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Friday, September 30, 2022 Advertising Review : Lead Gen & Inbound Calls Platform

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About company was formed by experts in marketing and publishing with a vast Experience in the industry While specializing in Pay per call and many other Areas of the industry we have found our image while working around the clock the experts are specialized in generating quality leads for our marketers. Call performance marketing is more then call tracking with the help of our innovative platform we are able to achieve client satisfaction. Is it possible for your business to grow and expand even if you don’t have a lot of agents to fulfill those calls? Yes, because conversational AI and inbound calls can blend really well and they can work to your own advantage. Artificial intelligence can do wonders when it comes to inbound calls. Not only will your customers talk with the AI and have their task solved, but you won’t have to hire as many agents to begin with. It’s the best of both worlds and it will give you a very good experience.

Quick Facts About Affiliates Network

Company Affiliates Network
Commission TypeCPA, Pay per call
Min Payments$300
Payment FrequencyNet-30
Payment MethodACH (Direct Deposit)
Referral CommissionN/A
Tracking LineN/A
Email SupportN/A
Official WebsiteClick Here To View

Important If you have a business, you most likely allow customers to get in touch with you. And that’s where inbound calls come into play. Customers expect to speak with your organization and that means you will receive many calls from them. These inbound calls will usually shape the way a customer views your brand.

Voice Search Generated Calls There are many situations in which voice search can bring in front some great search results. And in many situations you can also have voice search generated calls that come from voice search and which will give you a lot of leads.

Why Choose

Secure Tech Platform Secure and scalable platform that brings the ease of to business. One dashboard to drive sales, manage your supply chain, and save money.

Anonymous Provide for anonymous reporting & help identify risk and blind spots in your Sales cycle. Chat with one of our Sales experts to learn more.

Cloud Synchronization Seamless and Secure Data Synchronization. This Service offering transfers and synchronizes your Campaign Data Stats.

Lead Destruction 100k Home Improvement Leads150K Insurance Leads10k Medicare Supplement Leads$10K – Moving Leads

Calls Destruction 45%Health Insurance25% Auto Insurance9% Medicare3% Home Service Provider2% “Air Travel”

Performance Marketing Performance marketing has grown globally on the back of SaaS platforms, affiliate networks, performance marketing agencies and third-party tools that help track and attribute marketing activities. Media Promotionv Performance Marketing Summit will engage industry experts to look at how brands have optimised their digital ad spends. Infographics Content The also focus on the methods that publishers follow to extract the true value of inventory for advertisers.​

Display Ads Display ads on a wide variety of high-ranking websites depending on the target audience through Standard / Rich Media for high visibility. Giving realistic impressions to an ad campaign, the provide the most suitable traffic which runs purely on CPM. Herein, we take care of innovations, pop up, pop under, rich media based activities. CPM is majorly run for gaining online visibility, building brand image, creating recognition, etc.


  • Premium Direct Advertisers
  • Premium international Exclusive & Unique Offers
  • Real time Optimization
  • Global Rotator  & Individual Campaign Links
  • Fast, Simple Integration & Tracking
  • Monetize unsold remnant or back fill traffic
  • Lots of Vertical Options
  • Landing Page Management & Optimization
  • Simple Reporting
  • Fast implementation
  • The monetize all types of international traffic with the global smart links and CPA campaigns

Publishers Your Traffic Is Valuable! Ride the affilienet wave and turn your remnant or untargeted traffic into gold! Partnering with affilienet gives you access to exclusive international campaigns with the best converting landing pages the design ourselves. Choose from individual campaigns or one of our global rotator links. With global coverage and campaigns for both desktop and mobile, have your traffic covered. Login to your account at any time to get up to date stats on how your traffic is performing.
affilienet makes it nice and easy to make more money from your valuable traffic!

Start making money on your traffic now!! their simple, effective and super profitable solution is waiting for you. The manage and optimize all landing pages, creatives and offers so you can focus on media buying and driving the traffic. Their global rotator is a fast and easy way to make money on your remnant, unsold, capped/dead or redirect traffic, and our unique single offers provide you with the most cutting edge offers on the market.

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