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25 Best App to Learn Urdu 

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Best App to Learn Urdu is finest app for learning Urdu is unquestionably “Rosetta Stone.” Rosetta Stone, known for its immersive language learning approach, offers a thorough and effective solution to grasp the Urdu language. The app includes a number of courses and games aimed at improving your speaking, listening, reading, and writing abilities.

The emphasis on interactive and real-life settings distinguishes Rosetta Stone, making the learning experience both entertaining and practical. The app’s speech recognition technology also ensures that your pronunciation is correct.

Best App to Learn Urdu Rosetta Stone’s user-friendly interface and planned curriculum make studying Urdu accessible and pleasant for both beginners and expert learners. Rosetta Stone is the best instrument to begin your journey to fluency, whether you’re a traveler, a language enthusiast, or someone wishing to engage with Urdu-speaking communities.

How To Choose Best App to Learn Urdu?

The greatest app for learning Urdu is determined by your specific needs and preferences. Here are some tips to help you select the best app:

Define Your Objectives: Determine your motivation for learning Urdu. Do you want to learn for travel, career, or personal enrichment? Your app selection will be influenced by your objectives.

Think About Your Learning Style: Do you prefer interactive lessons, flashcards, quizzes, or practice conversations? Consider your learning style when using different apps that provide different instructional approaches.

Examine App Reviews and Ratings: On app marketplaces, look for apps with positive reviews and high ratings. Read user comments to learn more about the app’s efficacy.

Paid vs. Free Apps: Determine whether you are willing to pay for a language-learning software or prefer free alternatives. Some free apps are wonderful, but expensive apps may have additional functionality.

Quality of Content: Examine the content’s quality and depth. Look for apps that address the topics you want to learn about in Urdu, such as vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and cultural insights.

Friendly User Interface: Choose an app with a simple and easy-to-use UI. A well-designed software can enhance your learning experience.

Language Assistance: Check to see if the program supports your native language. When learning Urdu, it can be beneficial to have explanations and instructions in your home language.

Here Is List of the Best App to Learn Urdu

  • Pimsleur
  • Mondly
  • UrduPod101
  • italki
  • Preply
  • Memrise
  • Mango Languages
  • Ling App
  • Simply Learn Urdu
  • Bluebird Languages
  • Duolingo
  • Rosetta Stone
  • Babbel
  • Learn Urdu App
  • italki
  • Learn Urdu on Cudoo
  • Learn Urdu on Brainscape
  • Learn Urdu on 50 Languages
  • Learn Urdu on Tandem
  • uTalk
  • Transparent Language
  • Drops
  • HelloTalk
  • Clozemaster
  • Readlang

25 Best App to Learn Urdu 


Pimsleur can be your ideal linguistic buddy if you want to become conversational in Urdu rapidly. Pimsleur’s audio-only courses provide a unique and successful approach to language learning, with you speaking comfortably from the first lesson.


This method emphasizes conversational skills development by immersing you in real-life language situations, helping you to readily acquire the rhythm, pronunciation, and cadence of Urdu. Pimsleur will help you understand and recreate authentic discourse by having you listen and answer to native speakers.


Mondly is a well-known language learning app that has gained recognition for its practical and user-friendly approach to language learning. It stands out as an ideal pick for beginners, providing a smooth and efficient learning experience.


One of its primary assets is the design of its courses, which are purposefully brief and easy to follow, making it less scary for individuals who are just starting out on their language-learning adventure. Furthermore, Mondly allows users to complete lessons in any order, giving them the freedom to focus on the precise areas of language that interest or are important to them.


Finding Urdu content to practice listening can be difficult, especially for novices learning the intricacies of this lovely language. UrduPod101, on the other hand, appears as a great resource that significantly eases this path. This platform provides learners with a varied choice of interesting materials to improve their listening and comprehension abilities, with a huge library of audio and video lessons.


UrduPod101 caters to learners of all levels, whether they want to master ordinary conversations or delve into more sophisticated topics. The platform also features quizzes and flashcards, which allow users to reinforce and review what they’ve learned, making it a thorough and dynamic tool for individuals beginning their Urdu language learning journey.


The italki app links language students and tutors from all around the world. Italki has approximately 80 Urdu teachers available. You may filter tutors based on their native languages, other languages they speak, pricing, availability, and other factors.


You can also read previous student feedback. This is useful because you may learn about how each tutor’s classes are. Most tutors offer free trial courses to discover if they are a suitable fit for you.


Preply is a platform similar to italki that caters to language learners looking for one-on-one online courses with native speakers. Preply, which focuses specifically on Urdu, has a broad assortment of over 400 Urdu teachers, each of them is equipped with the expertise and skills to accompany you on your language-learning path.


Preply’s vast pool of skilled educators ensures that you may discover the perfect fit for your specific needs, whether you’re a beginner wanting to master the basics or an established learner pushing for fluency. Preply, with tailored lessons and scheduling flexibility, allows learners to study at their own speed and in the comfort of their own home, making it a handy and effective solution for individuals looking to master the subject.


Memrise is a versatile and effective language learning software that uses flashcards to speed up the acquisition and memory of new words and phrases. While it offers a variety of “official” courses for several languages, it is worth mentioning that Urdu does not have an official course on the platform.


Memrise, on the other hand, has a unique feature: a huge library of user-created flashcard sets covering a wide range of languages and disciplines. It is vital to note that certain user-generated resources are only available on the website and not via the app. This collection of flashcard sets allows learners to explore and understand terminology linked to numerous topics, making it a helpful resource for individuals wishing to improve and widen their language skills.

7.Mango Languages

When it comes to finding a more traditional and structured Urdu language education, Mango Languages is the clear winner. This platform provides a thorough and well-organized approach to learning Urdu, making it a good choice for people who prefer a more structured learning experience. Its incorporation of crucial aspects such as grammar and culture notes, vocabulary lessons, and pronunciation practice is one of its primary assets. Mango Languages ensures that learners not only comprehend the mechanics of the language but also develop a deeper understanding of its cultural context by incorporating grammar and culture notes.

Mango Languages

The vocabulary classes establish a solid foundation for developing a strong Urdu vocabulary, which is an important part of language mastery. Furthermore, the platform’s pronunciation practice assists learners in honing their speaking abilities, assuring correct and clear communication. Overall, Mango Languages provides a balanced and disciplined approach to individuals seeking to acquire the Urdu language, making it an ideal choice for both beginning and intermediate learners.

8.Ling App

Ling App is a comprehensive language learning platform that takes pleasure in offering a broad assortment of language courses meant to cater to individuals of varying competence levels, ranging from beginners taking their first steps in a new language to advanced learners pursuing fluency and mastery. Because the platform recognizes that language acquisition is a diverse experience, it offers a comprehensive approach to learning. Ling App has you covered whether you’re beginning from fresh or looking to improve your existing skills.

Ling App

Their courses are carefully designed to include the four basic areas of language learning: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. This means that students not only develop a firm foundation in grammar and vocabulary, but they also learn to comprehend, express themselves, and engage in meaningful conversations in the target language. Ling App’s dedication to meeting the different demands of language learners makes it an important resource for anyone wishing to begin a language-learning adventure or advance their linguistic ability.

9.Simply Learn Urdu

Simply Learn Urdu, an excellent phrasebook designed for students and travelers, allows you to study terminology on the fly! You’ll have quick access to frequently used words and expressions in phonetic and authentic Urdu text. Isn’t that convenient

Simply Learn Urdu

Learn to read and speak Urdu with this software, which includes high-quality audio lessons and covers basic conversational themes such frequent greetings, questions, and crises. This platform will get you through the basic stage with its spaced-repetition learning system, entertaining flashcards, and review quizzes.

10.Bluebird Languages

Bluebird Languages allows you to personalize your lesson content for school, job, or personal learning. You’ll quickly improve your pronunciation with our 15-45 minute pre-recorded Urdu tutorials! That’s all there is to it; just listen and repeat.

Bluebird Languages

This thorough program covers a wide range of real-world themes, including high-frequency words, verbs, sentence construction, and conversations. Furthermore, its quizzes and statistics enable you to track your progress at any moment! Furthermore, because the program supports 146 different languages, you can study Urdu from your mother tongue.


Duolingo has an Urdu course that is a great place to start if you want to learn the subtleties of this beautiful language. This software teaches Urdu in a systematic and interactive manner, covering important topics such as vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. Its user-friendly layout and gamified lessons make it an appealing platform for people who are just starting out with language learning. Duolingo’s bite-sized activities and challenges assist learners in developing a fundamental mastery of Urdu.


Although Duolingo is an excellent tool for laying a solid foundation, it is vital to remember that language acquisition is a diverse process. It is strongly advised to supplement Duolingo with other resources in order to actually become skilled in Urdu. Textbooks, online courses, conversation practice with native speakers, and exposure to real Urdu content such as literature, music, and movies are examples of additional resources.

12.Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a well-known language-learning platform that provides a thorough and holistic method to learning a variety of languages, including Urdu. What distinguishes Rosetta Stone is its unique teaching style, which largely depends on visual and auditory cues to help learners to absorb the language organically, much like they would their native language. Rosetta Stone is an excellent tool for improving conversational skills and pronunciation. Its availability for less often taught languages such as Urdu, on the other hand, may vary.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone’s immersion technique can be extremely beneficial for language acquisition, it is important to note that it may not be as easily available for other languages. To develop a well-rounded grasp of a language with limited availability, it’s best to use a combination of resources, such as other language learning applications, textbooks, and conversation practice with native speakers.


Babbel is a popular language learning software that provides a fun and effective approach for people to learn new languages. Unlike traditional language classes, Babbel takes a contemporary and user-friendly approach, emphasizing practical dialogues and real-world language abilities. Users can learn to speak, write, and interpret a variety of languages through a combination of interactive lectures, activities, and quizzes.


Babbel’s method is based on scientifically established language acquisition strategies that emphasize context and pronunciation, making it appropriate for both beginners and experienced learners. Babbel’s accessible mobile app and web-based platform allow for self-paced learning, making it a wonderful resource for anybody wishing to develop their linguistic ability and explore other cultures.

14.Learn Urdu App

The Learn Urdu App is a cutting-edge language learning tool that aims to assist people learn the Urdu language. This user-friendly smartphone application provides a thorough and structured approach to learning Urdu, making it suitable for students of all levels, from beginners to advanced users.

Learn Urdu App

The software includes a variety of features, such as interactive lessons, quizzes, and pronunciation aids, to help users improve their speaking, reading, and writing skills. The Learn Urdu App provides an immersive and fun learning experience with its easy UI and fascinating material. This program is a wonderful tool to go on a path to master the lovely Urdu language, whether you’re a traveler, a student, or simply interested in broadening your linguistic horizons.


Its great features and unique class offerings that are difficult to find elsewhere, iTalki stands out as one of the market’s leading language learning apps. Whether you’re a world traveler hoping to brush up on your conversational French before a trip to Paris or a business professional looking to grasp Japanese for key negotiations, iTalki can help. One of its primary features is the large range of specialized topics it offers, many of which are taught by native-speaking instructors.


iTalki’s engaging and interactive lessons make language learning not only easy but also extremely enjoyable. The app’s global community of learners and teachers encourages a culture of cultural interchange and mutual learning, enriching the language learning journey. In conclusion, iTalki is a standout language learning app worth investigating if you’re searching for a complete and pleasant approach to learn a new language.

16.Learn Urdu on Cudoo

Cudoo allows you to learn new languages quickly and simply without leaving your house. Their cutting-edge platform provides a wide range of courses, from basic to expert, delivered by qualified language instructors.

Learn Urdu on Cudoo

You can even study alone or with a friend, and their interactive exercises will keep you engaged at all times. Furthermore, their proprietary speech recognition system ensures that you receive real-time feedback on your pronunciation abilities.

17.Learn Urdu on Brainscape

Brainscape is a game-changing language learning program that allows users to go on a tailored and efficient road to acquiring a new language. With the flexibility to choose from a diverse range of languages, students are free to pursue their interests. What distinguishes Brainscape is its novel approach to flashcards.

Learn Urdu on Brainscape

This software is more than just a flashcard app; it’s dubbed “the world’s smartest flashcard app” for a reason. Brainscape uses a proprietary algorithm to maximize the learning experience, enabling users to construct their own bespoke flashcards and study materials.

18.Learn Urdu on 50 Languages

50 Languages is a smartphone app that provides users with a number of features that make it relatively easy to learn a language.

Learn Urdu on 50 Languages

50 Languages provides a solid set up for deepening your understanding of your target language, from pronunciation guidelines to verb conjugations. The software is free to download, but you must pay to remove advertisements.

19.Learn Urdu on Tandem

Tandem is a free platform with a simple premise: there is surely someone out there learning your native language, and you want to learn their native language.

Learn Urdu on Tandem

As a result, they put you in touch with them. Tandem will check your application when you sign up to ensure that their platform remains secure and that the individual you are matched with is also an eager language learner.


The duo, who met while working for the same London software firm, then traveled to a business conference in France and couldn’t comprehend a word they were saying. It was an epic failure that inspired them to quit their professions and launch a language learning firm focused on speaking and listening abilities.


The company was among the first to use games as a learning tool. It also created a template so that its products could be used by both English and non-English speakers. And, after years of trying and learning from past mistakes, such as initially naming the company EuroTalk due to its earlier European concentration, uTalk is now assisting individuals all around the world in learning any of 150+ languages. Richard is still in charge of the company today.

21.Transparent Language

Transparent is one of the most unexpected online Urdu classes I’ve tried. The system and interface are old and slow, which is a major disadvantage, but if you can get beyond that, Transparent Language offers a substantial amount of Urdu course content. Transparent Language does not have a voice recognition comparison.

Transparent Language

It works by recording your voice and displaying your sound wave in comparison to the native speaker’s sound wave. There is no built-in method for automatically comparing sounds. The Transparent Language course includes a “Produce it.” section. “Say it.” portion that essentially asks, “Were you right?” In other words, there is no method to automatically determine if you were correct or not; you must make your own conclusion. This is completely out of date. Overall, if you are able to look


Drops is a fresh and enjoyable approach to learn languages. It established a cult following by mixing gorgeously designed word games with mnemonic associations, becoming the world’s fastest-growing language learning app.


Language learning becomes an enjoyable part of your daily routine thanks to the short, engaging games. Learning one or more of Drops’ 50+ languages is simple. While the app is fun and straightforward, it is built on years of study on how to help you learn a language more successfully and easily.


We are a dedicated worldwide team of people who are passionate about language and technology. Our dedication to connecting people transcends borders, and we are happy to have a presence on practically every continent, with devoted team members collaborating from all over the world. Our overarching aim is to use the power of language to bridge cultures, develop understanding, and unify communities.


With a global community of over 30 million members and a wide and ever-growing membership, you’ll be in good company. We work relentlessly together to break down linguistic and cultural barriers, fostering a society in which the beauty of diversity is recognized and connections are made across every imaginable gap.


We’re on a mission to help people learn another language more quickly and effectively, while also having fun. We combine cutting-edge AI, machine learning, and natural language processing technologies to create games, tools, and materials that will help you quickly grow your vocabulary, enhance your listening abilities, and much more.


Clozemaster takes a simple concept – a fill-in-the-blank exercise, also known as a cloze test – and pushes it to the limit with thousands of sentences, incredibly fun gamification, passive and active recall training, and speaking and listening practice to help bridge the gap between advanced beginner and fluent.


Readlang wants to be the best language learning reading tool in the world. It enables you to: Almost any webpage may be viewed or imported with the Chrome extension and browser bookmarklets.


You can read practically any digital content you can get your hands on, including entire novels, via copy and paste or file upload. Understand new words and phrases quickly by using translations, dictionaries, and AI-based explanations. Unlike some other websites, Readlang’s reading experience is designed to be as clear and distraction-free as possible, allowing you to immerse yourself in the text’s content as much as possible.

Features Best App to Learn Urdu 

Here are some features to look for in a good app for learning Urdu:

Structured Curriculum: An app that provides a well-structured curriculum with courses that begin with the basics and progress to more complicated topics. Grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and writing should all be covered.

Interactive Lessons: The app should have interactive lessons that engage the learner by utilizing a variety of multimedia elements such as audio, video, quizzes, and games.

Grammar and Vocabulary Development: A good app should emphasize grammar and vocabulary development through lessons, flashcards, and interactive drills.

Pronunciation Practice: The app should have tools for practicing precise pronunciation as well as audio recordings from native speakers to assist learners in improving their accent and intonation.

Conclusion Best App to Learn Urdu

Finally, the search for the best app to learn Urdu yields a plethora of possibilities, each catering to different interests and learning methods. A standout option, though, would be one that provides a complete curriculum, interactive classes, and a supportive community.

The greatest software should blend language basics with cultural insights, promoting a comprehensive understanding of Urdu. Accessibility and user-friendliness are critical considerations in encouraging learners of all levels to interact on a regular basis.

Furthermore, adaptive features that tailor the learning experience to an individual’s speed and competency level can be quite beneficial. Finally, the greatest app for learning Urdu will be one that not only transmits linguistic abilities but also awakens a passion for the language, allowing learners to engage with the rich culture of the language.

FAQ Best App to Learn Urdu

What is the best app to learn Urdu?

The ideal app for learning Urdu depends on your own tastes, learning style, and objectives. Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, Memrise, and Babbel are some popular apps for learning Urdu. It is critical to test out a few different apps to determine which one best meets your learning requirements.

Is Duolingo a good app for learning Urdu?

Duolingo has an Urdu course that is a wonderful place to start for beginners. It teaches vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. However, it is recommended that Duolingo be used in conjunction with other resources to achieve a comprehensive mastery of the language.

How does Rosetta Stone perform for learning Urdu?

Rosetta Stone provides a thorough language-learning experience, although it is not as readily available in Urdu as it is in other languages. Its immersive teaching style, if provided in Urdu, has the potential to be effective.

Are there any free apps for learning Urdu?

Yes, Duolingo has a free version, and Memrise also has free Urdu curriculum. However, keep in mind that free apps may have limitations and advertisements, so it’s best to look into both free and paid solutions.

Are there any apps specifically designed for advanced Urdu learners?

While there are many apps for beginners and intermediate Urdu learners, finding apps for expert Urdu learners can be more difficult. In such instances, working with a tutor or using native materials to improve your skills is recommended.

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