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20 Best iPad Pro Cases Under $100

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Budget-minded iPad Pro owners looking for reliable protection without breaking the bank have many great choices of cases available under $100. One exceptional choice is the ESR Rebound Slim Smart Case, featuring sleek yet durable materials with a trifold cover that doubles as a stand. Precise cutouts provide easy access to ports and buttons while its magnetic closure enables auto wake/sleep functionality.

ZUGU Muse Case stands out as an affordable yet rugged case, featuring multiple viewing angles with its kickstand. Meanwhile, ProCase iPad Pro 12.9 Case offers features like hardshell back cover with precise cutouts that accommodate the Apple Pencil compatibility – both cases offer affordable protection with reliable functionality for their iPad Pro users. These cases provide both budgetary and reliable protection.

What are iPad Pro cases?

As the proud owner of an iPad Pro that requires significant outlays of money to acquire, it becomes imperative to protect it from harm by investing in cases designed specifically to keep its contents protected. Here comes iPad Pro cases.

iPad Pro cases are specially-crafted to protect Apple’s expensive tablets. There are various iPad Pro cases made from different materials and featuring advanced features, like leather, plastic silicone or even synthetic materials like nano – giving your high-tech device extra protection from scratches, cracks and other damages.

As previously noted, some cases offer extra features like keyboards, kickstands and stylus holders that enhance both their usability and style. Such extras not only increase functionality and usability but add an aesthetic charm.

Are iPad Pro cases worth it?

Once we purchase an iPad Pro, our next thought should be finding an appropriate case. However, it’s natural to have doubts before investing in things. Therefore, if you still require convincing as to why investing in iPad Pro cases are necessary let us share with you why this purchase will make life simpler for you.

Protection – One of the primary drivers behind iPad Pro cases’ popularity and use is protection. A high-quality case offers your high-tech device an extra layer of defense from scratches, accidental drops and spills – protecting it from being damaged beyond repair.

Functionality – As previously discussed, many iPad Pro cases feature additional features that add extra functionality to your device. As such, these cases act as the finishing touch by expanding its potential use.

Personalize Your Design at an Affordable Cost – iPad Pro cases provide an ideal way to achieve just this goal with their variety of styles, colors and materials to select from – leather cases, silicone covers or clear designs can all fit seamlessly into any design aesthetic you have in mind!

Long Life – Spending money on high-quality iPad Pro cases could save you big time in the long run. A quality case can extend the lifespan of your high-tech device by protecting it against various forms of damage and prevent costly repairs and replacements from becoming necessary.

Resale Value – When planning to resell your device, investing in an iPad Pro case becomes essential. Protecting and keeping the device undamaged ensures better resale value than an damaged or compromised unit.

Selecting an iPad Pro case may seem daunting due to all of its available choices, so we understand your difficulty and provide this list of the top iPad Pro cases under $100 as a starting point. Don’t take too much time with this decision: dive right in!

Here is List of Best iPad Pro Cases Under $100

  • Apple Smart Folio
  • Casemade Leather iPad Case
  • JETech iPad Case
  • OtterBox Defender
  • Apple Smart Keyboard Folio
  • Logitech Combo Touch
  • Catalyst Waterproof iPad Case
  • ESR Clear Case
  • MOFT Snap Float Case for iPad Pro
  • TORRO Case
  • Balance Folio
  • PITAKA iPad Pro Case
  • Tomtoc Smart Folio
  • OtterBox Symmetry Series 360
  • AGG Pro Keys Detachable Case
  • CoverBuddy Case
  • D-DINGRICH Magic Keyboard
  • STM Half Shell Case
  • Tech 21 Impact Clear
  • Pad & Quill Contega Thin

20 Best iPad Pro Cases Under $100

1. Apple Smart Folio+

The Apple Smart Folio is an elegant accessory designed to enhance the functionality of iPad while maintaining its elegant aesthetics. Apple designed and expertly manufactured this Smart Folio case to complement the sleek form of an iPad without adding unnecessary bulk. Attaching magnetically, this Smart Folio provides a secure yet seamless fit and provides seamless protection.

Apple Smart Folio+

Its front cover serves as both a protective shield for an iPad’s screen, automatically waking it when opened and placing it to sleep when closed. Furthermore, its tri-fold design provides flexible viewing angles and typing angles to meet different user preferences. Finally, Apple Smart Folio strikes an ideal balance between style and practicality for those who value both features equally in their iPad accessories.

2. Casemade Leather iPad Case (Best iPad Pro Cases Under $100)

The Casemade Leather iPad Case embodies elegance and craftsmanship, providing iPad users who appreciate a touch of luxury with an exquisite solution. Crafted from genuine leather for an unrivaled premium feel and look that enhances its overall aesthetics and enhances its overall functionality. The form-fitting design ensures a precise fit, providing easy access to all ports and functions of the iPad. Plus, its interior is lined with soft microfiber to protect its screen from scratches or smudges!

Casemade Leather iPad Case (Best iPad Pro Cases Under $100)

Casemade Leather iPad Cases often boast clever features like multiple viewing angles and secure magnetic closure. No matter whether it is used for professional or personal purposes, this case not only provides optimal protection but also adds style and functionality to the iPad experience – making it the perfect accessory choice for those who appreciate details in their accessories.

3. JETech iPad Case

JETech iPad Case is an economical yet reliable option that provides both style and protection to iPad users. Crafted to perfectly fit an iPad, this case ensures full access to ports, buttons and features without restricting user mobility. The slim and lightweight profile adds minimal bulk while still offering essential protection from scratches, bumps and drops.

JETech iPad Case

Its durable PU leather exterior not only ensures an aesthetically pleasing design but also ensures comfortable gripping experience for users. Featuring soft microfiber lining on its interior to protect iPad’s screen from scratches, the JETech iPad Case offers practicality and affordability that make it an excellent solution to keep iPad safe and stylish without breaking the bank.

4. OtterBox Defender

OtterBox Defender protective cases are renowned for their reliable defense against drops, impacts, and harsh conditions. Engineered specifically to meet the high protection demands of devices, this case features a multi-layered design comprising an inner hard shell, resilient outer slipcover and built-in screen protector for complete device protection. These layers work in concert to form an impregnable shield against dust, dirt, and accidental drops.

OtterBox Defender

Their meticulous design provides easy access to ports and buttons while still providing a secure fit around the device. OtterBox Defender cases have become incredibly popular among outdoor enthusiasts, construction workers and individuals with active lifestyles who require reliable protection for their devices in challenging environments. Thanks to its legendary toughness and durability, the OtterBox Defender remains an invaluable choice when seeking maximum device protection.

5. Apple Smart Keyboard Folio

Apple’s Smart Keyboard Folio is an elegantly integrated accessory designed to complement the iPad’s versatility. Meticulously crafted by Apple, this keyboard folio boasts a slim profile for portability while offering tactile typing experiences and responsive typing experience. The Smart Keyboard Folio effortlessly connects to an iPad via its Smart Connector, eliminating the need for batteries or Bluetooth pairing.

Furthermore, its innovative design serves double duty as both protective folio case and iPad shield against scratches and light impacts. The Apple Smart Keyboard Folio’s intuitive design automatically adapts to different viewing angles for optimal typing, video watching and FaceTime calls. Its elegant yet minimal aesthetic make this an essential iPad accessory.

6. Logitech Combo Touch

Logitech Combo Touch keyboard case is a feature-packed and convenient accessory designed to increase iPad’s functionality and functionality. Combining protection and productivity, this case offers seamless fit for each model ensuring precise access to ports and features of iPad. A key feature is its detachable keyboard with trackpad, making the iPad an adaptable laptop-like device.

Logitech Combo Touch

Backlit keys and an adjustable kickstand further enhance user experience to provide comfortable typing and optimal viewing angles no matter the environment in which it’s being used. Logitech Combo Touch connects seamlessly with iPad through its Smart Connector, eliminating Bluetooth pairing and providing a stable and responsive connection. Perfect for students, professionals or creative users of all kinds; Logitech Combo Touch enhances iPad experiences by turning it into a highly functional yet portable workhorse.

7. Catalyst Waterproof iPad Case

The Catalyst Waterproof iPad Case is an innovative solution designed to offer maximum protection while remaining functional for iPad users. Engineered for precision and durability, this case provides extensive protection from water, dust, and shocks – making it the ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, or anyone wanting to keep their iPad safe in any environment. With its IP68 waterproof rating, the Catalyst case offers full submersion protection for iPad users so they can use their iPad safely around water without fear of damage to their device.

Catalyst Waterproof iPad Case

The Catalyst Waterproof iPad Case also boasts a clear front and back that won’t impede touch sensitivity or display quality, maintaining usability while providing peace of mind. With its rugged construction and shock-absorbing materials ensuring your iPad remains undamaged even under challenging circumstances. Not just a safeguard; this case offers uncompromising protection without restricting functionality of their device.

8. ESR Clear Case (Top iPad Pro Cases Under $100)

The ESR Clear Case is an attractive yet practical accessory designed to protect your device without diminishing its aesthetic value. Crafted to fit perfectly around your device, this slim case offers an enhanced natural beauty while protecting it from scratches, bumps, and everyday wear and tear. The ESR Clear Case’s transparent design lets you show off the original colors and design of your device while maintaining its stylish aesthetic.

ESR Clear Case (Top iPad Pro Cases Under $100)

Crafted with premium-grade materials for optimal grip and comfort in hand, the case provides an outstanding user experience. Additionally, this case features precise cutouts to facilitate access to ports, buttons and features of your device with ease. Perfect for basic protection without compromising its visual appeal or to add flair to its sleek design – the ESR Clear Case is both durable and fashionable!

9. MOFT Snap Float Case for iPad Pro

The MOFT Snap Float Case for iPad Pro is an innovative accessory, seamlessly blending sophisticated design with advanced functionality. Crafted to perfection for optimal use with iPad Pro devices, this case ensures a perfect fit with easy access to all ports and features for optimal use. MOFT Snap Float Case stands out with its innovative floating design, which allows the iPad to be effortlessly placed at any angle for optimal viewing and typing experiences.

MOFT Snap Float Case for iPad Pro

Magnetic attachment provides both secure attachment and quick detachment allowing users to seamlessly switch between various modes. With its slim profile and durable materials, the MOFT Snap Float Case not only delivers unparalleled versatility but also ensures reliable protection for your iPad Pro. Perfect for creative professionals, students or business users who demand both style and function from their accessories, this case makes iPad Pro experiences unforgettable.

10. TORRO Case

TORRO was established in 2013 in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England. TORRO are an independent, small business and we still operate from our HQ in Newcastle with an expert in house team. They pride ourselves on working with passion and care, specialising in creating premium functional lifestyle accessories for those who value quality, craftsmanship and design.


TORRO was born from the desire to have premium, genuine leather cases with an accessible price tag. It seemed counter-intuitive to spend a lot of money on the latest smartphone and then cover it in a cheap plastic case. They couldn’t find the phone cases they wanted, so they created them ourselves!

Following this initial success, TORRO continued to apply this approach to all forms of lifestyle accessories. The team studied the luxury designer accessory market where bags can cost thousands of pounds and wallets, hundreds. They believed it was entirely possible to replicated the attention to detail and luxury quality of the items and materials at a tenth of the price. They do this by operating direct to consumer and the brand grows by word of mouth rather than expensive advertising allowing luxury designer quality to be accessible to those who share values.

11. Balance Folio

The Balance Folio iPad case combines style and function. Crafted to precision, this case from tech accessory provider Speck boasts a sleek and slim profile to complement the iPad’s aesthetics while offering reliable protection. This case offers durable protection from scratches, bumps, and minor drops while its soft inner lining protects the screen of your device.

Balance Folio

Furthermore, its secure clasp keeps it shut when not in use to avoid further potential damage to it. Speck Balance Folio provides multiple viewing angles for optimal comfort while watching videos or typing, and precise cutouts provide easy access to ports and buttons. Perfect for professional use or everyday tasks alike, its sleek form strikes a balance between form and function making it an attractive and practical solution for iPad users.

12. PITAKA iPad Pro Case

The PITAKA iPad Pro Case embodies modern design and cutting-edge materials, offering users of an iPad Pro a sleek, minimalist solution. Crafted from durable Aramid fiber – a material often employed for aerospace and high performance applications – this case not only offers outstanding protection but also adds a sophisticated touch.

PITAKA iPad Pro Case

PITAKA iPad Pro Case stands out with its slim, form-fitting design that snugs snugly around its contours for reliable protection from scratches and bumps, featuring precise cutouts for port access. In addition to providing reliable protection, its luxurious texture and visually striking texture make this accessory an excellent choice for those who prioritize both aesthetics and functionality in their device accessories.

13. Tomtoc Smart Folio (Best iPad Pro Cases Under $100)

The Tomtoc Smart Folio iPad case combines functionality with stylish design in a well-made iPad case that offers comprehensive protection from scratches, bumps and everyday wear and tear. Custom made to perfectly fit an iPad snugly this folio case ensures comprehensive protection from scratches, bumps and daily wear and tear. The exterior is constructed from high-grade synthetic materials designed to not only offer durability but also add an elegant finish.

Tomtoc Smart Folio (Best iPad Pro Cases Under $100)

The Smart Folio features a tri-fold design, enabling users to seamlessly switch viewing angles for typing, watching videos and making video calls. Cutouts ensure easy access to all ports and buttons for quick connection of peripheral devices; its slim profile strikes an attractive balance between form and function for iPad users in search of versatile yet protective cases.

14. OtterBox Symmetry Series 360

OtterBox Symmetry Series 360 iPad cases provide comprehensive yet robust protection without compromising aesthetics, making this an excellent solution for users who prioritize both style and protection when selecting an iPad case. Crafted by OtterBox’s highly respected engineering department, these cases provide all-around defense against drops, impacts, and scratches while still looking stylish and enhancing user experience. The Symmetry Series 360 features an elegant yet minimalist design, that enhances and protects iPad’s original beauty while offering high levels of durability.

OtterBox Symmetry Series 360

This case features a clear back, precision-fit shell, and folio cover with multi-position stand to accommodate various activities such as typing, viewing or drawing. OtterBox’s Symmetry Series 360 case stands as a premier choice for users seeking stylish yet protective cases for their iPad, with its magnetic latch offering secure closure and auto sleep/wake functionality helping preserve battery life. Thanks to OtterBox’s superior craftsmanship and design, the Symmetry Series 360 provides secure closure while also protecting from battery drain while protecting from dust particles. It’s the ideal balance of elegance and protection that sets this case apart.

15. AGG Pro Keys Detachable Case

The AGG Pro Keys Detachable Case is an innovative accessory designed to increase the functionality of your iPad. Featuring a detachable keyboard, this case gives users a laptop-like experience while maintaining portability – perfect for traveling users! Precision engineering ensures a snug and easy access to all iPad ports and features, while its backlit keyboard promotes productivity in various lighting conditions – perfect for work as well as leisure use!

Detachable designs provide seamless transitions from tablet to laptop mode, giving users who require flexibility in their everyday tasks more freedom of choice. Boasting durable construction, sleek design, and improved typing experience, AGG Pro Keys Detachable Case stands out as an attractive choice for iPad owners searching for accessories with both versatility and performance capabilities.

16. CoverBuddy Case

The CoverBuddy Case is an intelligent and functional accessory designed to enhance your iPad user experience. Skilfully handcrafted for each model in its specialized line of covers, this snug case ensures complete access to ports, buttons, and features of your iPad while remaining completely aesthetically pleasing. CoverBuddy stands out with its compatibility with Apple Pencil and features a magnetic holder to securely connect and charge it.

CoverBuddy Case

Furthermore, its slim yet lightweight design maintains iPad’s sleek profile while offering reliable protection from scratches or minor impacts. CoverBuddy Case features a kickstand to allow users to position their iPad at various angles for viewing or typing comfort, making this an excellent solution for users seeking both flexibility and protection for their iPad. With its clever design and compatibility features, CoverBuddy Case makes an excellent choice for users seeking versatile yet protective protection for their device.

17. D-DINGRICH Magic Keyboard (Top iPad Pro Cases Under $100)

The D DINGRICH Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro 12.9 inches is an outstanding accessory that combines functionality and style beautifully. Compatible with the 6th Gen (2022), 5th Gen (2021), 4th Gen (2020) and 3rd Gen (2018) iPads, this item delivers both functionality and style effortlessly. The floating keyboard design not only enhances the iPad Pro’s aesthetics but also offers a comfortable and ergonomic typing experience.

D-DINGRICH Magic Keyboard (Top iPad Pro Cases Under $100)

Slim yet sleek in profile, its floating design maintains portability while providing full-size typing interface capabilities. Backlit keys allow efficient typing even in low light conditions, adding to its versatility. A smart Bluetooth connection ensures a responsive link between this D DINGRICH Magic Keyboard and iPad Pro; its sleek black aesthetic complementing its design make this D DINGRICH Magic Keyboard an essential choice for those who appreciate form as well as function.

18. STM Half Shell Case

The STM Half Shell Ultra Protective Lightweight Clear Case stands out as an adaptable and precision engineered solution for iPad Air (5th/4th Gen) and iPad Pro (11.3″ 3rd/2nd/1st Gen). This case offers comprehensive protection with an attractive minimalist aesthetic for an iPad mini or Air. Crafted to ensure compatibility across models and users alike, its snug fitting ensures access to all ports and features with no hinderance whatsoever.

STM Half Shell Case

The STM Half Shell offers reliable impact resistance, shielding iPad from everyday bumps and scratches. The clear construction not only showcases its original design, but also adds an air of sophistication – making this lightweight yet robust protective solution the perfect option for users seeking lightweight yet robust protection for their iPad Air or Pro.

19. Tech 21 Impact Clear

The Tech 21 Impact Clear case offers discreet protection without compromising its aesthetics, offering effective yet slim protection for any device without sacrificing its look. Crafted to exacting standards, this case has been specially engineered to be slim and lightweight so as to preserve your device’s original design while providing adequate protection from everyday bumps and scratches.

Tech 21 Impact Clear

The Tech 21 Impact Clear case is known for its scientifically tested material that absorbs and dissipates impact energy to provide reliable drop protection. With easy access to ports and buttons and its sleek finish that both maintains your device’s look as well as providing comfortable grip, the Tech 21 Impact Clear strikes an ideal balance between functionality and style, making it a top choice for those who prioritize both protection and aesthetics in their device.

20. Pad & Quill Contega Thin (Best iPad Pro Cases Under $100)

The Pad & Quill Contega Thin Case is a hallmark of craftsmanship and sophistication, perfectly blending premium materials with its slim profile to offer iPad users a refined and protective solution. The exterior features luxurious leather covers for an elegant and comfortable grip, and the Contega Thin is known for its precision-engineered frame which ensures secure fitment with easy access to ports and buttons.

The interior is lined with soft material to prevent scratches and preserve the condition of your iPad. Featuring a secure magnetic closure and discreet pocket for documents or stylus storage, this case adds convenience when traveling or for leisure use. Whether used at work or leisure, Pad & Quill Contega Thin case caters to those who appreciate both style and quality iPad accessories.

Why do I need an iPad case?

An iPad case serves multiple functions and should be seen as an essential accessory. These reasons include:

Protection From Physical Damage: An iPad case serves a key purpose: it shields your device from scratches, dings and other forms of physical harm caused by accidental drops, bumps or minor impacts that could potentially compromise its integrity. A case acts as a protective shield, decreasing risk and the chance for damages.

Preserve Aesthetics: iPads are sleek and attractive devices. A case can help preserve its aesthetic by protecting against scratches, scuffs and other cosmetic damages, keeping your iPad looking brand new for as long as possible.

Enhance Grip: Many iPad cases feature textured surfaces or rubberized materials to increase grip, making the device safer from accidental slips and drops by providing a firmer hold. This feature can help prevent slips and drops while providing more secure holds on the device.

Functionality and Features: Cases can offer additional features that add functionality, like built-in stands, keyboard compatibility or storage for accessories like Apple Pencils – features which enhance user experience and make iPad more versatile. These extras make an iPad case even more multifaceted!

Cases Provide Dust and Debris Protection: Cases are essential in keeping dust, dirt, and debris at bay so your device continues to function optimally while preventing potential issues caused by foreign particles accumulating within its ports, buttons, and exterior surface. They ensure optimal functionality by protecting against these foreign elements that might damage it otherwise.

Temperature Regulation: Some cases are designed to dissipate heat efficiently, helping protect your iPad from overheating during extended use. This feature can be especially important for users engaged in resource-intensive tasks like gaming or video editing.

Personalization and Style: Cases come in an assortment of styles, colors and materials that allow you to personalize your iPad according to your unique taste and express it visually. This is an effortless way of making it stand out while providing practical benefits.

An iPad case is an indispensable piece of protection against potential damage while simultaneously adding functionality, grip and aesthetic appeal. Investing in quality cases will extend their longevity and usability over time.

How To choose the Best iPad Pro Cases Under $100

Choosing the best iPad Pro case under $100 requires consideration of various factors to ensure you get the right balance of affordability, protection, and functionality. Here’s a guide to help you make an informed decision:

Compatibility: Ensure the case is specifically designed for your iPad Pro model, considering differences in dimensions and features between models.

Material and Build Quality: Look for durable materials that provide reliable protection against scratches, drops, and impacts. Common materials include polycarbonate, TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), and leather.

Drop Protection: Check for cases with reinforced corners or additional shock-absorbing features to protect your iPad Pro in case of accidental drops.

Design and Style: Consider your personal preferences and choose a case that aligns with your style. Some cases are slim and minimalist, while others offer rugged or sophisticated designs.

Functionality: Evaluate additional features such as kickstands, multiple viewing angles, or keyboard compatibility if you require these functionalities. Some cases also support wireless charging and Apple Pencil compatibility.

Port and Button Accessibility: Ensure the case has precise cutouts for ports, buttons, and the camera. The case should not hinder access to essential functions, and all features should remain easily accessible.

Auto Wake/Sleep Functionality: If this feature is important to you, check if the case supports auto wake/sleep functionality when opening and closing the cover.

Brand Reputation and Reviews: Research and consider well-known brands with positive reviews. User feedback can provide valuable insights into the performance and durability of the case.

Price: Set a budget under $100 and explore options within that range. There are plenty of high-quality cases available without the need to overspend.

Warranty or Guarantee: Check if the case comes with a warranty or guarantee. This adds an extra layer of assurance regarding the product’s quality and durability.

Weight and Thickness: Consider the weight and thickness of the case, especially if you prefer a slim and lightweight design. Some users may prioritize thinness, while others may prefer more substantial protection.

Personal Requirements: Identify your specific needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize aesthetics, ruggedness, or extra features, choose a case that aligns with your individual requirements.

By carefully considering these factors, you can narrow down your options and choose the best iPad Pro case under $100 that meets your needs while staying within your budget.

Best iPad Pro Cases Under $100 Conclusion

In conclusion, the market offers a diverse range of excellent iPad Pro cases under $100 that combine affordability with reliable protection and style. These budget-friendly options cater to various user preferences and needs, from rugged protective cases to sleek and minimalist designs.

Notable features within this price range include durable materials, precise cutouts for easy access to ports and buttons, and thoughtful designs that enhance the iPad Pro’s functionality. Whether you’re looking for a robust case for outdoor activities or a stylish option for professional use, the options under $100 strike a balance between quality and affordability, making it accessible for users to safeguard their valuable iPad Pro devices without breaking the bank.

Best iPad Pro Cases Under $100 FAQ

What are some key features to look for in the best iPad Pro cases under $100?

Look for cases that offer a balance of durability, functionality, and style. Durable materials, precise cutouts for easy access, and additional features like kickstands or keyboard compatibility can enhance the overall user experience.

Do these cases offer sufficient protection for the iPad Pro?

Yes, many cases under $100 provide reliable protection against scratches, bumps, and minor drops. Some even offer advanced features like shock-absorbing technology or multi-layer constructions for added durability.

Are there clear cases available in this price range to showcase the iPad Pro’s design?

Absolutely. Many budget-friendly cases offer transparent or clear designs, allowing you to showcase the original aesthetics of your iPad Pro while still providing protection.

Can I find keyboard cases under $100 for iPad Pro?

Yes, there are keyboard cases available in this price range that offer a combination of affordability and functionality. Look for options with backlit keys and a stable Bluetooth connection.

Are these cases compatible with various iPad Pro models?

Most cases under $100 are designed to be compatible with specific iPad Pro models, such as the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th generations. It’s important to check the product specifications to ensure compatibility with your specific iPad Pro model.

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