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Asva Finance a P2P decentralized solutions focusing on bringing cross-chain trades to reality and developing NFT marketplace. Asva Finance aspires to promote seamless adoption of decentralized financial applications using public blockchain technology. It strongly deems multi-chain adoption as the future of Defi, focussing on elevating Defi to the mainstream.

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Asva Proposed Solutions

Asva Protocol proposed a cross-chain liquidity aggregation mechanism that is instrumental in driving the DeFi and NFT use cases into one holistic ecosystem. Asva will be employing its native para chain on Polkadot to facilitate the web3 abstracted cross-chain money market. Leveraging the Polkadot relay network, Asva strives towards evolving the DeFi landscape by facilitating smart holistic money market solutions. The Asva’s ecosystem comprises the following proposed solutions to the limitations discussed above:

Cross – Chain Money Market

Asva Finance is a DeFi protocol built on a substrate framework. It aims to power cross-chain money market features for crypto assets on the polkadot ecosystem.

NFTs as Collateral

Asva proposes a framework for tokenizing real-world assets with on-chain ownership and offers decentralized borrowing against NFTs.

Build on Polkadot

Asva finance is built on polkadot blockchain leveraging web3 libraries to enable integrations with application frameworks.

The cross-chain liquidity aggregator

The core feature of Asva Finance is cross-chain liquidity aggregation. Asva finance accesses liquidity from various decentralized exchanges and liquidity pools across multiple blockchain networks that include ethereum, binance smart chain, and others, etc.

The interoperable DeFi Dashboard

Built on polkadot infrastructure, asva has integrated with binance smart chains, and ethereum network to facilitate cross-chain money market features from token swaps, lending to yield farming. Asva finance offers an intuitive and intelligent dashboard to trackand monitor all earnings of users in one place. The goal is to fuel DeFi mainstream adoption with a one-stop interoperable DeFi solution.


Lending and Borrowing

The Asva Finance platform promotes the lending and borrowing of crypto assets. Asva will compare the best interest rate among the protocols it aggregates in the backend and offer the best interest rate to the users.The aggregation to different platforms happens through the published interfaces.

Yield farming

Asva smart yield aggregator will provide an opportunity to maximize user yields by aggregating the information of all the available yield farming pools. Asva will provide monitoring and reporting tools to allow users to participate in pools of their choosing.

Decentralized Asset management

Asva Finance provides a cross-chain DeFi interface allowing users to token swaps, yield, and lend crypto assets. The intelligent platform features users to track all earnings in one place and avail customized notifications on price actions, new listings, and pertinent information regarding their experience.

Why asva is built on Polkadot?

Limitless Scalability:

Whilst housing a common set of validators, Polkadot promotes unprecedented scalability with speedy transactions across multiple blockchains. It allows decentralized applications to execute a high number of transactions without latency or network congestion issues.

Low Transaction Fees:

Asva Finance transaction executed through Polkadot Network is economical compared to other blockchains. Transaction fees are a significant aspect while considering the macro-dynamics of DeFi adoption. The low transaction costs are attractive for users and developers to build and execute transactions on the Polkadot Network.

Robust Infrastructure Framework:

Polkadot utilizes the Substrate Framework to fuel interoperability across cross chains. It also has forkless and future-proof features that increase the adaptability on a technological front and allows interacting with various chains in a meaningful way, thus providing immense value to the DeFi ecosystem.


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