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25 Best Free App To Learn Hindi 

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Best Free App To Learn hindi is the greatest free applications for learning Hindi is “Duolingo.” Duolingo is a user-friendly language learning software that teaches Hindi in a thorough and interactive manner. The software offers a wide selection of lessons, beginning with the fundamentals and advancing to more advanced ideas.

Duolingo’s gamified interface makes learning Hindi enjoyable and engaging by incorporating speaking, listening, reading, and writing lessons. It also has a community element where learners may engage with native speakers and other learners to practice their language abilities. Duolingo’s bite-sized lessons and daily challenges make it simple for users to stick to a steady study schedule, making it a fantastic choice for beginners and anybody wishing to improve their Hindi language abilities for free.

Why Choose Best Free App To Learn hindi?

Choosing the finest free app for learning Hindi, or any language, is critical to ensuring an effective and pleasurable learning experience. Here are some factors to consider when selecting the best free Hindi learning app:

Comprehensive Language Instruction: Look for an app that offers a well-rounded language learning experience, including lessons on vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and cultural insights. A comprehensive method ensures that you develop all linguistic skills.

Organized Curriculum: A good app should offer an organized curriculum that leads you from the basics to more advanced levels. This allows you to make more systematic progress.

Interactive Learning: Choose an app with interactive elements such as quizzes, flashcards, and exercises. Interactivity makes learning more interesting and memorable.

Pronunciation exercise: Correct pronunciation is critical, so choose an app that contains audio recordings and pronunciation exercise.

Customized Learning: Look for apps that provide customised learning paths based on your skill level and learning pace.

Offline Access: The ability to download lessons for offline usage is useful, especially when you don’t have a reliable internet connection.

Here Is List of Best Free App To Learn Hindi

  • Preply
  • Drops
  • Memrise
  • uTalk
  • HindiPod101
  • italki
  • Mondly
  • Duolingo
  • HelloTalk
  • Rosetta Stone
  • Clozemaster
  • Pimsleur
  • Rocket Languages
  • Ling App
  • Innovative Language
  • Optilingo
  • Simply Learn Hindi
  • Speaky – Language Exchange
  • Mango Languages
  • AnkiDroid Flashcards
  • Rapid Hindi 360
  • FunEasyLearn
  • Nemo Hindi
  • Tandem
  • Verbling 

25 Best Free App To Learn Hindi 


Preply’s tailored 1-on-1 sessions provide a unique and complete approach to learning Hindi. Unlike traditional language classes, which focus primarily on one part of the language, our platform is designed to help you develop your Hindi skills in all areas – writing, listening, reading, and speaking. This comprehensive strategy enables you to make speedy and effective progress in your language learning journey.


Customised sessions focus to your specific requirements and goals, whether you want to improve your ability to write eloquent essays, comprehend native speakers more clearly, read Hindi literature with confidence, or talk fluently in everyday situations. You can be assured of a personalised learning experience with our professional and devoted tutors, which not only speeds your language acquisition but also improves your overall competency in Hindi. So, with Preply, you can unleash the full potential of your language learning and watch your Hindi skills blossom across the board.


Learning a new language has never been easier or more important in today’s linked world. Among the various languages that students want to learn, Hindi stands out as a lively and widely spoken language. Drops, a language learning software, has changed the game for students starting out on their Hindi language journey with its revolutionary approach to vocabulary acquisition.


Drops is more than just another language learning software; it’s a well-thought-out tool that blends art, science, and gamification to make Hindi learning both successful and enjoyable. Drops’ concept is based on spaced repetition, a tried-and-true strategy for long-term memory retention. Drops distinguishes itself by its innovative use of numerous question styles that keep learners engaged and motivated throughout their language-learning journey.


Memrise is a fun and effective language learning app that provides simple yet effective exercises to help students learn important Hindi phrases. One of its most notable features is the incorporation of video and audio segments showing native speakers, which give users important exposure to the language’s true sounds and intonations. These multimedia components enhance the learning experience by assisting with accurate pronunciation and comprehension.


The exercises in the app include a variety of interactive styles, such as multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank activities. This wide variety of assignments guarantees that students may reinforce their information through many cognitive channels, producing a well-rounded comprehension of the language.


uTalk’s “Practice Section” allows you to select whatever topics you wish to focus on before listening to audio samples of native Hindi speakers and reviewing new Hindi terms. Following this initial level, you can proceed to play a series of games to complete the section.


Matching exercises, memory tasks, and pronunciation exams take around 5 minutes to complete. If you only have a few minutes to spare, uTalk’s exciting short sessions are ideal, but they won’t get you far with speaking or writing on your own.


Over 2,500 podcasts and audio lessons covering a wide range of topics, from idioms to grammar, are available on HindiPod101. HindiPod101 Premium PLUS customers can receive customized instruction from an assigned


Hindi teacher through messenger in addition to access to its enormous library of podcasts, numerous audio courses, and valuable study tools. However, you may be disappointed to learn that the app does not provide live 1-on-1 Hindi sessions with real-time feedback, nor does it allow you to select your own professor.


Italki can instantly connect you with “community” tutors – advanced or native Hindi speakers who are accessible for on-the-spot private courses. “Instant Lessons” on Italki are 1-on-1 classes that begin 5 minutes after you request them. They are an excellent choice for those who wish to get started with public speaking right away. Tutors, on the other hand, have limited time to prepare for you, making this technique less effective than tailor-made courses with a normal teacher.


To make up for its modest network of qualified Hindi instructors (fewer than 25), the platform also provides informal discussions with over 150 “community” tutors (unqualified but advanced speakers) to help you improve your conversational abilities. Just keep in mind that due to the absence of structure, this choice is challenging and unsuitable for novices.


Mondly’s simple lessons will help you navigate India, from getting fresh chai to asking for directions. Once you’ve learned a few new Hindi phrases, you may boost your confidence by speaking with its chatbot feature, which corrects your errors.


However, because this program does not give authentic speaking practice or resources for intermediate or advanced learners, it can only teach you the fundamentals of survival.


Duolingo encourages you to establish study “streaks” (consecutive days of using the program). You can play games with funny avatars, such as fill-in-the-blank exercises, multiple-choice quizzes, and flashcard tasks.


The main complaint that students have with Duolingo is that its classes teach them strange words that may or may not be useful in actual Hindi discussions — unless you have a friend named Owen who enjoys eating parsnips in the rain. Duolingo also provides little to improve your grammatical knowledge or speaking skills. Nonetheless, it is without a doubt one of the greatest free apps for learning Hindi.


HelloTalk links you with native Hindi speakers via live chat messaging, audio messages, and video chat, allowing you to practice your conversation skills while receiving feedback from your speaking partner(s).


One disadvantage of this platform is that some users mistake HelloTalk for an online dating app, so you may have to sift through countless flirting messages before finding another user who is actually interested in a language exchange.

10.Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone offers downloaded self-study materials and offline activities in addition to audio courses, speech recognition technologies, and practice exercises. When learning Hindi on your tablet or smartphone, this function keeps you from getting distracted by emails, calls, and notifications.

Rosetta Stone

Furthermore, Rosetta Stone has realized the value of tutor supervision by offering live Hindi courses. However, unlike other Hindi learning applications, its 25-minute classes don’t provide for much one-on-one speaking time, given that you sometimes have to share sessions with three other learners and can only take three classes each week at specific times.


Clozemaster’s fill-in-the-blank exercises are designed to assist you in learning common Hindi phrases and idioms.


Clozemaster helps you learn common Hindi expressions by using “cloze sentences” (phrases with missing words). Apart from these activities, the site offers little else, but it might supplement in-person or online Hindi classes that do not provide self-study materials.


Do you want to learn while traveling to work or running in the morning? Then this audio-based Hindi language learning app could be useful to you. This program teaches Hindi using the Pimsleur Method, a listening-only methodology established in the 1960s by Dr. Paul Pimsleur.


Its courses contain genuine dialogues between native Hindi speakers as well as extensive explanations of the linguistic ideas you will encounter. Remember that Pimsleur is not the greatest software for learning Hindi if you have a short attention span or want to improve your speaking, reading, and writing abilities. Still, it’s a good alternative if you’re a good multitasker who enjoys listening.

13.Rocket Languages

Rocket Hindi teaches you how to talk in Hindi with interactive audio. If your primary goal is to study Hindi, this is a must-have app.

Rocket Languages

There are multiple audio courses in each module that lead you through discussions between native speakers while explaining what each word means. Listening to numerous versions of the same conversation acquaints you with the pronunciation and sentence structure.

14.Ling App

Ling is another software that makes learning Hindi enjoyable. It, too, includes a range of fast but entertaining games, puzzles, quizzes, and other challenges, similar to Mondly. But it has one unique feature that not many applications have: writing drills! don’t mean typing when say “write.” No, you can actually practice writing on Ling by tracing your fingers.

Ling App

This is quite useful for learning how to write in Devanagari, the Hindi script. Ling is a well-rounded app with a chatbot function that allows you to improve your conversational abilities. And with all of the entertaining games, you’ll forget you’re learning!

15.Innovative Language

One of the top Hindi learning applications is Innovative Language. It is quite thorough and covers a wide range of subjects. Each lesson includes notes, explanations, flashcards, pronunciations, and other resources. The terminology taught in these classes is also simply accessible.

Innovative Language

The lessons cover a wide range of topics, so you’re likely to find something of interest. The availability of audio and video files, as well as transcripts, keeps you from becoming tired with the same old format.


Another Hindi language learning software with audio lessons is OptiLingo. It also contains graphic cue cards to go along with the audio. It delivers translations with no explanations to help you learn without memorizing. As a result, if you’re at a more intermediate level, it could be a terrific option.


What appears to be a disadvantage at first allows you to avoid the lengthy explanations and instead practice Hindi. As a result, you can utilize this to improve your Hindi speaking skills and translate sentences. The stopwatch icon allows you to set the speed to your liking. This is an excellent choice for those who don’t have much time to practice Hindi because the audio can be played in the background.

17.Simply Learn Hindi

Simply Learn Hindi

Hindi Simply Learn Hindi will be a terrific companion if you only want to speak while traveling and don’t want to dig into grammar details. The words, phrases, and even the levels are all geared toward tourists and their comfort.

18.Speaky – Language Exchange

Speaky is a language learning platform similar to HelloTalk, but it distinguishes itself by emphasizing conversation as a mechanism of language interaction. The app’s user-friendly layout allows you to choose which languages you know and which you want to learn. What distinguishes Speaky is its automatic matchmaking system, which connects you with possible language exchange partners that share your language learning preferences.

Speaky – Language Exchange

If you’ve struggled to use your Hindi language abilities in everyday conversations, Speaky is the perfect solution. The app gives the motivation and platform you need to take your language learning adventure to the next level by connecting you with native Hindi speakers or fellow learners, making the process of enhancing your language skills easier.

19.Mango Languages

Mango Languages is a well-structured and well-thought-out curriculum that guides students from the fundamentals to more advanced language skills. The platform introduces core vocabulary and simple sentence structures to beginners. Each lesson builds on the one before it, ensuring a logical and continuous growth. This method is helpful for people who are new to the language or simply require a thorough study.

Mango Languages

One of Mango Languages’ distinguishing traits is its dedication to making language concepts understandable to learners. The site includes interactive classes that let you to practice your listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities. Grammar standards, pronunciation, and vocabulary are all explained clearly and concisely. This guarantees that learners not only grasp how to use the language but also why it works.

20.AnkiDroid Flashcards

AnkiDroid Flashcards is a sophisticated and versatile language learning program that uses flashcards to assist users learn Hindi vocabulary. This software, as the name implies, focuses heavily on the flashcard learning approach, which has long been demonstrated to be an excellent way to memorize and reinforce language abilities.

AnkiDroid Flashcards

The tremendous customizability of AnkiDroid allows users to construct their own flashcards tailored to their unique learning needs. AnkiDroid provides a comprehensive and personalized language learning experience by allowing users to contribute a variety of elements such as pronunciation instructions, audio clips, photos, grammar notes, and more.

21.Rapid Hindi 360

Rapid Hindi 360 teaches you both phrases and words organized into groups. This is especially handy if you’ve studied a collection of vocabulary from a specific category and want to practice sentences or phrases that also cover that topic.

Rapid Hindi 360

Another helpful option is the ability to “write” something by drawing it. The program displays the typed version as well as the pronunciation of what you entered on the screen. A one-of-a-kind function for when you recall how to type a word but not how to say it.


FunEasyLearn is one of favorite apps for learning to write a foreign language’s alphabet. Its user interface is extremely user-friendly, and the simple lessons on how to make Hindi characters using the tracing method are wonderful tools for helping novice writers get started. A one-month subscription is all that is required to unlock and practice all 46 letters of the Hindi alphabet.


Furthermore, the app makes language acquisition engaging and exciting with its gamified approach, interactive courses, and quizzes. The extensive curriculum of the program covers vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. In fact, the platform claims to have one of the largest vocabulary libraries for the Hindi language, with over 6000 words and 1250 phrases available.

23.Nemo Hindi

You can search for any word or phrase in Hindi using Nemo. The audio can then be listened to. When traveling, this is an excellent ‘companion’ app. You don’t have control over what you learn with other apps.

Nemo Hindi

This program provides a genuinely personalized learning experience, allowing you to learn what you need, when you need it. There is also a ‘bedtime mode’ that goes over everything you learnt that day.


Tandem is yet another outstanding program that merges the worlds of social networking with language learning. This innovative platform has gained notice and recognition for its capacity to bring together people from all over the world who share a common goal: learning a new language. Tandem provides a unique and engaging experience by connecting users with natural speakers of the language they seek to learn.


Learners can engage in real-time conversations, receive rapid feedback, and immerse themselves in the cultural subtleties of their chosen language by using text, voice, and video chat options. Tandem offers a worldwide community where friendships are built and cultural understanding is enhanced, in addition to language exchange.


Finally, Verbling appears to be a feasible alternative for individuals looking for a quality Hindi tutor. One of its distinguishing features is its pay-per-class approach, which allows students to make more flexible and simple financial commitments without the need to purchase credits in advance.


This pricing arrangement may be especially tempting to people who want to keep a tighter grip on their budget. However, it is important to remember that Verbling is generally more expensive than its competitor, ITalki. Furthermore, when compared to ITalki, the site has a smaller pool of tutors to pick from, which may limit your possibilities for choosing the appropriate tutor.

Pros And Cons Best Free App To Learn Hindi 


  • Gamified learning experience, interactive lessons, covers vocabulary, grammar, and speaking exercises.
  • Language exchange with native speakers, real-time chat, voice communications, and language correction are all available.
  • The emphasis is on vocabulary, with spaced repetition, a varied selection of courses, and multimedia features.
  • Lessons that are interactive, tailored study programs, speaking practice, writing tasks, and cultural insights are all available.


  • Due to limited conversational experience, in-depth explanations of grammar rules may be lacking.
  • Relying on others to correct you may necessitate a time investment for language communication.
  • Less structured than other programs, and may not teach grammar completely.
  • Some sophisticated functions may necessitate a subscription, and free content is limited.
  • There may be less attention on speaking and pronunciation, as well as a lack of structured sessions.

Conclusion Best Free App To Learn Hindi 

Finally, when looking for the finest free software to learn Hindi, numerous criteria must be examined. While there are other programs available, Duolingo stands out as a good choice. Duolingo has an easy-to-use interface, an organized curriculum, and a gamified approach to language learning that keeps students interested. Its free edition offers comprehensive Hindi lessons that cover everything from fundamental vocabulary to complex topics, making it appropriate for both beginners and intermediate learners.

Furthermore, the app’s interactive activities, audio pronunciation instructions, and in-app quizzes make it a well-rounded and effective tool for understanding the complexity of Hindi. Duolingo’s mobile accessibility ensures that learning may take place at any time and from any location, and the app’s social feature allows for competition and collaboration, boosting the learning experience. Overall, Duolingo’s dedication to providing high-quality language instruction for free places it at the forefront of the top free apps to learn Hindi, making it a great choice for individuals eager to embark on a language-learning adventure.

FAQ Best Free App To Learn Hindi 

What is the best free app to learn Hindi?

The “best” app for learning Hindi will differ based on your tastes and study style, but some popular free applications for learning Hindi are Duolingo, Memrise, Drops, and HelloTalk. Each has its own advantages, so test a couple and find which one works best for you.

Is Duolingo a good app to learn Hindi for free?

Yes, Duolingo is a well-known and efficient free program for learning Hindi. It provides interactive lessons, exercises, and a gamified learning experience. It’s an excellent alternative for beginners and those wishing to establish a strong foundation in Hindi.

What is Memrise, and how does it help with learning Hindi?

Memrise is a free language learning app that offers user-generated courses in a variety of languages, including Hindi. It employs spaced repetition and mnemonic strategies to assist students in properly memorizing words. It’s an excellent option for people who want to concentrate on expanding their vocabulary.

Can Drops be used to learn Hindi for free?

Drops is a visually appealing language learning software with a limited free version. It’s wonderful for picking up new words and phrases. However, the free version frequently contains time limits on daily usage.

Are there any other free apps to learn Hindi?

Yes, in addition to the applications described above, you can try Tandem, Drops, and Simply Learn Hindi to learn Hindi. Some provide free content, while others provide paid features or membership services.

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