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30 Best Restaurants In Seoul 

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Best Restaurants In Seoul South Korea’s vivacious city, Seoul, is home to a gastronomic paradise that suits a wide range of palates. With a wealth of culinary traditions, Seoul offers a wide variety of eating alternatives to suit every taste while skilfully fusing traditional Korean flavours with contemporary influences. Gogung Samgyetang in Insadong offers a traditional Korean barbeque experience that you won’t soon forget because to its delicious grilled meats and welcoming ambience. If you’re in the mood for creative, modern Korean food, Jungsik Dang in Gangnam is a Michelin-starred jewel that highlights Chef Yim Jung-sik’s artistic talent.

HanCook, the rotating restaurant at the famous Namsan Seoul Tower, offers great food and breathtaking views of the city for those looking for a panoramic dining experience. The street food scene in Seoul is equally inviting, with a variety of mouthwatering delights like hotteok (sweet pancakes) and tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes) available along Myeongdong’s busy streets. Seoul’s varied food scene promises an amazing voyage through the city’s distinctive and savoury offerings, regardless of your preference for traditional cuisine or culinary exploration.

Why Choose Best Restaurants In Seoul?

Selecting Seoul’s top eateries is a fun choice for a number of strong reasons:

Diverse Culinary Scene: Seoul offers a vast array of culinary experiences in a very diverse dining landscape. The city offers a wide variety of cuisine to suit every taste, including modern fusion and traditional Korean delicacies.

Real Korean Flavours: Well-known eateries in Seoul offer a genuine taste of Korean cuisine, highlighting the nation’s extensive culinary legacy. Diners may enjoy classic Korean fare like bulgogi, kimchi, and bibimbap, which are made with an authenticity that captures the spirit of Korean cooking.

Imaginative and Ingenious Culinary Concepts: The greatest restaurants in Seoul frequently offer inventive and imaginative culinary concepts. Prominent chefs create exceptional and unforgettable eating experiences that beyond the norm by fusing traditional ingredients with cutting-edge methods.

Michelin-starred Excellence: The city is home to several Michelin-starred eateries, which are a testament to its outstanding cuisine. These places, like Jungsik Dang, constantly produce work of the highest calibre, going above and above in terms of presentation and flavour.

Exquisite Ambience: A lot of Seoul’s best restaurants take great satisfaction in offering not just mouthwatering food but also an enthralling atmosphere. Whether they have a modern design or a traditional Korean setting, these restaurants create a welcoming atmosphere that improves the whole dining experience.

Here Is List of The Best Restaurants In Seoul

  • Onjieum
  • Hwangsaengga Kalguksu
  • Bar Cham
  • Anju Maeul
  • Kkot, Bape Pida
  • Charles H
  • Gwangjang Market
  • Eunjujeong
  • Wooraeok
  • Born and Bred
  • Tuk Tuk Noodle Thai
  • Euljiro Boseok
  • Hadongkwan
  • Coffee Libre
  • Geumdwaeji Sikdang
  • Miro Sikdang
  • JinMi Sikdang
  • Yooyongwook Barbecue Lab
  • Somunnan Gamjatang
  • Fritz Coffee Company
  • Bawi Pasta Bar
  • Mosu
  • Mongtan
  • Big Lights
  • Hannamdong Hanbang Tongdak
  • Dosuhyang
  • Tartine Bakery Dosan
  • Kojima
  • Ichie
  • Han Chu

30 Best Restaurants In Seoul 

1.Onjieum (Best Restaurants In Seoul)

With its wide selection of outstanding eateries, Onjeium adds to Seoul’s thriving food scene. Onjeium’s excellent restaurants are a perfect representation of the city’s varied culinary scene. Onjeium has something for every taste, from authentic Korean barbeque places that provide an immersive grilling experience to cutting-edge fusion eateries that combine regional flavours with international inspirations. Sophisticated food connoisseurs can embark on an exquisite trip through Michelin-starred venues that highlight the city’s dedication to culinary quality.


The greatest restaurants in Onjeium provide an unmatched dining experience, whether you’re looking for refined international cuisine, mouthwatering street food, or well produced Korean specialities. Onjeium is a culinary sanctuary for both locals and tourists because to the fusion of contemporary methods, traditional recipes, and a dedication to quality. Onjeium is a monument to Seoul’s status as a world-class culinary destination, with each restaurant showcasing its distinct character.

2.Hwangsaengga Kalguksu

Hwangsaengga Kalguksu is a distinguished eating destination in Seoul that enthrals both residents and visitors with its delectable cuisine. Hwangsaengga Kalguksu is renowned for its commitment to authenticity and excellence. It specialises in the craft of making kalguksu, which are hand-cut noodles. The restaurant takes pride in carefully preparing each batch of noodles, giving them a soothing and pleasing texture. The menu offers a wide range of delectable broths, from rich and savoury meat options to hearty seafood, taking the eating experience to new heights.

Hwangsaengga Kalguksu

The restaurant’s outstanding reputation is a result of its meticulous preparation and use of fresh, locally sourced foods. Hwangsaengga Kalguksu has established itself as one of the greatest restaurants in Seoul because to its cosy atmosphere and menu that honours Korean culinary customs. It draws customers looking for a delicious and authentic taste of Korean food.

3.Bar Cham

Among Seoul’s culinary scene, Bar Cham is a notable jewel that offers a distinctive and sophisticated eating experience that makes it stand out from the others. This chic restaurant skilfully combines a sophisticated dining idea with a trendy bar vibe to create a setting that appeals to both foodies and people looking for a lively social environment. The cuisine at Bar Cham features a creatively presented and skilfully curated combination of flavours from around the world.

Bar Cham

Every item, from inventive small plates to inventive cocktails, showcases the chefs’ culinary prowess. Bar Cham is a recommended destination for individuals seeking an unforgettable culinary experience due to its stylish and welcoming atmosphere. Enticing customers with a sophisticated and modern gastronomic adventure, Bar Cham has justifiably earned its place among the greatest restaurants in Seoul with its dedication to excellence in both cuisine and ambience.

4.Anju Maeul

Anju Maeul is a gastronomic sanctuary in Seoul that perfectly embodies traditional Korean flavours while incorporating contemporary elements. This restaurant offers a menu that honours the diverse fabric of Korean food while skilfully fusing authenticity and innovation. Anju Maeul offers a pleasant gourmet experience that appeals to both locals and tourists, from traditional anju (drinking snacks) to more complex cuisine. The cosy and welcoming atmosphere goes well with the varied and delicious menu, fostering an environment where patrons may enjoy the social aspect of Korean dining.

Anju Maeul

The restaurant’s exceptional reputation is a result of both its devotion to culinary artistry and its use of premium, fresh ingredients. Anju Maeul, which honours the city’s culinary heritage while representing the city’s dynamic progress, becomes apparent when one explores Seoul’s culinary environment and is a must-visit location.

5.Kkot, Bape Pida (Best Restaurants In Seoul)

Located in the centre of Insa-dong, Kkot, Bape Pida is notable for its dedication to sustainable and organic food. This unusual restaurant takes pride in obtaining 95% of its supplies directly from certified organic farmers, guaranteeing a delicious and healthful meal that is heavy on vegetables. Vegetable jeon (pancakes) and fresh salads with perilla dressing are noteworthy selections that highlight the flavours of the food naturally rather than using artificial ingredients. But the most impressive meal is the bibimbap, which is creatively transformed into a traditional Korean favourite and tastefully wrapped in a yellow egg bojagi (wrap).

Kkot, Bape Pida

The menu has many of options for plant-based diets, albeit it’s not strictly vegan. It’s also accompanied by a good assortment of traditional liquors. Kkot, Bape Pida’s commitment to sustainability was acknowledged in 2021 with a Green Star from the Michelin Guide, highlighting its role in promoting a more environmentally and mindfully aware way of eating.

6.Charles H

Charles H, which is tucked away subtly in the Four Seasons Hotel Seoul’s lower floor, exudes the glamour of a speakeasy and beckons visitors to embark on a covert expedition via a hidden passageway. The interior design, which combines traditional metal ornaments from Korea with modern sophistication and historical charm, evokes the grandeur of a high-end hotel bar. Honouring Charles H, the cocktail menu at Charles H is a skilful blend of traditional concoctions and house made concoctions.

Charles H

The cocktail menu at Charles H pays tribute to the namesake bon vivant, Charles H. Baker, who is well-known for his contributions to the world of mixology and classic cocktail literature. It is a skilful fusion of traditional libations and unique innovations. Charles H is a hidden gem in Seoul’s burgeoning cocktail scene, taking guests to a bygone period of beauty and refinement as they revel in the painstakingly created drinks.

7.Gwangjang Market

Food lovers can find a gourmet paradise in Gwangjang Market, one of Seoul’s biggest and oldest traditional marketplaces. The market is home to some of Seoul’s top restaurants, serving up a delicious selection of traditional cuisine and Korean street food among its lively tangle of busy shops and tight lanes. Mayak Kimbap Cheonguk is the place to try the famous bindaetteok, a savoury pancake made with mung beans. There has been a queue of excited locals and visitors to this famous location for decades, where they have been enjoying these irresistible pancakes.

Gwangjang Market

The tasty and cosy kalguksu is just one of the hand-pulled noodle options available at Gwangjang Market’s Noodle Alley for those looking for a more immersive dining experience. The market is also a bibimbap lover’s heaven, as Jeonju Jungang Hoekwan serves up a delicious rendition of this well-known Korean mixed rice delicacy. Gwangjang Market is a must-visit for anybody wishing to experience the rich and savoury tapestry of traditional and Korean street food right in the centre of Seoul, thanks to its varied culinary options and vibrant environment.


Tucked down in a quiet side street in Euljiro, Eunjujeong began its culinary career as a pork belly expert but has since won praise from all around for its amazing kimchi jjigae (kimchi stew). This famous dish is available as a lunch special and goes well with evening orders of tender pork belly. Pots filled with raw pork and a mixture of tart and spicy kimchi are placed on each table, giving patrons the chance to quickly prepare their own delicious dish. Simmering the stew for a little while longer brings out the richness of the broth for those who want just a little more flavour. Eunjujeong sets itself apart with its ssam, a variety of green vegetables ideal for encasing robust jjigae meat chunks.


The eatery also adds a special touch with a vending machine where customers may buy different noodles to add to their soup. But before making any plans right after the dinner, be advised that the strong smell of kimchi jjigae can linger on diners for hours—a testament to the unique dining experience at Eunjujeong.


One of Seoul’s greatest restaurants, Wooraeok is tucked away in the energetic centre of the city and offers a fine dining experience that skilfully combines tradition and modernity. Wooraeok, a restaurant renowned for its dedication to maintaining Korean culinary heritage, takes visitors on a gastronomic journey through the diverse range of flavours that make up Korean cuisine. The restaurant’s talented chefs showcase the best local ingredients while creating classic meals with a contemporary touch.


Every meal at Wooraeok, from the delicate flavours of bibimbap to the tantalising fragrances of sizzling bulgogi, is a tribute to the careful craftsmanship and commitment to authenticity. In addition to providing great food, Wooraeok’s cosy and welcoming atmosphere enhances the whole dining experience by fusing traditional and modern culinary techniques. Of course, Wooraeok is a gastronomic mecca for anyone looking for an amazing dining experience in Seoul.

10.Born and Bred (Best Restaurants In Seoul)

Located in the centre of Seoul, Born and Bred has cemented its position as one of the top eating spots in the area by providing a distinctive and regionally inspired culinary experience. Born and Bred offers a fresh take on Korean food, showcasing its diverse flavours via its dedication to obtaining the best local ingredients. The restaurant takes great satisfaction in its farm-to-table philosophy, which makes sure that every dish accurately captures the essence of the area’s culinary history. The cuisine at Born and Bred celebrates Seoul’s diverse culinary landscape by offering creative dishes in addition to inventive takes on beloved classics.

Born and Bred

Diners can enjoy the essence of Seoul’s culinary character in an engaging setting thanks to the attentive service and warm, friendly ambience. Born & Bred is a testament to Seoul’s vibrant and dynamic food scene for anyone looking for a dining experience that captures the essence of the city.

11.Tuk Tuk Noodle Thai

One of Seoul’s greatest restaurants, Tuk Tuk Noodle Thai has made a name for itself by bringing a wonderful blend of Thai flavours to the city’s exciting food scene. The restaurant, which is tucked away in a busy area, offers diners a genuine taste of Thai street food with a contemporary twist while taking them on a seductive journey through Bangkok’s streets. Thai restaurant Tuk Tuk Noodle Thai specialises on creating fragrant and tasty noodle dishes that take customers to the busy marketplaces of Thailand, like Pad Thai and Khao Soi. Each meal at Tuk Tuk explodes with the ideal harmony of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy flavours because to the chefs’ expertise of Thai cooking techniques.

Tuk Tuk Noodle Thai

In the centre of Seoul, the restaurant’s colourful and energetic ambience combines with its dedication to serving only the best ingredients to produce an unforgettable dining experience that embodies Thai cuisine. Among the many dining options in the city, Tuk Tuk Noodle Thai is a standout choice for travellers looking for an international culinary experience.

12.Euljiro Boseok

Located in a busy area of Seoul, Euljiro Boseok has cemented its standing as one of the best places to eat in the city by providing a varied and unforgettable culinary experience. The restaurants in Euljiro Boseok showcase the dynamic nature of Seoul’s changing culinary scene, and this lively neighbourhood is well-known for its rich history and cultural significance. Euljiro Boseok offers a diverse selection of dining options, ranging from modern fusion restaurants to classic Korean barbeque establishments. Every restaurant in this area has a distinct personality, whether it’s from the inventive takes on classic meals or the scorching grills of the barbeque joints.

Euljiro Boseok

Euljiro Boseok’s atmosphere is generally boisterous, offering customers a genuine and engaging dining experience that extends beyond the cuisine. Euljiro Boseok, which showcases the city’s culinary diversity and cultural richness, stands out as a must-explore site for anyone looking for a gastronomic adventure that embodies the spirit of Seoul.


Among the greatest restaurants in Seoul, Hadongkwan is a legendary and highly regarded establishment that, with its historic charm, perfectly captures the spirit of traditional Korean cuisine. This historic establishment, which is tucked away in the centre of the busy Myeongdong neighbourhood, has been serving its well-known gomtang (beef bone soup) since 1939. Hadongkwan has a loyal fan base thanks to its dedication to using superior products and time-honored methods. A rich, fragrant soup that simmers for hours, producing a cosy and nourishing culinary experience, is the restaurant’s hallmark dish.


Dining at Hadongkwan is a trip back in time, providing a taste of Seoul’s culinary history, thanks to the restaurant’s modest but welcoming ambience and commitment to maintaining culinary legacy. Hadongkwan is still an essential find in Seoul’s varied culinary scene for anyone looking for a genuine and nostalgic Korean meal.

14.Coffee Libre

Coffee Libre has earned a spot among the greatest restaurants in Seoul and is one of the top locations for coffee lovers. Coffee Libre, which is located in the hip and creative Hongdae neighbourhood, is well-known for its creative brewing methods and commitment to speciality coffee. The café offers coffee that goes above and beyond the norm because to its dedication to acquiring premium beans from all around the world and the knowledge of its talented baristas. Coffee Libre is the perfect place for people looking for a chic and laid-back coffee refuge since, in addition to their precise brewing process, they offer a chic and contemporary ambience.

Coffee Libre

A pleasurable and unforgettable experience is guaranteed for all customers, regardless of their level of coffee consumption. The menu features a variety of single-origin brews and beautifully made espresso beverages. Coffee Libre is a tribute to Seoul’s vibrant coffee culture and its place at the forefront of global coffee trends, offering a singular and remarkable coffee experience.

15.Geumdwaeji Sikdang (Best Restaurants In Seoul)

Among the greatest restaurants in Seoul, Geumdwaeji Sikdang has solidified its reputation as one of the city’s gastronomic treasures. Nestled in the bustling Sinchon neighbourhood, this restaurant is well-known for its outstanding Korean barbeque, which highlights black pork from Jeju Island as a key element. Geumdwaeji Sikdang serves guests a delicious and savoury feast by carefully choosing and grilling this premium pork to perfection. A remarkable dining experience is produced by the establishment’s dedication to excellence and the lively, interactive barbeque setting.

Geumdwaeji Sikdang

Geumdwaeji Sikdang captures the spirit of Korean barbeque tradition with its delectable smells and the sizzling sounds of meat on the grill. This restaurant, where the deep flavours of Jeju black pig take centre stage, is a beacon of culinary excellence for those looking for an authentic and sophisticated dining experience in Seoul.

16.Miro Sikdang

Nestled in the bustling centre of Seoul, Miro Sikdang has cemented its standing as one of the greatest restaurants in the city by bringing a distinctive and contemporary spin to traditional Korean fare. Miro Sikdang, which is renowned for its creative use of flavours and presentation, improves the eating experience by combining regional delicacies with modern cooking methods. A wide variety of foods, each expertly prepared to surprise and please the palette, are featured on the restaurant’s menu. From imaginative main courses to artistically prepared banchan (side dishes), Miro Sikdang takes diners on a culinary journey that balances tradition with a modern viewpoint.

Miro Sikdang

The refined setting creates a sophisticated backdrop against which diners can appreciate the culinary skill, adding to the overall attractiveness. In Seoul’s dynamic and always changing food scene, Miro Sikdang stands out as a must-visit place for those looking for a culinary journey that embraces the progression of Korean cuisine and crosses boundaries.

17.JinMi Sikdang

Relatively speaking, JinMi Sikdang is one of Seoul’s greatest restaurants because it captivates customers with its commitment to providing a taste that skilfully combines innovation and tradition. Located in a busy area of the city, this restaurant is notable for its dedication to maintaining the true taste of Korean cuisine while adding modern touches. JinMi Sikdang, which is well-known for its excellent bibimbap, elevates this well-liked dish by utilising quality ingredients and exhibiting an eye-catching presentation.

JinMi Sikdang

Beyond the well-known bibimbap, the restaurant’s menu features a variety of carefully prepared meals that highlight the diverse range of Korean cuisine. With its perfect service and cosy, welcoming ambience, JinMi Sikdang makes sure that every visit is an unforgettable journey through Seoul’s culinary history. A bright spot in Seoul’s thriving culinary scene, JinMi Sikdang is ideal for anybody looking for a restaurant that captures the spirit of modern Korean cuisine.

18.Yooyongwook Barbecue Lab

With time, Yooyongwook Barbeque Lab has distinguished itself as one of Seoul’s top eateries and made a name for itself in the dynamic food industry. This creative barbeque restaurant, which is located in a bustling neighbourhood, reinvents the typical Korean barbeque experience. Yooyongwook Barbeque Lab is unique because of its dedication to innovation and top-notch cooking. With a wide variety of premium meats and house-made marinades and sauces, the restaurant is a barbeque enthusiast’s dream come true.

Yooyongwook Barbecue Lab

It is recommended for patrons to take an active role in their culinary adventure by carefully grilling meats and tailoring flavours to their preferences. Customers may enjoy a cutting-edge barbeque experience in an engaging setting thanks to the modern, sleek decor and attentive service. Yooyongwook Barbeque Lab is a must-visit location for anybody looking for a combination of tradition and culinary innovation in Seoul. It pushes the limits of what can be achieved when dining at a barbeque.

19.Somunnan Gamjatang

Renowned for its superb interpretation of a popular Korean meal, Somunnan Gamjatang has solidified its position as one of Seoul’s top eateries. Situated in the centre of a busy neighbourhood, this restaurant serves gamjatang, a powerful and flavorful pork bone soup. The attention to detail and premium ingredients combined with a special spice blend to provide a tasty and comforting soup are what distinguish Somunnan Gamjatang from other restaurants. Every dish is a gastronomic beauty because to the succulent pork, perfectly boiled potatoes, and perfectly cooked vegetables.

Somunnan Gamjatang

The restaurant’s modest yet warm ambience adds to its allure, fostering a comfortable environment where both residents and guests may enjoy the true meaning of Korean comfort cuisine. Somunnan Gamjatang is a highly recommended dining venue in Seoul for individuals seeking authentic and fulfilling Korean cuisine, since it embodies the heartfelt cosiness of the cuisine.

20.Fritz Coffee Company (Best Restaurants In Seoul)

Among Seoul’s top eateries, Fritz Coffee Company has become a bright star because to its commitment to providing an unmatched coffee experience. With its dedication to premium beans, exact brewing techniques, and a chic atmosphere, this downtown location has completely changed the coffee scene. A sanctuary for connoisseurs of coffee, Fritz Coffee Company offers a wide selection of single-origin coffees and expertly made espresso drinks. The tasteful yet cosy interior design showcases the same attention to detail, offering a setting where guests can fully immerse themselves in the art and science of coffee appreciation.

Fritz Coffee CompanyBawi Pasta Bar has cemented its standing as one of Seoul's top dining establishments, enthralling patrons with its inventive pasta preparation and superior cuisine. Tucked away in a lively neighbourhood, this pasta-focused restaurant offers a welcome diversion from typical Italian cuisine, exhibiting a blend of international flavours and inventive takes on neighbourhood favourites. High-quality, locally obtained ingredients are used by Bawi Pasta Bar to create dishes that are visually appealing and brimming with flavour.

The experienced baristas make the experience even better by assisting customers with the menu and offering their insights into the world of speciality coffee. Fritz Coffee Company is unquestionably a must-visit location for anyone looking for a sophisticated and enriching coffee experience in Seoul. It sets the bar for excellence in the city’s thriving coffee scene.

21.Bawi Pasta Bar

Bawi Pasta Bar has cemented its standing as one of Seoul’s top dining establishments, enthralling patrons with its inventive pasta preparation and superior cuisine. Tucked away in a lively neighbourhood, this pasta-focused restaurant offers a welcome diversion from typical Italian cuisine, exhibiting a blend of international flavours and inventive takes on neighbourhood favourites. High-quality, locally obtained ingredients are used by Bawi Pasta Bar to create dishes that are visually appealing and brimming with flavour.

Bawi Pasta Bar

The creative pasta dishes on the varied menu are all thoughtfully chosen to offer a special and unforgettable eating experience. Customers can experience the nexus of tradition and culinary innovation in a friendly environment that is created by the attentive service and modern, appealing surroundings. Bawi Pasta Bar, which is pushing the limits of pasta in the vibrant food scene of Seoul, is a culinary gem that appeals to people looking for a unique and fulfilling eating experience.


Mosu, known for its refined take on modern Korean food, has definitely earned its spot among Seoul’s greatest restaurants. Nestled in an upscale neighbourhood, Mosu offers a gastronomic experience that skilfully combines traditional ingredients with modern touches. Under the direction of the well-known chef Ahn Sung-jae, the restaurant features a fine tasting menu that demonstrates a careful commitment to culinary craft. With their creative cooking methods and high-quality, locally produced ingredients, Mosu’s dishes provide a palate-teasing symphony of flavours. The interior design, which is sleek and simple, adds to the dining experience by creating a cosy and intimate space where guests can enjoy the chef’s fine cuisine.


Mosu is dedicated to expanding the frontiers of Korean cuisine and is a shining example of culinary brilliance. It invites guests to enjoy a genuinely sophisticated and elegant dining experience right in the centre of Seoul. Mosu continues to be a must-visit location in the city’s varied culinary scene for anyone looking to explore modern Korean cuisine through their senses.


Among Seoul’s top eateries, Mongtan has distinguished itself with its genuine and heartfelt Korean fare. Tucked away in a bustling neighbourhood, this place has made a name for itself by masterfully preserving classic flavours. The cuisine at Mongtan offers a delectable selection of traditional Korean fare, including flavorful barbeque dishes and hearty stews, all expertly cooked with care. The restaurant’s dedication to using premium products and tried-and-true recipes produces meals that make you feel satisfied and nostalgic about food.


In addition to enhancing the entire dining experience, the warm and inviting atmosphere creates a cosy setting where both residents and guests may enjoy the authentic flavour of Korean comfort cuisine. Mongtan, which embodies the rich and delectable tapestry of Korean gastronomy, is a well-liked location for visitors seeking an authentic and fulfilling gastronomic adventure in Seoul.

24.Big Lights

Big Lights has made a name for itself as one of Seoul’s most notable eating establishments, drawing customers in with its distinctive fusion of contemporary design and creative cuisine. This restaurant, which is located in a bustling area, defies convention by serving a varied menu that blends international flavours with inventive touches. The chefs at Big Lights display their mastery of the kitchen by painstakingly creating dishes that are visual masterpieces on the plate in addition to being palate-teasing.

Big Lights

The sleek and modern decor of the restaurant enhances the whole dining experience by fostering a refined and lively mood. Big Lights encourages patrons to experience a gastronomic journey that surpasses their expectations, starting with carefully chosen appetisers and ending with masterfully prepared main meals. In Seoul’s evolving culinary landscape, Big Lights unquestionably remains a beacon of innovation for those looking for a dining experience that perfectly melds modern refinement with gourmet excellence.

25.Hannamdong Hanbang Tongdak (Best Restaurants In Seoul)

Hannamdong Hanbang Tongdak has firmly secured its reputation as one of Seoul’s best restaurants, celebrated for its exceptional take on the classic Korean dish, tongdak (whole fried chicken). Located in the lively Hannamdong district, this establishment has mastered the art of delivering crispy and flavorful fried chicken that stands out in a city known for its love of this beloved dish. What sets Hannamdong Hanbang Tongdak apart is its commitment to using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients and a meticulous preparation process.

Hannamdong Hanbang Tongdak

The result is golden, crunchy perfection that encases succulent and tender chicken. The restaurant’s warm and inviting atmosphere provides the perfect setting for patrons to indulge in this gastronomic delight. For those seeking a quintessential Korean culinary experience with a focus on the delectable simplicity of tongdak, Hannamdong Hanbang Tongdak stands as a must-visit destination in Seoul’s vibrant food scene.


Dosuhyang has cemented its position as one of Seoul’s top restaurants by enticing customers with its dedication to providing a superb Korean dining experience. Tucked away in a bustling neighbourhood, this eatery has established a reputation for sophisticated tastes and a steadfast commitment to traditional Korean fare. The menu at Dosuhyang showcases the chef’s skill with a carefully curated selection of dishes that capture the spirit of Korean cuisine. Every meal at Dosuhyang, from the exquisitely prepared main courses to the exquisitely presented banchan (side dishes), exhibits a well-balanced harmony of flavours and textures.


The elegant yet cosy atmosphere of the restaurant enhances its allure and fosters an atmosphere where patrons may fully immerse themselves in the diverse range of Korean flavours. Dosuhyang, which offers a gastronomic trip that honours the finest of Korean culinary traditions, is a shining example of culinary excellence for those looking for an authentic and sophisticated dining experience in Seoul.

27.Tartine Bakery Dosan

Quickly becoming one of Seoul’s most sought-after eating spots, Tartine Bakery Dosan is praised for its delicious selection of handmade pastries and baked items. Situated in the fashionable Dosan Park neighbourhood, this bakery has distinguished itself by skilfully merging French baking methods with a hint of Korean influence. A symphony of flavours and textures beckons customers with the aroma of freshly baked breads and pastries filling the air. Tartine Bakery Dosan has perfected the art of producing sweet and savoury treats that satisfy even the most discriminating palette, from flaky croissants to rich cakes.

Tartine Bakery Dosan

The whole attraction is enhanced by the pleasant and cosy ambience, which makes it a lovely place for both locals and guests to enjoy a moment of indulgence. Tartine Bakery Dosan is an unmissable find for anyone looking to sample top-notch pastries in the centre of Seoul. One delectable delicacy at a time, it’s revolutionising the city’s culinary scene.


Renowned for its superb version of modern Japanese cuisine, Kojima has solidified its position as one of Seoul’s top dining destinations. The restaurant, which is located in a fashionable area, features a sophisticated and creative menu that is created by talented chefs that are committed to highlighting the greatest aspects of Japanese cuisine. Kojima stands out in the city’s culinary scene for its dedication to using only the best ingredients and presenting meals with an artistic flair. Every plate at Kojima showcases a tasteful fusion of culinary innovation and tradition, from expertly cooked sushi and sashimi to imaginatively created modern Japanese meals.


The restaurant’s refined atmosphere offers a graceful setting for guests to experience a gourmet adventure that surpasses their expectations. In Seoul’s evolving culinary scene, Kojima is a shining example for those looking for a classy dining experience with a concentration on Japanese cuisine.


Ichie is a well-deserved ranking among the greatest restaurants in Seoul, praised for its commitment to providing a refined and genuine Japanese dining experience. Tucked away in a busy neighbourhood, the restaurant is notable for its rigors attention to detail and dedication to traditional flavours. Ichie’s menu has a carefully chosen assortment of sushi, sashimi, and other Japanese specialities that are all skilfully made with grace and precision. The chefs at Ichie are experts at crafting sushi, utilising premium, fresh ingredients to produce a harmonious blend of flavours.


The eating experience is enhanced by the tastefully simple yet cosy interior, which offers a calm environment for guests to savour the refinement of Japanese culinary traditions. Ichie is a renowned spot in Seoul for people looking for a classy and authentic flavour of Japan. It provides a gastronomic experience that perfectly captures the spirit of Japanese cuisine.

30.Han Chu (Best Restaurants In Seoul)

Han Chu has emerged as a distinguished dining destination in Seoul, recognized for its exceptional interpretation of Chinese cuisine. Situated in a bustling neighborhood, the restaurant has earned its place among the city’s best by skillfully marrying traditional Chinese flavors with modern culinary techniques. Han Chu’s menu is a testament to the chef’s artistry, featuring an array of dishes that showcase the diversity and richness of Chinese gastronomy.

Han Chu

From perfectly executed dim sum to flavorful stir-fries, each offering at Han Chu reflects a commitment to authenticity and quality. The restaurant’s inviting ambiance adds to the overall appeal, creating a welcoming space where patrons can savor the nuanced flavors of Chinese cuisine. For those in search of an elevated and genuine Chinese dining experience in Seoul, Han Chu stands as an exemplar, capturing the essence of China’s culinary heritage with finesse and flair.

What Make These Best Restaurants In Seoul?

The greatest restaurants in Seoul gain recognition for their brilliance through a variety of means. These establishments are distinguished by the following essential elements:

Culinary Expertise: Skilled chefs possessing a profound knowledge of Korean culinary customs frequently lead renowned restaurants in Seoul. Because of their experience, they can highlight the richness and authenticity of the flavours in their food.

Creative Concepts: These eateries regularly present creative ideas that beyond the bounds of conventional Korean fare. By experimenting with new ingredients, cooking methods, and presentation styles, chefs give guests a novel and intriguing take on well-known flavours.

High-quality Ingredients: Using ingredients that are fresh, high-quality, and locally sourced is a top priority for the greatest restaurants. Premium cuts of meat for barbecuing or seasonal produce for classic dishes—everything about the dedication to excellence elevates the whole eating experience.

Attention to Detail: Top restaurants in Seoul are known for their meticulous attention to detail, which extends to everything from the way food are presented to the layout of the eating area. A visually appealing and engaging eating experience is created by meticulously curating every element, including plating and table decorations.

Consistent Excellence: Restaurants with Michelin stars are especially renowned for providing consistently excellent dining experiences. Their long-lasting reputation is partly attributed to their ability to uphold high standards over time in a variety of dining-related areas.

What Is Features Best Restaurants In Seoul?

The top eateries in Seoul have a few unique characteristics in common that help to build their name and clientele:

Culinary Diversity: The best restaurants in Seoul frequently provide a wide variety of foods, including inventive fusions and dishes with influences from across the world in addition to traditional Korean fare. This kind accommodates a wide range of inclinations and preferences.

Outstanding Ingredients: Using premium, fresh, and frequently locally sourced ingredients is a top priority for many eateries. The outstanding flavour and overall eating experience are enhanced by the dedication to excellence in sourcing.

Expert Chefs: Well-known eateries in Seoul are usually run by knowledgeable and experienced chefs who possess a profound knowledge of Korean flavours as well as a mastery of culinary methods. A chef’s skill is essential to creating dishes that are both delicious and memorable.

Innovative Cooking approaches: Whether it’s through molecular gastronomy, inventive plating, or distinctive cooking procedures, a number of exclusive establishments in Seoul feature cutting-edge culinary approaches. The dining experience is made more exciting and surprising by this innovation.

Aesthetic Presentation: One of the top restaurants in Seoul is distinguished by the way the dishes are presented visually. These restaurants know how important aesthetics are to boosting the overall experience of a meal, from precise plating to creative arrangements.

Michelin Stars & Recognition: Renowned culinary publications like the Michelin Guide have awarded several of Seoul’s top restaurants a Michelin star. A restaurant’s ability to consistently deliver an outstanding dining experience is demonstrated by its receipt of Michelin stars and other honours.

Pros And Cons Best Restaurants In Seoul

Pros of the Best Restaurants in Seoul:

Culinary Excellence: Seoul’s top restaurants are known for their exceptional culinary skills, offering a diverse range of dishes that showcase the richness of Korean flavors and innovative culinary techniques.

Innovative Concepts: Many of these establishments feature innovative and creative culinary concepts, providing a unique and memorable dining experience that goes beyond traditional offerings.

High-Quality Ingredients: The best restaurants prioritize the use of high-quality, fresh, and locally sourced ingredients, ensuring a superior taste and overall dining experience.

Aesthetic Presentation: From meticulous plating to artistic arrangements, these restaurants excel in presenting dishes in an aesthetically pleasing manner, enhancing the visual appeal of the dining experience.

Cultural Significance: Some top restaurants play a role in preserving and promoting Korean culinary heritage, adding cultural depth to the dining experience through traditional performances, art displays, or thematic decor.

Recognition and Accolades: Many of Seoul’s best restaurants receive prestigious accolades, such as Michelin stars or inclusion in culinary guides, attesting to their consistent excellence and quality.

Immersive Ambiance: The ambiance of these establishments is carefully crafted, creating a memorable and immersive atmosphere that complements the overall dining experience.

Cons of the Best Restaurants in Seoul:

High Cost: Fine dining and Michelin-starred restaurants in Seoul can be expensive, making them less accessible for budget-conscious diners.

Limited Availability: Due to their popularity, securing reservations can be challenging, especially during peak dining hours or special occasions.

Language Barrier: While many top restaurants in Seoul cater to English-speaking customers, language barriers may still exist in some establishments, potentially affecting communication and understanding of the menu.

Exclusive Atmosphere: Some diners may find the formal and exclusive atmosphere of certain upscale restaurants to be intimidating or less conducive to a casual dining experience.

Innovative Concepts may not Suit All Tastes: The avant-garde and experimental nature of some restaurants may not appeal to those seeking a more traditional or straightforward culinary experience.

Overcrowding in Popular Areas: Restaurants in popular districts like Myeongdong may experience overcrowding, leading to longer wait times and a more bustling atmosphere.

Limited Vegetarian/Vegan Options: While improving, not all top restaurants in Seoul may offer extensive vegetarian or vegan menus, limiting options for those with dietary preferences or restrictions.

Conclusion Best Restaurants In Seoul

In summary, Seoul is a thriving centre for food, with a wide variety of restaurants to suit a wide range of palates. The city’s culinary industry has gained international recognition because to the outstanding qualities of Seoul’s greatest restaurants. These restaurants offer a wide variety of foods that entice the senses while also showcasing the depth of traditional Korean flavours and embracing culinary innovation. These eateries, which are run by talented chefs, place a strong emphasis on using premium ingredients, guaranteeing a mouthwatering meal that is also artfully presented.

Beyond the plate, the ambience, service, and general aesthetic are all meticulously designed to create an immersive and unforgettable dining experience for patrons. Foodies from all over the world come to these culinary treasures because they constantly deliver greatness, whether they are awarded Michelin stars or are praised for their cultural representation. The top restaurants in Seoul are more than just places to dine; they’re culinary hotspots that showcase the vibrant food scene of the city, making every meal an exciting voyage of discovery.

FAQ Best Restaurants In Seoul

What makes Seoul a notable culinary destination?

Seoul is celebrated for its diverse culinary scene that seamlessly blends traditional Korean flavors with innovative concepts. The city is home to numerous Michelin-starred restaurants and offers a wide range of dining experiences, from authentic street food to upscale fine dining.

What are some must-try dishes in Seoul’s best restaurants?

Signature dishes include classics like bibimbap, bulgogi, and kimchi, but the best restaurants in Seoul often feature unique interpretations of traditional Korean cuisine. Some may also showcase innovative fusion dishes, blending local flavors with international influences.

Are reservations necessary for Seoul’s top restaurants?

Yes, reservations are highly recommended, especially for popular and Michelin-starred establishments. Due to high demand, securing a reservation in advance ensures a smoother dining experience.

What is the average cost of dining in Seoul’s best restaurants?

The cost can vary widely depending on the restaurant and the type of cuisine. Fine dining establishments and Michelin-starred venues may have higher prices, while more casual options and street food stalls offer budget-friendly alternatives.

Are there vegetarian or vegan options available in Seoul’s top restaurants?

Many of Seoul’s best restaurants are adapting to diverse dietary preferences, offering vegetarian and vegan options. It’s advisable to check menus in advance or inform the restaurant about specific dietary requirements when making reservations.

Do Seoul’s best restaurants cater to English-speaking customers?

Yes, many upscale restaurants and popular dining spots in Seoul have English-speaking staff and English menus. However, learning a few basic Korean phrases can enhance the overall dining experience and interaction with locals.

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