value matching unusual cuisines with great vintages. The brand is especially well-known for its medium-bodied wines, which provide a delightful flavour experience with a silky aftertaste that lingers on the palate.

Chateau d’Ori

Chateau d’Ori has established itself as one of the top wine brands in India by skilfully fusing exceptional craftsmanship with an unmatched flavour profile. Because of its devoted fan base and unwavering dedication to providing an exceptional wine-drinking experience, Chateau d’Ori has become a popular option for individuals who appreciate elegance and sophistication in every glass.


Renowned in the wine industry, Imbuko has become one of India’s top wine brands, winning over wine lovers all over the nation with its sophisticated taste. Imbuko, which is well-known for its dedication to excellence and skill, provides a wide selection of wines that highlight the complex interplay of flavours and scents. The company creates wines that accurately capture the terroir through creative winemaking methods and careful grape selection.


Imbuko’s collection, with its bold reds, clean whites, and sparkling wines, perfectly captures the essence of both tradition and modernity. Imbuko has developed a devoted following thanks to its emphasis on sustainable techniques and profound respect for the craft of winemaking. As a result, it is a top option for travellers looking to enjoy a remarkable wine experience in India’s developing wine culture.


One of the greatest wine brands in India is Chandon, a well-known sparkling wine company that provides wine lovers with an opulent and bubbly experience. With its roots in the prestigious Moët & Chandon house, this well-known brand has effectively conveyed the spirit of celebration via its beautiful selection of sparkling wines. Chandon’s dedication to excellence is demonstrated by the skilful selection of its grapes from exclusive vineyards and the knowledge of its winemakers.


The end product is a line of sparkling wines that exhibit the ideal harmony of complexity, freshness, and refinement. Every bottle, whether it’s the bright Rosé or the traditional Chandon Brut, captures the essence of sophistication and elegance. Chandon has been a popular option for people looking to add a sparkling touch to both special occasions and daily moments, as it has assiduously merged into the Indian wine scene.

19.Tenuta San Guido

Renowned Italian winery Tenuta San Guido has established itself as one of India’s top wine brands, winning over wine enthusiasts with its famous product, Sassicaia. Tenuta San Guido, hailed as the forerunner of the Super Tuscan trend, has raised the bar for Italian wines everywhere, and the Indian market is no different. A red blend in the Bordeaux style, Sassicaia has come to represent quality and the distinct terroir of the Bolgheri region. Sassicaia is a wine that has gained a reputation for being sophisticated and remarkably complex, and it is highly regarded among Indian wine connoisseurs.

Tenuta San Guido

Tenuta San Guido stands as a testament to Italian winemaking excellence amidst the varied landscape of Indian wine enjoyment, as evidenced by the estate’s unwavering dedication to quality, creativity, and tradition evident in every bottle. Tenuta San Guido is a superb option for anyone wishing to sample the Italian oenological legacy; it offers an unmatched and unforgettable wine experience.

20.Vietti (Best Wine Brands In India)

One of the greatest wine brands in India is unquestionably Vietti, a renowned winery located in the Piedmont area of Italy. Prominent for making superb Barolo and Barbaresco wines, Vietti has garnered a passionate fan base among the nation’s wine connoisseurs. The vineyard is distinguished by its dedication to producing wines that accurately capture the special qualities of the Piedmont terroir and the Nebbiolo grape.


The wines in Vietti’s inventory range widely, from the sophisticated and nuanced Barolos to the fragrant and delicate Barberas. The commitment of the winery to both innovation and tradition is evident in every bottle, which produces wines that perfectly embody the history of Italian winemaking. Vietti’s wines are a treasured addition to India’s wide array of wine options, serving as a beacon of quality and workmanship for anyone wanting a taste of Piedmontese perfection.

21.Saint Cosme

A renowned winery from the French Rhône Valley, Saint Cosme has become one of India’s top wine brands, winning over the palates of discriminating wine lovers all throughout the nation. Saint Cosme is renowned for its dedication to organic cultivation, history, and the creation of great Rhône wines. Prominent wines from the estate, such its Côte-Rôtie and Gigondas, highlight the distinct terroir and skill that characterise the area. Saint Cosme, which has been around since 1490, skilfully combines tradition and contemporary winemaking methods to create wines that are age-worthy and expressive.

Saint Cosme

Wine connoisseurs have praised the winery’s entry into the Indian market, noting that each bottle embodies unique flavours and craftsmanship. Saint Cosme is a shining example of French winemaking and has left a lasting impression on India’s emerging wine scene for anyone looking for a taste of Rhône Valley excellence.

22.Dom Perignon

One of the greatest wine brands in India is Dom Pérignon, a name that in the world of Champagne is synonymous with status and luxury. It is the pinnacle of class and sophistication. Dom Pérignon, which comes from the prestigious Moët & Chandon Champagne company, is committed to producing outstanding vintage Champagne that captures the distinct qualities of every crop. Prominent for its exacting winemaking methods and careful grape selection, Dom Pérignon never fails to provide a long-lasting, sophisticated, and balanced sensory experience.

Dom Perignon

Because of the brand’s popularity in India, Champagne is now more highly regarded and favoured by both discriminating connoisseurs and joyous occasions. In the Indian wine industry, Dom Pérignon is a highly sought-after indulgence due to its famous shield logo, which has come to represent wealth and sophistication. Dom Pérignon, the epitome of French sparkling wine craftsmanship, continues to be the undisputed choice for consumers seeking the summit of Champagne perfection.


A renowned winery from Tuscany, Italy, Querciabella has made a name for itself as one of the greatest in India, winning over wine lovers with its dedication to organic and biodynamic methods. Known for creating superb Supertuscan and Chianti Classico wines, Querciabella is a pioneer in sustainable winemaking. Every bottle displays the estate’s commitment to environmental stewardship and strikes a beautiful balance between nature and craftsmanship.


Querciabella’s wines, including the renowned Camartina, elegantly and complexly capture the essence of the Tuscan region. The winery, being a trailblazer in organic viticulture, has had a noteworthy influence on the Indian wine industry, particularly among individuals who value the fusion of custom and innovation. Querciabella’s wines are a treasured addition to the wide array of wine options available in India because of their presence, which symbolises a celebration of Italian winemaking quality.

24.Early Dark Wines

“French Early Dark Wines have quickly established a significant foothold in the global wine industry, which includes India. Despite being relatively new, this brand has established its niche and acquired popularity fast. It’s important to remember that Early Dark Wines that you buy in India are made in France and then locally bottled in Bengaluru. This special feature gives these French wines a particular taste and a hint of regional influence.

Early Dark Wines

Past its provenance and bottling method, Early Dark Wines are highly regarded for their outstanding fusion with Indian cuisine, which makes them a top pick for people who enjoy the variety of Indian flavours. Early Dark Wines is one of the greatest in India thanks to this blend of French winemaking know-how and regional flair, demonstrating the brand’s dedication to both global standards and a smooth transition with Indian palates.”

25.Yellow Tail (Best Wine Brands In India)

With its outstanding selection, Yellow Tail, a well-known and internationally acclaimed wine brand, has captured the attention of Indian wine lovers and established a substantial market share. Originating in Australia, Yellow Tail has effectively established a name for itself in India’s varied and expanding wine scene. Yellow Tail appeals to a wide range of palates and is well-known for its accessible and fruit-forward varietals, making it a great option for both seasoned wine experts and those who are new to the world of wines.

Yellow Tail

Indian consumers have responded favourably to Yellow Tail’s dedication to providing premium wines at reasonable prices, making it a popular option for a variety of events. Yellow Tail stands out for its lively flavours, consistent quality, and unique packaging. Its range comprises reds, whites, and rosés. As a result, wine aficionados looking for a wonderful and approachable wine experience in the Indian wine market choose Yellow Tail.


With a rich history that dates back to 1892, Changyu is a renowned Chinese winery that has become one of India’s top wine brands, winning over the palates of discriminating customers. Acknowledged for its dedication to quality and creativity, Changyu has introduced a distinctive fusion of conventional winemaking methods and contemporary approaches to the Indian market. Due to the winery’s commitment to making excellent wines, Indian wine lovers have become devoted customers. A broad variety of varietals, including reds, whites, and sparkling wines, are included in Changyu’s varied portfolio. Each wine exhibits a painstaking attention to detail in both taste and appearance.


Changyu, which has a reputation for providing a genuine and pleasurable wine experience, has blended well into India’s vibrant wine scene, adding a hint of Chinese refinement to the nation’s developing palate. Changyu’s arrival has given India’s wine scene a unique and nuanced edge as the country’s consumers grow to value wine’s subtleties more and more.

27.Moet & Chandon

Founded in France, Moët & Chandon is a renowned Champagne house that has become one of the most well-known and esteemed wine brands in India. In the world of sparkling wines, Moët & Chandon has been associated with elegance, sophistication, and unmatched workmanship since its founding in 1743. In India, the brand’s products—such of its well-known Brut Impérial, Rosé Impérial, and Grand Vintage collections—have come to be associated with festivities and special events. Moët & Chandon has garnered a passionate following among Indian wine aficionados and connoisseurs due to its unwavering commitment to crafting great Champagne that perfectly balances refinement and flavour.

Moet & Chandon

The brand is a representation of sophistication in the Indian wine market thanks to its exquisite packaging, dedication to tradition, and hint of contemporary. Moët & Chandon’s presence has improved the Champagne experience for discriminating consumers in India, setting a standard for excellence in the world of fine wines, whether it’s a festive gathering, a wedding, or a moment of personal celebration.

28.Lafite Rothschild

One of the most prestigious and sought-after wine brands in India is Château Lafite Rothschild, a fine winery with a history that dates back to the 19th century in Bordeaux, France. Lafite Rothschild, renowned for its dedication to creating outstanding Bordeaux wines, has come to represent elegance, sophistication, and a lengthy history of winemaking. The brand’s renowned Grand Vin, which combines Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and other varietals, has won over Indian wine enthusiasts who value the subtleties of premium red wines.

Lafite Rothschild

Lafite Rothschild has an extraordinary reputation because of its careful vineyard management, traditional winemaking methods, and artistic involvement in each bottle’s creation. The wine’s arrival in India lends the nation’s developing taste for fine wines a hint of French elegance. Lafite Rothschild is a quintessential Bordeaux wine that appeals to discriminating palates and is a mark of distinction and connoisseurship in the Indian wine scene, whether it is savoured in small or large events.


One of the greatest and most well-known wine brands in India is Penfolds, an Australian winery with a long history that dates back to 1844. Penfolds is well-known among Indian wine connoisseurs for its dedication to producing outstanding wines that highlight the many terroirs of Australia. The brand’s well-known products, like the Bin Series, Penfolds Grange, and other exquisite selections, have left a lasting effect on the discriminating Indian taste. Penfolds is renowned for using cutting-edge winemaking methods, including as combining several grape varietals and ageing wines in various oak barrels.


This strategy results in wines that are rich, complex, and indicative of the distinctive Australian terroir. Wine enthusiasts in India have evolved their tastes, and the brand has done a good job of balancing tradition with an adventurous spirit. India’s vibrant wine industry has benefited greatly from Penfolds’ skilful introduction of Australian quality, giving connoisseurs a chance to savour the complexity and diversity of Australian wines. For special occasions or private get-togethers, Penfolds continues to be a mark of excellence and artistry in the Indian wine industry.

30.Louis Roederer (Best Wine Brands In India)

Reims, France-based Louis Roederer is a renowned Champagne house that has made a name for itself as one of India’s most beloved and greatest wine brands. Louis Roederer, which has a history stretching back to 1776, is well known for its dedication to producing superb sparkling wines, such as the well-known Cristal. The brand’s Champagnes are distinguished by their delicacy, complexity, and painstaking attention to detail in the production of the wine and grapes. The introduction of Louis Roederer to the Indian market has improved the Champagne experience by introducing customers to a hint of French sophistication and luxury.

Louis Roederer

The house’s commitment to using traditional production techniques and sustainable viticulture adds even more value and authenticity. India has come to associate Louis Roederer’s Champagnes with elegant and joyous occasions, whether they are formal parties or casual get-togethers. Indian wine fans and connoisseurs alike regard Louis Roederer with reverence due to the brand’s impeccable tradition and unwavering devotion to quality.

Types Of Wine In India

After learning about the best wine brands in India, let’s have a look at the different varieties of wines offered in the market. There are majorly four major types of wines which are differentiated based on their colour. Sourced from the grape is an element responsible for the wine’s colour, bitterness and smoothness.

Red wine: Its distinctive red colour comes from having the highest tannin content. The hues of red that distinguish distinct red wines from one another affect the flavour.

White wine: Its traditional white hue comes from having the least amount of tannin. These too come in a variety, much like the red wines.

Rosè Wine: Rosé wine is a gorgeous pink wine that lies between red and white wine. Another name for it is “blush wine,” and most people agree that it tastes the nicest.

Sparkling Wine: It gets its bubbly appearance from the fermentation process that occurs naturally.

How Is Wine Made? 

The fermentation process of grapes yields wine, a delightful alcoholic beverage. The captivating enchantment of winemaking occurs when yeast converts the sugars in the grapes into ethanol, which releases carbon dioxide and heat. As a result, a wide range of wines are produced, from crisp and refreshing white wines to strong and rich red wines. Wineries investigate the potential of utilising additional fruits to create distinctive mixes in addition to grapes.

Reputable wine brands in India have made a name for themselves by tantalising wine fans’ palates with a great range of tastes and textures. This piece will explore the world of these outstanding Indian wine labels, each of which adds a unique personality and tale to the vast and ever-changing fabric of the world’s wine culture.

Features Best Wine Brands In India

The greatest wine brands in India have a few things in common that set them apart from the competition and help them win over customers. These characteristics cover a wide range of topics, such as overall customer experience, variety, and quality:

Quality Grape Sourcing: Prominent wine labels place a strong priority on obtaining grapes of the highest calibre, frequently from particular areas recognised for their ideal soil composition and climate for growing grapes.

Diverse Wine Portfolio: Well-known brands demonstrate their adaptability and dedication to satisfying a wide range of consumer tastes by providing a diverse selection of wines, including red, white, rosé, and sparkling kinds.

Innovative Winemaking Techniques: Leading companies embrace innovation in winemaking by experimenting with barrel ageing, blending, and fermenting techniques, which produce distinctive and alluring flavour profiles.

Unique Terroir Influence: Wine brands emphasise the significance of terroir, focusing on the effects of the vineyard’s location, soil, and climate on the wine’s qualities.

Awards & Accolades: The top wine brands are regularly recognised for their dedication to quality and excellence by winning awards and accolades at both national and international wine contests.

Consumer Engagement: In order to build a stronger relationship with their audience, successful businesses actively interact with consumers through tastings, events, and educational programmes.

Consistent Quality: Leading brands build consumer trust by consistently producing wines of the highest calibre throughout multiple vintages.

Brand Heritage and Storytelling: Many well-known wine businesses make use of their history to tell gripping tales about how they got started, which helps to create a brand narrative that appeals to consumers.

Conclusion Best Wine Brands In India

Conclusively, there has been a notable shift in the wine consumption landscape of India, with a significant contribution from the top wine brands in the nation. These companies have revolutionised Indian wine culture with their dedication to quality, diversity, and innovation. These companies have captured the hearts and minds of wine enthusiasts all over the country with their carefully chosen premium grapes, cutting-edge winemaking methods, and varied portfolio of reds, whites, and sparkling varietals.

Wine aficionados have strengthened their brand loyalty to these companies due to their adoption of sustainable practices, involvement with consumers through events and education, and continuous delivery of excellent wines.

The finest wine brands in India act as ambassadors of quality as the country’s wine sector thrives, which adds to the country’s expanding understanding and sophistication of wine culture. These businesses have won a place on the international wine scene in addition to shaping the Indian wine market with their distinctive tales, wide range of products, and persistent dedication to quality.

FAQ Best Wine Brands In India

What are some of the best wine brands in India?

Some of the best wine brands in India include Sula Vineyards, Grover Zampa Vineyards, Fratelli Vineyards, York Winery, and many more. These brands are known for their quality wines and diverse offerings.

Which regions in India are known for wine production?

Nashik in Maharashtra and Nandi Hills in Karnataka are two prominent regions known for wine production in India. These areas provide favorable climatic conditions and soil composition for grape cultivation.

What types of wines do the best brands offer?

The best wine brands in India typically offer a diverse range, including red, white, rosé, and sparkling varieties. They often experiment with different grape varieties and winemaking techniques to create unique blends.

Are there any sustainable wine brands in India?

Yes, some wine brands in India focus on sustainable and eco-friendly practices in grape cultivation and winemaking. These brands emphasize environmental responsibility in their production processes.

Do these brands receive any awards or accolades?

Yes, several of the best wine brands in India receive awards and accolades at both national and international wine competitions, highlighting their excellence in winemaking.

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