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25 Best App To Learn Vietnamese

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Best app to learn Vietnamese is finest app for learning Vietnamese is without a doubt “Duolingo.” This language study app provides a comprehensive and interesting platform for people who want to learn Vietnamese. Duolingo uses a gamified method to make learning more engaging and enjoyable. Users can progress at their own rate through classes including vocabulary, grammar, listening, and speaking skills.

The program gives learners quick feedback on their pronunciation and grammar, ensuring that they understand the intricacies of this tonal language. Duolingo also combines real-life events and discussions to improve practical language abilities, making it easier to navigate regular Vietnamese conversations. Duolingo is a top choice for anyone looking for an effective and entertaining approach to learn Vietnamese, thanks to its user-friendly interface and large community of learners.

How To Choose Best app to learn Vietnamese?

The ideal app for learning Vietnamese is determined by your personal learning style, goals, and preferences. Here are some things to think about while choosing the best app for you:

Learning Objectives: Define your learning objectives. Do you want to study Vietnamese for vacation, employment, or personal reasons? The type of software you require will be determined by your objectives.

User Experience and Interface: Choose an app with a simple and easy-to-use UI. If it’s simple to use, you’ll be more likely to utilize it on a frequent basis.

Quality of Content: Look for apps with high-quality material, such as correct pronunciation, grammar, and cultural background. Read reviews and, if possible, check out free lessons.

Practice using audio and speaking: It is critical to practice your pronunciation. Search for apps that offer audio recordings, voice recognition, and speaking practice.

Vocabulary and Grammar: Check that the app includes important grammar rules and terminology. To help you improve, a good app should include a planned curriculum.

Interactivity: Select an app with interactive lessons, quizzes, and exercises. Interactivity can keep you interested and help you put what you’ve learned into practice.

Feedback and Progress Monitoring: Apps that provide feedback and measure your progress might be motivational. They enable you to see how far you’ve progressed.

Offline accessibility: Think about whether you require offline access. Some apps allow you to download lessons for on-the-go learning.

Here Is List of The Best App To Learn Vietnamese

  • Ling
  • Mondly
  • LingoDeer
  • Duolingo
  • Pimsleur
  • Drops
  • Simply Learn Vietnamese
  • Memrise
  • Rosetta Stone
  • VietnamesePod101
  • Mango Languages
  • italki
  • Preply
  • Babbel
  • Udemy
  • Glossika
  • 123Vietnamese
  • Learn Vietnamese With Annie
  • Transparent Language
  • Colloquial Vietnamese
  • Learn Vietnamese on Language Reactor
  • Learn Vietnamese on Cudoo
  • Learn Vietnamese on Falou
  • Learn Vietnamese on Awabe
  • Learn Vietnamese on LuvLingua

25 Best App To Learn Vietnamese


Ling is a popular language learning app used by millions of people across the world. If you’re new to Vietnamese, this language-learning software is a great place to start. It is accessible for Android and iOS, but it may also be used on a desktop computer. Do you have any doubts about whether this is the ideal platform for you? To gain a better understanding of the Ling app’s features, continue reading below.


Ling uses a gamified technique to teach you the Northern Vietnamese dialect. There are bite-sized games and quizzes to help you learn Vietnamese in an entertaining way. Flashcards, quizzes, phrases, and conversation completion exercises are among the app’s interactive features. The software includes a chatbot to help you improve your conversation skills.

2. Mondly

Mondly is a language learning app that provides 41 different languages and, unlike its competitors, allows you to learn in your original language. Mondly was named the top language-learning app in 2019 and has millions of users. If you are a beginner or intermediate learner, the app is ideal for discovering general Vietnamese. The subjects are based on real-world scenarios. Mondly uses several tasks to help you practice your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. It is available via the App Store, Play Store, and App Gallery.


Mondly offers over 50 subjects relating to real-life scenarios that you may encounter at any time. These activities will help you enhance your conversational Vietnamese. The software teaches you the basic grammatical rules and gives you with a necessary conjunction-list to assist you in making fluent sentences. Its user interface is very pleasing, and it contains content for language learners. The software also includes a chatbot that allows you to converse in Vietnamese at any time and from any location. It also offers a hands-free version so you may continue learning Vietnamese while completing your regular tasks.


LingoDeer is a language study software with lessons available in ten languages, including Vietnamese. The program includes grammar courses prepared by expert language teachers, resulting in a thorough mastery of Vietnamese grammar. One of the best features of LingoDeer is that in listening comprehension tasks, you listen to a natural speaker rather than a robotic voice.


LingoDeer offers a flashcard system that you can tailor to your own needs. This means you will not be prompted to repeat the words you have previously mastered. With its downloadable content, you can take classes offline. With a single click, you may download all classes and be ready to learn anywhere, at any time. The audio materials are in HD quality, so you will not have any difficulty listening to recordings and will easily get the message.


When discussing the top applications for learning Vietnamese, Duolingo is constantly included. Duolingo is the world’s most popular language-learning app. It employs a gamified approach to instruction. Duolingo turns learning into a competition among students, which increases motivation and hard effort. If you are a visual learner, Duolingo is ideal because it contains numerous visuals that reinforce the meaning of the word.


If you are new to Vietnamese, Duolingo has several classes that will teach you the Vietnamese alphabet, vocabulary, and phrases. Because Duolingo is fully free, there is no need to pay for language content. There is, however, a premium (paid) version. You can continue learning without being interrupted by advertisements, and you will have a limitless number of hearts. The program features a well-structured interface that assists you in understanding the vocabulary used in daily discussions in Vietnamese.


The “Pimsleur method” is a well-known strategy to teaching new languages that emphasizes immersion over memorization, and you’ll be delighted to know that Vietnamese is one of them!


Pimsleur now offers a basic level concentrating on vocabulary, grammar, reading, and, most importantly, speech in the Hanoi (Northern) dialect. Its Vietnamese lessons have a strong emphasis on proper pronunciation, which adds to its allure!


Drops, with its visually appealing UI, is an app that immediately captivates users. You are pulled into a world of brilliant colors and excellent design the instant you launch the app. This program expertly blends gorgeous visuals with interactive lessons to provide a fun environment for learning Vietnamese words and phrases.


It goes above and beyond standard language learning apps by making the process visually appealing and engaging. Drops is an excellent place to start if you’re a novice or looking to brush up on your language skills. It’s so interesting that it feels more like an exciting game than a traditional language-learning tool, making it a pleasant opportunity to sneak in some language practice during your downtime.

7.Simply Learn Vietnamese

“Simply Learn Vietnamese” is a name that speaks for itself. This app is your best companion whether you’re looking for an easy lesson plan to start your journey of acquiring the Vietnamese language or planning for an exciting trip adventure in Vietnam. Simply Learn Vietnamese, with its user-friendly interface and complete range of tools, gives you a good start in mastering the language’s complexities. The app includes a handy phrasebook, interactive quizzes, and downloadable audio materials, among other things.

Simply Learn Vietnamese

These resources are conveniently available on your tablet, making it a useful companion throughout your journey. What distinguishes this program is its incorporation of both Northern and Southern dialects, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in Vietnam’s unique linguistic tapestry. Simply Learn Vietnamese ensures that you’re well-equipped to converse successfully and discover the various culture and landscapes of Vietnam, whether you’re a language enthusiast or a traveler looking to enhance your experience.


Memrise, a famous language learning software, has long been acclaimed for its large library of courses spanning a wide range of languages. It does not, however, officially provide a Vietnamese lesson via its app. Despite this limitation, the Memrise community and committed developers have banded together to fill the void by offering supplemental Vietnamese classes.


These user-generated lessons are designed for people who want to improve their vocabulary and pronunciation in Vietnamese. The beauty of this collaborative effort is that these extra courses are free to anyone, making language study both accessible and affordable. So, even in the absence of an official Vietnamese course, Memrise users can use the platform’s tools and community-generated content to master the complexities of this lovely language.

9.Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a well-known name in the language game, and for good reason. The platform is jam-packed with learning tools, such as its offline Audio Companion, TruAccent voice coaching, and core lessons, to continuously test and advance your skills.

Rosetta Stone

Perfect practice makes perfect! Both its vocabulary phrasebook and storytelling feature, which are designed to simulate real-life dialogue in the Hanoi dialect, assist polish your conversation skills while incorporating vital concepts. Rosetta Stone is a fantastic location to increase your confidence because it is interactive, immersive, and well-paced.


We recommend going right to the source for learning Vietnamese, and no one does it better than VietnamesePod101! You’ll be able to practice your speech in a systematic, enriching, and authentic manner using audio and video courses produced by native speakers.


As well as line-by-line breakdowns Furthermore, with a Premium PLUS subscription, you can schedule 1-on-1 sessions with your very own instructor. If anything, this is your most valuable resource yet!

11.Mango Languages

Mango Languages, a surprising newcomer, includes a unique color-coding feature. Rather than boring you with the standard explanation, it divides grammar into colored blocks to illustrate speech patterns and give you a fresh perspective!

Mango Languages

Although it may fall short for expert learners, novices will like its casual approach to language learning. This app will prepare you for the best, whether it’s cross-country journey or casual chat.


It’s simple to select your ideal tutor in italki, which has a variety of profiles, reviews, and introduction videos. The platform includes courses from both community and professional instructors.


Allowing you to tailor your learning experience to your own needs, whether informal or professional! Furthermore, the italki Classroom makes it easy to schedule frequent meetings. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect—and with italki, you can customise your lessons while you’re at it!


Come for the courses, but stay for the low prices! Preply, another excellent platform, allows you to choose your desired instructor from a large pool of profiles and fees. You may also reserve spaces using its instant booking option and receive an instructor replacement (if you’re unhappy with your first lesson).


Preply is here to assist you in creating a tailored Vietnamese learning experience. In the Preply Virtual Classroom, you can host sessions. Function for instant booking (depending on your desired time slot) Choose from a variety of instructors (with a free tutor replacement guarantee). Rates start at $4/hour if you buy 6-, 12-, or 20-hour packages in advance.


Babbel is a language-learning software that provides a comprehensive and interactive approach to language learning. Babbel caters to language learners of all levels, with a user-friendly design and a large number of languages to pick from, including popular options like Spanish, French, and German, as well as less common ones.


What distinguishes Babbel is its emphasis on practical conversational skills, making it a great tool for anybody wishing to quickly improve their ability to converse in a foreign language. Lessons on the site are designed to be both fascinating and effective, with real-world interaction and interactive exercises to help users understand grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.


Udemy is the perfect location where you may locate a variety of language learning courses and study your preferred course online; – The website offers culture-focused courses with a focus on Vietnamese customs and traditions. For example, as part of a course learning Vietnamese, you can come across a lesson that discusses Vietnamese food and its daily diet, such as eating rice. Udemy offers over 600 free courses on a variety of topics and disciplines.


It is an excellent opportunity to improve your abilities and discover new hobbies for yourself. The course rates range from $9.99 to $199.99. This fee grants you complete access to practically every course you wish to begin; – After completing courses, you will be issued a certificate of completion proving that you have successfully completed a course and have sufficient expertise or knowledge in a certain field.


Glossika is an online platform and language learning program that supports 50+ languages, including English, Chinese, and Vietnamese. You can learn Vietnamese without trouble with the help of a unique approach and expert teachers; Glossika has a good and significantly more effective way for learners compared to any other applications and language learning platforms. This immediately leads to an improvement in knowledge of Vietnamese.


The platform is an excellent foundation for improving conversation and vocabulary abilities in Vietnamese. During lessons, you can practice speaking with a pronounced example of each word and phrase, which may help you become fluent in Vietnamese quickly.


123Vietnamese is the best software for quickly and successfully learning any language, particularly English and Vietnamese. Learning Vietnamese will be very easy with this tool since it provides you with a number of personal lessons.


High-quality vocabulary contains commonly used Vietnamese words and phrases that will help you make natural speech; – The content is culture-based. So, during courses, you may see the customs, types of food, and lifestyle in Vietnam, as well as learn about the country’s history.

18.Learn Vietnamese With Annie

Learn Vietnamese With Annie’s main emphasis is to give high-quality teaching materials that are very advantageous to English and non-English students; it also contains free sample lessons that do not require payment.

Learn Vietnamese With Annie

ANNIE is the most comprehensive resource for students of Southern Vietnamese. Traditional classes, subscription-only online sessions, books, and YouTube videos are among its many offerings.

19.Transparent Language

Transparent Language views language learning as more than just a hobby. Success is not optional for our customers, who include some of the most exacting language schools in the United States government. Their students must achieve a certain degree of competency in a certain length of time. They make their problem mission: to train languages faster and more consistently.

Transparent Language

We create innovative technology and methods to enable faster and more reliable language learning outcomes for professionals in organizations with critical language requirements, students and teachers in academic settings, and anyone else who wants to improve their language skills.

20.Colloquial Vietnamese

Colloquial Vietnamese is an excellent resource for anyone wishing to learn the complexities of the Vietnamese language. This useful learning tool provides free audio lessons led by a native speaker, making it an excellent choice for students looking to master the nuances of pronunciation and accent.

Colloquial Vietnamese

The carefully crafted lessons not only help with vocabulary growth but also provide a comprehensive comprehension of commonly used words and phrases in regular conversation. Learners can immerse themselves in the rich sounds of the language by engaging with the audio lessons, helping them to attain a level of fluency that goes beyond simply knowing the words. Colloquial Vietnamese is the key to unlocking the language’s inherent character and interacting with the colorful culture of Vietnam.

21.Learn Vietnamese on Language Reactor

Language Reactor is a web-based language learning program that makes use of YouTube, Netflix, and other sites to help you learn new languages. You may use their Chrome extension, which has already been downloaded by a million people, to add explanations and translations to what you view.

Learn Vietnamese on Language Reactor

When you install the extension and go to Youtube or Netflix, it will prompt you to select your native language. When you click on a video, it will display subtitles in both the original language and your local language. It will also have a side panel with the video’s whole transcript.

22.Learn Vietnamese on Cudoo

Cudoo allows you to learn new languages quickly and simply without leaving your house. Their cutting-edge platform provides a wide range of courses, from basic to expert, delivered by qualified language instructors.

Learn Vietnamese on Cudoo

You can even study alone or with a friend, and their interactive exercises will keep you engaged at all times. Furthermore, their proprietary speech recognition system ensures that you receive real-time feedback on your pronunciation abilities.

23.Learn Vietnamese on Falou

Falou is an excellent tool for anyone wishing to improve their communication abilities. Falou makes learning a new language easy and enjoyable by focusing on communication. You’ll be able to practice your pronunciation with native speakers from all across the world.

Learn Vietnamese on Falou

Whether you’re planning a trip or simply want to learn more about another culture, Falou is an excellent resource. The main disadvantage of Falou is that it is not complete. You can use it to supplement your learning experience, but it’s tough to understand how a speaking app, for example, will help you better your writing. So, if your natural learning inclination is speaking, this is the course for you.

24.Learn Vietnamese on Awabe

Awabe is a fantastic language learning software for Android that has grown in popularity due to its practical and user-friendly approach to vocabulary development. Unlike many other language learning apps, Awabe distinguishes itself by emphasizing vocabulary expansion. With up to 4,000 words available for each supported language, it provides learners with a comprehensive and diversified set of words to master.

Learn Vietnamese on Awabe

This extensive vocabulary collection is a wonderful resource for anyone wishing to improve their language skills, whether for personal enrichment or academic or professional goals. Awabe’s flashcard system is a fun and effective approach to learn and remember new words, allowing users to establish a solid linguistic foundation and converse confidently in their chosen language. Awabe has become a go-to tool for language enthusiasts and learners looking to expand their vocabulary and improve their language ability because to its user-friendly layout and comprehensive language support.

25.Learn Vietnamese on LuvLingua

LuvLingua is a fun and unique language learning software aimed towards a younger population. This language learning platform emphasizes vocabulary acquisition and listening ability development, making it a beneficial tool for language learners of all ages, but especially appealing to a younger clientele.

Learn Vietnamese on LuvLingua

LuvLingua’s user-friendly interface, bright visuals, and interactive elements make language learning both informative and exciting. The app provides a free basic edition with access to important language learning tools, but advanced features and content are available through premium subscriptions for individuals seeking a more complete and personalized experience.

Conclusion Best app to learn Vietnamese

In conclusion, there are various good options to consider when it comes to the best app for learning Vietnamese. The best option is determined by your personal preferences, learning style, and goals. Apps such as Duolingo and Memrise take a gamified and interactive approach to learning, making it appealing to beginners. Tandem and Rosetta Stone provide well-organized lessons and the ability to practice with native speakers for those looking for a more thorough and structured learning experience.

Babbel, on the other hand, is a solid alternative for travelers because it concentrates on practical conversational skills. Finally, the best app for you will be the one that corresponds to your individual language learning goals and tastes, thus experimenting with different possibilities, including combining numerous applications, can lead to the most effective and fun Vietnamese learning trip.

FAQ Best App to Learn Vietnamese

What is the best app to learn Vietnamese?

The ideal app for learning Vietnamese depends on your personal preferences and learning style. Popular language learning apps include Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, Memrise, Drops, Tandem, and Pimsleur.

Is Duolingo a good app for learning Vietnamese?

Duolingo is a popular language learning software that includes a Vietnamese course. While this is a wonderful place to start, it may not be enough to become proficient. It’s a useful tool for learning vocabulary and basic grammar.

Is Rosetta Stone effective for learning Vietnamese?

Rosetta Stone is well-known for its immersive language learning approach. It has the potential to be useful, but it may be costly. Combine it with other resources to create a well-rounded learning experience.

What is the Memrise app’s reputation for learning Vietnamese?

Memrise is an excellent tool for learning new words. Many people use it to learn Vietnamese words and phrases. It’s a useful supplement to other language-learning programs.

What are the advantages of using Drops to learn Vietnamese?

Drops is well-known for its aesthetically beautiful and interesting lessons. It’s great for expanding your vocabulary, especially for beginners. It may not, however, address more sophisticated topics.

Is Tandem a good app to practice speaking Vietnamese with native speakers?

Tandem does, in fact, pair language learners with native speakers for conversational practice. It’s a great method to hone your public speaking skills and obtain cultural understanding.

Is Pimsleur effective for learning Vietnamese?

Pimsleur focuses on spoken language, making it ideal for developing conversational skills. It is recommended for individuals who wish to become fluent in Vietnamese.

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