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14 Best Free VPS Forex Brokers of 2023 Reviewed

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Best Free VPS Forex Brokers refers to forex brokerage firms that provide their clients with free access to Virtual Private Servers (VPS). VPS hosting is a must-have tool for serious forex traders since it provides a steady and continuous trading environment. In the fast-paced world of forex trading, these brokers understand the value of low latency and continuous connectivity.

XM.com is a market leader in this sector. XM provides free VPS services to customers who satisfy specific trading volume requirements, making it an appealing option for both new and seasoned traders. The availability of a VPS ensures that traders can execute their strategy without being concerned about their internet connection or computer performance, improving the likelihood of profitable trades.

Best Free VPS Forex Brokers is another noteworthy alternative is Forex.com, which provides free VPS hosting to clients who meet certain minimum balance and trading volume requirements. Traders can now use automated trading systems, expert advisers, and algorithmic techniques without interruption. The VPS’s stability and speed ensure that traders may capture opportunities in the extremely volatile forex market without difficulty.

Why Choose Best Free VPS Forex Brokers?

Using a free VPS (Virtual Private Server) for Forex trading might be beneficial for traders, but it’s crucial to understand why and weigh the potential benefits and drawbacks. Here are some of the reasons why traders may use free VPS Forex brokers:

Reduced Latency: The speed of execution is critical in forex trading. A VPS housed near the broker’s server can reduce latency, ensuring that your trading orders are completed as quickly as possible. This is especially important for high-frequency traders.

Stability: A VPS provides a reliable and continuous connection to the trading platform. It removes the possibility of power failures, internet outages, or other technical issues affecting your trading.

24/7 Accessibility: Access to your trading platform and management of your positions is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week with a VPS, even if your personal computer is turned off or having network troubles.

Security: VPS hosting usually includes strong security measures to safeguard your trading account from malware, hacking attempts, and unauthorized access.

Automation: Traders that employ automated trading techniques (e.g., Expert Advisors or trading algorithms) profit from a VPS since it allows their systems to run continuously and without interruptions.

Independence: By using a VPS, you may remain independent of your own computer and internet connection, ensuring that your trading activities are not affected by personal circumstances.

Trading on numerous Platforms: A VPS may host numerous trading platforms, allowing traders to diversify their trading techniques or access different brokers at the same time.

Scalability: If your trading needs grow, scaling up a VPS is easier than upgrading your personal computer and internet connection.

Here is List of Best Free VPS Forex Brokers 

  • Roboforex
  • FBS
  • FP Markets
  • Pepperstone
  • XM
  • FxPro
  • HF Markets
  • Vantage
  • Instaforex
  • FXTM
  • Libertex 
  • Forex.com
  • Oanda 
  • Exness

14 Best Free VPS Forex Brokers of 2023 Reviewed


RoboForex began its crusade to conquer the financial market in 2009. Since the company’s inception, its product and service offerings have grown dramatically while maintaining high quality at every stage. RoboForex has been in business since 2009 and is licensed by the FSC under license number 000138/437.


RoboForex has always been focused on offering the finest trading conditions possible by utilizing innovative technology and many years of experience. RoboForex is a financial brokerage firm that offers 9 asset classes and over 12,000 trading instruments. We are quite pleased of the services we provide to our clients and partners, which are of the same quality for all, independent of experience or investment size.


FBS is a global broker with a presence in over 150 countries. FBS is already the favourite Forex company of 23 000 000 traders and 410 000 partners. FBS organizes seminars and special events to deliver the greatest customer experience possible, giving its clients with training materials, cutting-edge trading tools, and the most recent Forex market methods. These seminars will be beneficial to both beginner and experienced traders.


Every event is meticulously planned and prepared in advance to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Guests are served great food and coffee during the break. All meetings are held in a family-like setting, where everyone is welcome to mingle with the greatest FBS traders and partners. Most importantly, participation in all of our events is free.

3.FP Markets

FP Markets

If you make a minimum deposit of $1,000 or its equivalent in another currency, FP Markets can provide you with a VPS-service package. FP Markets traders can also get it for free if they trade at least 10 lots on the Standard account and 20 lots on the Raw account per month. This VPS service provided by FP Markets allows traders to trade with a professional data center.



Once the minimum monthly trading volume of 15 standard Lots is met, every trader at Pepperstone has full access to free forex VPS. Traders using Pepperstone can pick between the FXVM VPS-server and a server in New York City. The Pepperstone free VPS has a very low latency of roughly 1 millisecond. Pepperstone requires a $200 deposit to create a trading account.



Only forex traders who maintain a consistent minimum of $5,000 in equity or its equivalent in other currencies are eligible for VPS at XM. Traders must trade at least 5 standard FX lots per month to qualify for the free XM VPS. If these prerequisites are not met, the VPS can be obtained by deducting $28 from the XM account each month. The XM VPS service enables traders to benefit from unrivaled trade execution speed and efficiency.



The free VPS at FxPro is available to FxPro VIP account members with a minimum deposit of $50,000. A FxPro VPS is also available for $30 per month. The VPS includes Windows 2012, 1300 MB of RAM, 1 VCPU, 25 GB of storage space, and Linux servers.

7.HF Markets

HF Markets offers three distinct VPS options, all of which start at $30 per month but can be accessed for free based on the account balance. The HF Bronze VPS package is free with a $5000 minimum deposit.

HF Markets

With a minimum deposit of $8000, the HF Silver VPS plan is free. The HF Gold VPS package is free with a $15000 minimum deposit. The HF Markets VPS provides low latency and low downtime.



Vantage provides a free virtual private server (VPS) to traders who deposit at least $1000 into their trading account. PhotonVPS, nextPointhost, Winner VPS, and commercial network services are Vantage forex VPS providers. Vantage allows traders to sign up for forex VPS straight from the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms.



The VPS service at InstaForex is free if your equity exceeds $1,000. Forex VPS hosting is also available for a monthly charge ranging from $10 to $40, depending on the account. With InstaForex, you can sign up for forex VPS directly from the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms.



As an FXTM trader, you must contact your account service manager to determine whether you fit the conditions for a free VPS. At FXTM, the VPS is offered for MetaTrader 4. The FXTM VPS supports algo trading and EAs.


Libertex is a top MT5 broker with low spreads. MT5 is simple to connect to Libertex and comes with a free paper trading account and advanced software. Furthermore, as previously mentioned, MT5 is compatible with a variety of VPS providers.


Notably, Libertex is a CFD trading platform, so you can speculate in either direction and gain leverage. As a result, it will not permit US clients to trade. Nonetheless, the platform offers over 50 trading pairs and is ranked among the top low spread forex brokers.


Those looking for the best forex VPS in the United States should look at Forex.com. This well-known tool enables traders to automate tactics with EAs on a VPS using MT5. Traders can tailor EAs to their specific needs and benefit from market control, flexibility, and a variety of tools.


Alternatively, traders with a minimum balance of $5,000 in their account can operate their EAs 24 hours a day, seven days a week during trading hours. This is possible on MT5 with Expert Advisor Hosting. According to the Forex.com platform, EAs run on a dedicated Unix server for optimal uptime, and MT4 software is preloaded.


Oanda is another option for US forex traders. This platform is governed by a number of agencies and provides a variety of cloud and VPS services. This comprises IIROC, ASIC, the MFSA, the CFTC, the FCA, the FSA, the FSC, and the MAS.


Oanda works with two VPS providers: Liquidity Connect and BeeksFX. Traders can select their favorite supplier, as is customary with the best free VPS brokers. Having said that, BeeksFX is one of the largest VPS providers in the industry. It claims to offer minimal latency and an uptime of 99.9% across a number of products.


Exness’s fast automated withdrawal for several withdrawal methods, including on weekends, is a standout feature. The broker has approximately 280 000 active accounts and will achieve a trading volume of $2 trillion in April 2022. Exness accounts have no commissions and tight spreads. Exness provides VPS hosting to ensure that your business runs smoothly.


To receive access to the VPS, you must first submit a $500 deposit. Furthermore, the free margin should be greater than $100. The application procedure is straightforward. Simply call Exness support with your account number and PA secret word. Your VPS request will be handled within 5 business days. Pinging a trading server is extraordinarily fast (0.4 – 1.25ms) while using the broker’s VPS, according to the broker.

Conclusion Best Free VPS Forex Brokers 

Finally, choosing the finest free VPS (Virtual Private Server) Forex brokers can greatly improve a trader’s experience and profitability in the field of foreign exchange. These brokers provide a valuable service by giving traders with free access to VPS hosting. This solution enables seamless automated trading, reduced latency, and uninterrupted uptime, all of which are critical for success in the fast-paced Forex market.

Free VPS services enable traders to capitalize on market opportunities with precision and efficiency by eliminating downtime and optimizing trade execution speed. However, it is critical to select a broker who not only provides a free VPS but also has a solid reputation, regulatory compliance, an easy-to-use trading platform, and competitive spreads. Finally, a reputable broker combined with a free VPS can be a great weapon for Forex traders wanting to get an advantage in the competitive world of currency trading.

FAQ Best Free VPS Forex Brokers 

What is a VPS in Forex trading?

A VPS, or Virtual Private Server, is a virtual machine that enables Forex traders to use their trading platforms and expert advisors (EAs) 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It provides low-latency access to the Forex market and assures uninterrupted trading by keeping a reliable internet connection.

Why do Forex traders use VPS services?

VPS services are used by forex traders to decrease downtime, reduce latency, and improve trading performance. VPS hosting keeps trading platforms and EAs running even when their machines are turned off or unplugged from the internet.

Are there free VPS services for Forex trading?

Yes, several Forex brokers provide free VPS services to clients who meet certain trading volume or account balance requirements. These free VPS services are frequently made available as part of a loyalty program or promotional offer.

Are there any conditions or requirements to get a free VPS from Forex brokers?

To qualify for free VPS hosting, Forex brokers often have specified limitations or requirements. These requirements could include a minimum trading volume, a set account balance, or the maintenance of a specific account type.

Are there any risks associated with using free VPS services from brokers?

The biggest risk connected with free VPS services from brokers is potential server outages or technical difficulties. If the broker’s VPS fails, you may be unable to execute trades. It is critical to select a reputed broker with a dependable VPS service.

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