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10 Best Crypto Job Portals And Websites 2023

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Finding work or talent within the rapidly-evolving world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology can be daunting, yet fortunately there are numerous top-tier crypto job portals and websites that have quickly emerged as resources for both job seekers and employers alike. Crypto Jobs List, Blockew and CoinDesk Jobs have become essential resources for crypto enthusiasts and professionals looking for opportunities in their chosen industry.

These portals provide access to an impressive range of job listings, spanning blockchain development and cryptocurrency trading to marketing and design roles. Additionally, these websites often offer remote job opportunities for individuals interested in blockchain projects from anywhere around the globe. No matter if you are an established professional looking to expand their career or an aspiring newcomer seeking entry, these are your go-to spots for discovering opportunities related to crypto.

Here Is List of Best Crypto Job Portals And Websites

  • Crowdcreate 
  • CryptoJobs 
  • AngelList 
  • Crypto Recruit
  • Crypto Jobs
  • Cryptocurrency Jobs 
  • Be In Crypto
  • Ethlance 
  • Blockchain Headhunter 
  • Crypto-Careers 

10 Best Crypto Job Portals And Websites 2023

1. Crowdcreate 

Crowdcreate is one of the leading crypto and NFT marketing and advisory services, working with some of the world’s biggest companies. Their primary tasks are raising investor funds, increasing sales, creating buzz, acquiring users and growing client’s online community – with Crowdcreate having raised over $250 Million across 500 successful client projects!


Crowdcreate has been at the forefront of blockchain marketing since 2017 and works exclusively in Web3. As an authority on marketing growth strategies across multiple industries–from cryptocurrency trading to NFTs–Crowdcreate stands out as an industry thought leader, boasting experience across various verticals from cryptocurrency mining to NFT trading. Through its exclusive job portal Crowdcreate has built up an expansive network of investors, influencers, and strategic partners.

2. CryptoJobs (Best Crypto Job Portals And Websites)

CryptoJobs is a crypto job platform with over 4,000 cryptocurrency enthusiasts as members, boasting an intuitive website which makes locating work easy. Jobs are frequently posted and at any given moment there may be over 800 blockchain jobs posted!

CryptoJobs (Best Crypto Job Portals And Websites)

CryptoJobs allows anyone to post job opportunities for free on its platform; a featured post, however, can gain extra attention through mentions in newsletters and tweets on getCryptoJobs Twitter channel. CryptoJobs also provides listing upgrade fees for businesses and organizations seeking to screen more applicants at once.

3. AngelList 

AngelList stands out from other blockchain job portals with its unique features that set it apart. Offering roles at startups and tech companies across over 26,000 entities hiring on AngelList’s platform. Furthermore, its transparent pay structure makes this job site unparalleled when compared with similar crypto job portals.


AngelList provides anyone the ability to speak directly with hirers without recruiters, by showing only visible profiles for jobs that have been applied for and so their current boss cannot know they’re looking for other employment opportunities.

4. Crypto Recruit (Best Crypto Job Portals And Websites)

Crypto Recruit is one of the first recruitment and talent acquisition agencies that specializes exclusively in blockchain and cryptocurrency job recruitment, and was established by a team with 30 years’ worth of combined recruitment experience. The website acts as an interactive crypto job portal.

Crypto Recruit specializes in Decentralized Finance, Blockchain gaming and metaverse projects as well as Layer 1 and 2 solutions across Ethereum, Solana, Cardano Polygon Arbitrum Fantom Polkadot platforms as well as Non Fungible Tokens as well as other crypto specific domains.

Crypto Recruit (Best Crypto Job Portals And Websites)

Crypto Jobs List offers over 3000 cryptocurrency, Web3 and blockchain jobs on its platform, making it easy for job hunters to sort through various specialties and categories in order to quickly find their ideal job niche. Users can filter jobs according to parameters like remote work, developer/marketing roles, intern placements, trader opportunities or sales analyst jobs – making Crypto Jobs List an indispensable resource!

The website provides users with information about how many individuals have searched and applied for specific jobs as well as how much salary a particular job offers. Users also have access to search exclusively remote positions through a simple web form that accepts applications by including contact details, listing specific questions, cover letter and CV fields.

6. Cryptocurrency Jobs (Top Crypto Job Portals And Websites)

Cryptocurrency Jobs provides an effortless way for startups and established companies to connect through blockchain technology. Since 2017, this crypto job portal has been serving the cryptocurrency community by connecting people together in teams. Since its debut, over 225 countries and territories have used it and more than 1000 companies and startups have posted jobs with them.

Cryptocurrency Jobs (Top Crypto Job Portals And Websites)

Cryptocurrency Jobs offers an easy and straightforward website experience for job hunters across various sectors such as sales, finance, engineering and design. Furthermore, remote job opportunities can also be easily found here and it only costs $199 to post them!

7. Be In Crypto

Be In Crypto is more than a job board; it serves as an aggregator. Every day, over 20 new job opportunities from crypto and blockchain companies are added. Since its foundation, its team has grown substantially with some of the top professionals from across the tech sector joining.

Be In Crypto

Be In Crypto is trusted by some of the top names in crypto, including Ramp, Bitmain, YouHolder and CoinGecko. They provide jobs throughout Asia, Europe, North America South America Oceania. Furthermore they provide remote opportunities as analysts, community managers DAO managers sales smart contract development etc.

8. Ethlance (Best Crypto Job Portals And Websites)

Ethlance was one of the pioneering crypto job market platforms to link freelancers and developers with employers. It offers decentralized job searches as its database runs solely on Ethereum public blockchain while front-end source files are distributed using IPFS.

Ethlance (Best Crypto Job Portals And Websites)

Ethlance is an ideal platform for freelancers as it matches freelancers with suitable employers without charging service fees or taking a cut of transactions between freelancers and employers. Users may only accept payments in Ether on this platform.

9. Blockchain Headhunter 

Blockchain Headhunter was launched in 2017 and quickly established itself as one of the premier crypto, blockchain, and Web3 executive search and recruitment boutiques. Candidates simply submit their CVs to Blockchain Headhunter to receive lucrative job offers immediately – plus there is also an option for browsing jobs!

Blockchain Headhunter 

At Crypto Job Portal we have over 15 years of recruitment and executive search experience as well as access to an expansive global network of crypto talent, helping employers fill hundreds of positions over four years. Furthermore, we have established an incredible crypto talent and employment community encompassing over 100,000 followers across multiple platforms.

10. Crypto-Careers (Best Crypto Job Portals And Websites)

Crypto-Careers is a technology-focused blockchain and cryptocurrency job listings platform which focuses exclusively on technical roles published by large organizations. Many of the roles listed are among the most sought-after within the sector; however, its user interface only shows five listings at once which makes scrolling through your options quite time consuming.

Crypto-Careers (Best Crypto Job Portals And Websites)

Crypto-Careers provides excellent filtering tools that enable applicants to sort listings by level of funding, company size, stage in development and industry sector; geographic availability; or remote availability.

Best Crypto Job Portals And Websites Conclusion

As noted here, crypto job portals and websites represent an invaluable resource for navigating the dynamic world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Offering opportunities across a range of roles and skill sets, these platforms foster innovation and growth in the crypto industry by connecting job seekers with employers – whether you are a developer, marketer, designer, crypto enthusiast looking for work or simply interested in starting in this field. As cryptocurrency continues to develop exponentially over time, staying connected via job portals could provide access to its exciting world of blockchains and digital assets.

Best Crypto Job Portals And Websites FAQ

What are crypto job portals and websites?

Crypto job portals and websites are online platforms dedicated to connecting job seekers with opportunities in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. They serve as a central hub for job listings, making it easier for professionals to find employment in this rapidly evolving sector.

What are some popular crypto job portals and websites?

Some of the popular crypto job portals and websites include Crypto Jobs List, Blockew, CoinDesk Jobs, and AngelList. These platforms feature a wide range of job listings in areas such as blockchain development, trading, marketing, and more.

Are these job portals exclusively for technical roles?

No, these platforms cater to a diverse range of roles. While they do offer technical positions like blockchain development and software engineering, they also feature non-technical roles like marketing, design, project management, and customer support.

Can I find remote job opportunities on these websites?

Yes, many crypto job portals and websites include remote job listings. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who prefer or need to work from different locations while contributing to blockchain projects worldwide.

How do I use these platforms to find a crypto job?

To find a crypto job, visit the platform of your choice, browse through the job listings, and filter your search based on your skills and location. You can then apply directly through the website or follow the application instructions provided by the employer.

Are these platforms reliable for job seekers and employers?

Yes, these platforms are reputable and trusted in the crypto industry. However, as with any job search, it’s essential to exercise due diligence, research employers, and be cautious of potential scams or fraudulent job listings.

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