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About is a project started back in 2018, but with its roots tied back to the older generations of projects which we’ve developed over the past years in the advertising field. They are a team based in Croatia, and all of have some experience in being advertisers or publishers and know the advantages and difficulties that come with this job. Their goal was to provide a platform which will unite Advertisers and Publishers in a seamless and hassle-free way. They were tired of the lack of depth that other ad networks offered to us, so the decided to create own. With in-house development team, nothing is off-limits. are Astrality, and Astrality is You. Astrality is a self-serve ad network with push notifications, banners and popunders. We’re working on a CPM model. Features that you can expect when you sign up with us: 2 Factor Authentication with a mobile app (Authy, Google Authenticator) Almost-instant statistics 24/7 Skype support Friendly interface For Advertisers: The minimum amount required to create a campaign is $20 the accept PayPal, Wire ($1000 and over) and Paxum. Tracking parameters for better control, conversion tracking Time, Country, Operating System, Browser, IP Range, Category Targeting Whitelist/blacklist zones For Publishers: Weekly payouts (7-day hold) via PayPal, Wire ($1000 and over) or Paxum. Whitelist/blacklist campaigns 99% fill rate High eCPM.

Quick Facts About

Cost ModelCPM
Min Deposit$20
Daily Impression12 million
Payment MethodPayPal, Paxum, Wire (over $1000)
Top VerticalDating, Adult, Nutra, Gambling
Official WebsiteClick Here To View

Improving Through Consistency and Quality

User In Mind It is imperative to know how to make Network feel intuitive and easy to learn, but hard to master.

Quality Control analyzing and improving Astrality’s code on a daily basis, making it faster and more secure, day by day.

Modern User Interface didn’t want to look ordinary. The wanted to be the fresh, technology-focused but modern-looking Ad Network.

Advertiser Features

Multiple Ad Formats Popunders, push notifications, and banners.

Account Manager

Your Account Manager is there for you 24/7.

Extensive Statistics Blazing fast statistics bringing you the insights you need

Account Security Use 2 Factor Authentication to secure your account better.

Targeting Options

Target your demographics by Time, Country, Operating System, Browser, IP Range, and Category.

Multiple Deposit Options

Deposit funds into your account with PayPal, Wire ($1000 and over) and ePayments

Publisher Features

Multiple Ad Formats Popunders, push notifications, and banners

Account Manager

Your Account Manager is there for you 24/7.

Account Security Use 2 Factor Authentication to secure your account better.

Multiple Payout Options

Cash-out with PayPal, Wire ($1000 and over), and ePayments.

Banners Banners provide an easy way to catch the eye of the users. They are highly visible on the user’s screen and can bring great results to Advertiser’s campaign.

Push Notifications Native push, as they are called, are the hottest trend right now. Users can receive notifications even when they’re not viewing a Publisher’s website, so long as the permission to display the notifications is active. This ad format is highly compatible with all types of offers due to its customizability.

Popunders pop-under format opens a window behind the content of the user’s active window, containing the advertiser’s landing page. This ad format is mostly used by Single Opt-In offers.

Pop-under Highlights

  •  Quick display and high visibility;
  •  Works best for single opt-in offers;
  •  CPM payment model;
  •  Optimized for all major browsers.

Earn More From Own Website tools and solutions are designed to help you boost your earnings while maintaining a non-intrusive user experience Through platform, you can easily display a variety of ad formats on your website, such as native ads, banner ads, and more.

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