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What Is Argo Finance(ARGO)? Complete Guide & Review About Argo Finance

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What Is Argo Finance(ARGO)?

Argo Finance is the premier liquid staking protocol built on top of the Cronos blockchain that aims to unlock the value of all staked CRO and maximize the capital efficiency of CRO across the Crypto.com ecosystem.

CRO staking has been a very attractive and low-risk way of earning yields on top of your CRO holdings, offering users 10-12% APY on staked CRO. However, staked CRO are essentially locked up and inaccessible to stakers. Stakers who wish to unstake their CRO will have to wait for a 28-days unbonding period before their CRO becomes accessible again.

CRO liquid staking, on the other hand, improves capital efficiency without compromising network security. This is made possible through the issuance of bonded CRO (“bCRO”) which is a liquid staking derivative that represents your staked CRO and can be utilized across the DeFi ecosystem in Cronos to generate additional DeFi yields.

Important Points Table Of Argo Finance

Coin NameArgo Finance
Short NameARGO
Total SupplyN/A
ExplorerClick Here To View
DocumentationView Document
WebsiteClick Here To Visit

How to Buy the Continental & Trade On Exchange?

First Step

Buying ARGO Is Very Easy Task . Just Find Exchange Where ARGO Available & Buy Through Your Credit & Other Altcoin .

Second Step

Once You Purchased ARGO. Now It Is Time To Store Your ARGO Or Start Trading On Exchange .

Liquidity Mining Incentives

Liquidity Mining is a double-edged sword that helps to bootstrap initial growth but results in attracting mercenary capital and short-term yield farmers that place extreme downward price pressure on the governance token of the protocol.

They have designed this protocol with longevity in mind and this means sustainable and organic yields. However, they do see the value of liquidity mining in attracting users onboard platform. The incentives will be deployed to benefit and drive the usage of bCRO across the Cronos ecosystem.

Additionally, they will focus heavily on the process of gaining protocol-owned liquidity (POL). In doing so, it ensures that in the medium to long term, they would have built up a deep treasury to protect against capital flight and at the same time create the ability to further generate revenue for the protocol – reducing the need to emit liquidity mining incentives.

Argo DeFi Vaults

Argo will be implementing proprietary strategy vaults to optimize CRO yields and will be a gamechanger to the dynamics of CRO staking. As a protocol, the goals are aligned with you, the community. They want to seamlessly maximize your CRO yields, and with that, they will be introducing the first-ever CRO strategy vaulting solution on Cronos accessible to both new and native DeFi users.

How will Argo DeFi Vaults Work?

The vaults aim to solve this problem by providing users with one-click access to various DeFi strategies.

By utilising vaults, users will have access to:

  • Optimal yields from a set of curated protocols across the ecosystem
  • Easy one-click delegation from CRO for strategies that would otherwise require multiple steps to manage
  • Auto-compounding and position management so you don’t have to worry about it yourself

Argo Token (ARGO)

We’re building this protocol with longevity and sustainability in mind, and as the protocol grows in functionality and use, this increasing amount of fees will be shared across all ARGO stakers. ARGO token is the native token of Argo.

ARGO is designed to capture a portion of our protocol’s revenues, as such, its intrinsic value should and will scale according to Argo’s TVL. Revenue will be distributed to ARGO holders according to a defined mechanism

Protocol Revenue

50% of all protocol revenues will be split pro-rata amongst xARGO pledgers. Argo Finance’s revenues are sourced from LP rewards, validator commissions, unstaking fees, and vault management fees.

1. LP Rewards

As users trade between our native assets, LP fees will be generated from protocol-owned liquidity (POL). These fees will be accrued to our treasury before being redistributed.

2. Unstaking Fees

Users who wish to delay unstake CRO will pay a small unstaking fee of 0.30%.

3. Penalty Fees

Users who stake ARGO will receive a pro-rata portion of penalty fees paid by xARGO instant unstakers (25% of penalties paid)

4. Validator Rewards Commissions

CRO staked on Argo will be delegated to our validators according to our delegation strategy. 10% of all validator rewards will be taken to be redistributed amongst xARGO pledgers and Argo’s treasury.

5. Vault Management Fees

Users of vaults will incur an ongoing management fee (~0.30% pa), which varies according to the complexity of the vault strategy.

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