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10 Best Restaurants In Abu Dhabi

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Best Restaurants In Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, offers an enticing range of dining options that suit every palate imaginable – from luxurious fine dining establishments to charming local eateries – offering a culinary journey which showcases its vibrant culture. Zuma stands out as an exceptional dining experience, known for serving contemporary Japanese cuisine in an elegant setting.

Or for an authentic taste of Emirati cuisine, visit Al Arish – a local gem known for serving classic Arabic cuisine. Li Beirut’s lively and bustling environment in Abu Dhabi’s bustling heart provides the ideal setting for sampling Lebanese delights.

Abu Dhabi’s culinary scene is an exciting journey through global cuisine that won’t fail to satiate both your sense of taste as well as explore diverse international flavors and specialities; here, Li Beirut provides a pleasant dining experience. With over 60 restaurants to choose from across its diverse metropolis, Abu Dhabi guarantees unforgettable dining experiences!

Here is List Of Best Restaurants In Abu Dhabi

  • Villa Toscana
  • Punjab Grill
  • Byblos Sur Mer
  • The Terrace on the Corniche
  • Zuma
  • Li Beirut
  • BOA Steakhouse
  • Hakkasan
  • Chamas
  • Tamba

10 Best Restaurants In Abu Dhabi

1. Villa Toscana

Villa Toscana, situated within the tranquil grounds of The St. Regis Abu Dhabi, stands out as a premier dining destination in Abu Dhabi and can count itself among some of its best restaurants. Villa Toscana captures the spirit of authentic Italian cuisine, offering a refined and sophisticated dining experience. Boasting charming Tuscan-inspired decor, Villa Toscana creates an intimate yet romantic ambience, complete with top-of-the-line service.

Villa Toscana

Villa Toscana’s culinary journey is an exquisite celebration of traditional Italian flavors, created by highly-skilled chefs using only premium and freshest ingredients. Each plate represents Tuscany’s culinary heritage – from handcrafted pasta dishes and delectable seafood dishes, to decadent desserts!

Villa Toscana stands out with an extensive wine list, boasting an exclusive selection of Italian wines. Not just another restaurant, Villa Toscana serves as a culinary retreat that transports diners directly into Italy; making this establishment essential for those wanting an authentic taste of Italy in Abu Dhabi.

2. Punjab Grill (Best Restaurants In Abu Dhabi)

Punjab Grill, situated at the heart of Abu Dhabi, has quickly become one of its city’s premier dining venues, known for their delectable Indian fare. Combining traditional and contemporary elements, the restaurant boasts an inviting environment which sets the scene for a magnificent culinary journey. Punjab Grill’s menu showcases the vibrant flavors and traditions of North Indian cuisine, offering an exquisite selection of dishes that pay homage to its culinary legacy.

Punjab Grill (Best Restaurants In Abu Dhabi)

Punjab Grill stands as an embodiment of both authenticity and innovation in Indian cuisine in Abu Dhabi, using premium ingredients and spices that create visually-appetizing dishes with unparalleled flavors that tantalize both your senses. Their attentive service and welcoming environment offer visitors a delicious journey into its vibrant world of Indian food!

3. Byblos Sur Mer

Byblos Sur Mer is an unmissable culinary gem located along Abu Dhabi Corniche and an established name in Lebanese dining. With breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf, this restaurant combines traditional Lebanese hospitality with modern design in an impressive and stunning atmosphere. At Byblos Sur Mer, guests will discover an exceptional menu of Lebanese dishes prepared to capture its rich culinary tradition.

Byblos Sur Mer

From mezze platters filled with vibrant flavors to succulent grills and aromatic stews, every dish showcases the restaurant’s commitment to authenticity. Byblos Sur Mer offers an elegant decor and inviting atmosphere that enhances the dining experience, making it ideal for both intimate and festive gatherings. Lebanese cuisine at Byblos Sur Mer is unparalleled, creating a memorable journey through its vibrant flavors against Abu Dhabi’s stunning waterfront backdrop.

4. The Terrace on the Corniche (Top Restaurants In Abu Dhabi)

The Terrace on the Corniche is a culinary landmark along Abu Dhabi’s waterfront, offering dining that blends sophistication with panoramic views of its skyline. Situated within The St. Regis Abu Dhabi hotel, this restaurant has earned its place among the city’s premier establishments. The Terrace on the Corniche offers a unique menu featuring international flavors with Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influence, along with other cuisines from around the world.

The Terrace on the Corniche (Top Restaurants In Abu Dhabi)

The Terrace on the Corniche provides an elegant and peaceful dining experience, boasting breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf from its expansive terrace. Here guests can indulge in delicious culinary offerings ranging from seafood delicacies and premium cuts of meat to innovative vegetarian offerings and creative vegetarian choices – catering for every palate in Abu Dhabi.

Its commitment to culinary excellence combined with chic ambiance and attentive service makes The Terrace on the Corniche an absolute must for those seeking a memorable dining experience in Abu Dhabi.

5. Zuma

Zuma has quickly become a premier dining destination in Abu Dhabi. Renowned for their Japanese izakaya-style cuisine, Zuma provides an exceptional culinary journey that perfectly blends tradition and innovation.


Zuma Restaurant can be found within The Galleria on Al Maryah Island and boasts an elegant yet contemporary interior, perfect for an opulent dining experience. Their extensive menu boasts sushi, sashimi and robata grill dishes designed with precision and flair for you to choose from.

Zuma Restaurant stands out by using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients to provide guests with an authentic yet indulgent dining experience. Their vibrant atmosphere, meticulous presentation, and extensive list of sake and cocktails make Zuma an irresistibly stylish dining destination in Abu Dhabi for modern Japanese cuisine lovers looking for something new to try.

6. Li Beirut (Best Restaurants In Abu Dhabi)

Li Beirut stands out as a culinary gem in Abu Dhabi, providing an exquisite journey through Lebanese cuisine. Nestled within Etihad Towers’ impressive complex, this restaurant effortlessly marries tradition and contemporary sophistication to produce an extraordinary dining experience.

Li Beirut (Best Restaurants In Abu Dhabi)

Li Beirut presents a colorful tapestry of Lebanese culinary traditions through its menu, featuring mezze, grills, and flavorful main courses like iconic hummus to succulent kebabs and aromatic stews – each dish speaks volumes about their chef’s commitment to authenticity and quality.

Elegant and vibrant ambience combined with breathtaking city skyline views creates an engaging dining experience at our restaurant. Li Beirut stands out among Abu Dhabi restaurants by providing impeccable service and upholding the essence of Lebanese gastronomy, creating a delightful journey into Lebanon’s distinctive and delectable flavors.

7. BOA Steakhouse

BOA Steakhouse in Abu Dhabi’s heart stands out as a culinary landmark, known for providing an extraordinary steakhouse experience. Nestled within Eastern Mangroves Promenade, BOA captures both modern luxury and culinary excellence. BOA Restaurant boasts a sleek environment featuring contemporary design elements, creating an inviting dining experience for discerning diners. As its name implies, BOA is famous for serving premium cuts of beef prepared to perfection on its charcoal grill.

BOA Steakhouse

The menu goes beyond steaks, offering an abundance of seafood and poultry dishes as well as delicious appetizers and sides. Their commitment to using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients ensures an indulgent yet memorable dining experience. BOA Steakhouse stands out as one of Abu Dhabi’s premier dining experiences, providing stylish surroundings, attentive service and a menu designed to delight even the most discriminating palates. BOA is truly one of the finest restaurants available and welcomes its guests into a world of culinary sophistication and gustatory pleasure.

8. Hakkasan (Best Restaurants In Abu Dhabi)

Hakkasan in Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace stands as an epitome of modern Chinese fine dining and secures its position among Abu Dhabi’s culinary elite. This Michelin-star restaurant blends contemporary elegance with traditional flavors for an immersive dining experience that engages all of the senses. Hakkasan offers an elegant dining experience, complete with intricate wooden latticework and ambient lighting that sets a romantic and intimate mood for every visit.

Best Restaurants In Abu Dhabi

Their menu boasts Cantonese cuisine with dim sum, wok dishes and specialties such as dim sum. Each dish crafted by our chefs shows their dedication to both authenticity and innovation. Hakkasan stands out from the competition by offering handcrafted cocktails and an expansive wine list to accompany their authentic Chinese dining offerings, creating an extraordinary dining experience in Abu Dhabi.

9. Chamas

Chamas Churrascaria & Bar is an exquisite Brazilian steakhouse located at the centre of Abu Dhabi’s vibrant dining scene and represents one of its premier spots for carnivorous pleasure. Chamas at InterContinental Abu Dhabi provides an unforgettable and special dining experience, featuring traditional rodizio service. Its cozy interior exudes warmth and welcome, setting the scene for an indulgent meal.

At Chamas, diners can indulge in succulent meats prepared to perfection by skilled passadores who roam the dining room skewering them to perfection. Chamas’ tableside service ensures an extensive variety of meats ranging from prime cuts of beef, lamb, chicken and pork to an extensive salad bar that complements this succulent meat experience.

Thanks to its lively atmosphere and attentive service as well as carnivorous feast that delights all senses, Chamas stands out among Abu Dhabi restaurants as one of the premier places for an authentic Brazilian churrasco experience.

10. Tamba

Tamba, located in Abu Dhabi’s center, is an exquisite culinary gem acclaimed for its innovative take on Indian cuisine and one of the city’s premier dining destinations. Tamba at The Hub at The Mall World Trade Center Abu Dhabi provides an exciting and modern atmosphere that perfectly compliments its inventive menu. Redefining traditional Indian flavors while offering contemporary gastronomic experiences that tantalize taste buds – this restaurant will satisfy both.

Tamba offers an eclectic menu combining regional Indian cuisine with global influences, featuring creative small plates, mouthwatering curries, and expertly prepared mains. Every dish at Tamba displays the chef’s creative vision while their impeccable service makes this an exceptional dining experience that pushes boundaries of Indian cuisine in Abu Dhabi.

Which are the famous restaurants in Abu Dhabi?

Meylas: Meylas offers one of the best Middle-Eastern dining experiences in Dubai with its authentic Emirati delicacies made accessible and delectable for its guests, something it achieves to great success. Featuring an Instagram-friendly interior design, Meylas makes Emirati cuisine easily available and delectable to diners of all generations alike.

Bonna Annee: For those with an open wallet who enjoy indulgent dining experiences, Bonna Annee should not be missed out. Offering Ethiopian-inspired fare with both vegan and gluten-free offerings available from its menu.

Parker’s: This restaurant was specifically created to cater to health-conscious customers who take an interest in following diet plans carefully. All organic ingredients are used when creating its menu items, which may seem unfamiliar or unfamiliar for those unfamiliar with its culture.

Nusr-Et Steakhouse: With its name alone giving away its approach, Nusr-Et Steakhouse seems like anything but your typical steakhouse. Their minimalist yet alluring decor displays their desire to reinvent meat-prep for you on an unforgettable gustatory journey that won’t soon be forgotten.


Abu Dhabi stands as an epicenter for global cuisine, boasting world-renowned restaurants that cater to various tastes and preferences. From authentic Arabic cuisine to global influences showcased at contemporary fine dining establishments, Dubai is known for its diverse culinary scene.

No matter where you go for dining – Villa Toscana, Byblos Sur Mer, Zuma or BOA Steakhouse offer exceptional dining experiences and will leave lasting memories behind. Abu Dhabi’s finest restaurants combine luxurious settings, meticulous attention to detail, and culinary excellence with lasting memories for locals and visitors alike – cementing Abu Dhabi as a gourmet travel destination of choice.


What are some of the best fine dining restaurants in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi boasts several renowned fine dining establishments, including Zuma for contemporary Japanese cuisine, Villa Toscana for authentic Italian flavors, and Hakkasan for modern Chinese gastronomy.

Where can I find traditional Arabic cuisine in Abu Dhabi?

For an authentic taste of Arabic cuisine, consider dining at Al Arish or Li Beirut, both known for their traditional Arabic fare. These restaurants offer a diverse range of mezze, grills, and aromatic stews.

Which restaurant is ideal for a Brazilian churrasco experience in Abu Dhabi?

Chamas Churrascaria & Bar, located in the InterContinental Abu Dhabi, is a top choice for those seeking a traditional Brazilian churrasco experience with a continuous tableside service of succulent grilled meats.

What are some restaurants with panoramic views in Abu Dhabi?

The Terrace on the Corniche, situated within The St. Regis Abu Dhabi, and Byblos Sur Mer at the Abu Dhabi Corniche both offer stunning panoramic views of the city skyline and the Arabian Gulf.

Where can I enjoy innovative Indian cuisine in Abu Dhabi?

Tamba, located in The Hub at The Mall, World Trade Center Abu Dhabi, is renowned for its innovative take on Indian cuisine. The restaurant offers a modern and vibrant ambiance paired with creative dishes that redefine traditional Indian flavors.

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