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Arcadierx.io Ico Review : The World’s First Reverse ICO by a Leading Marketplace Builder

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About Arcadierx.io

A Blockchain Initiative of Arcadierx.io. The World’s Fastest Growing Marketplace Creator Arcadier, the parent company of ArcadierX is a successful marketplace SaaS platform, populated with over 7000 marketplaces, tens of thousands of online merchants, and millions of inventory from over 170 countries. ArcadierX will be able to onboard these users and more, from outside of ecosystem.

Company NameArcadierx.io
Token SymbolARCX
AcceptingETH, BTC, Fiat
Pre Ico Price1 ARCX = 0.115 USD
Price1 ARCX = 0.15 USD
Restricted AreasUSA, Canada, China
Softcap4,500,000 USD
Hard cap20,000,000 USD


Arcadierx strive to discover better ways of bringing people and businesses together to create commercial opportunities and work to meet the needs of every online marketplace. They innovate solutions to connect communities in a platform of trust where everyone can freely and easily discover, share and advocate anything they want to.

The Opportunities

ArcadierX aims to harness the capability of blockchain to solve the key problems of a high growth US$10 trillion global eCommerce industry which encompasses a US$2.3 trillion B2C (retail) and US$7.7 trillion B2B (enterprise) eCommerce market.

Target B2C Long Tail Customers

Highly competitive and fragmented retail eCommerce market. Millions of small and medium sized online merchants and niche vertical marketplaces are facing increasing pressure from global leading eCommerce players. Business survival is at stake.

Target B2B Marketplace Customers

Increasing popularity of B2B marketplaces to conduct business The efficiency of marketplaces in business trade is driving an emergence of new hyper-local and hyper-vertical marketplaces in B2B ecommerce.



Created Global Unified Shopping Account


Released SaaS commoditised offering

June 2018

Launch of enterprise standalone offering

October 2018

Blockchain technical design circulated to partners
Design and discussions completed

November 2018

ICO Kick off event in Singapore

December 2018

Token Sale starts; presale 1: 14 Dec 2018 – 31 Mar 2019

Q1 2019

Commence development for Arcadier Hub MVP

Q2 2019

Launch of token private sale 2
Arcadier Hub MVP release
Beta launch of Arcadier Hub
Commence build of Arcadier Trust system

Q3 2019

ARCX protocol selected, built and released
Beta launch of Arcadier Trust (Phase 1 of 4 feature release)
Public token sale

Q4 2019

Release ARCTX (stable/transaction) tokens
New feature release for Arcadier Hub
Integration of first 2 eCommerce platforms
Smart contracts with escrow enabled on platform

Q 1 2020

New feature release for Arcadier Hub
Launch Arcadier Trust Phase 2 features

Q 2 2020

Launch of AI driven classifications on imported items
Launch of Arcadier Trust Phase 3 features

Q 3 2020

Integration of 2 IMS and 2 ePOS systems

Q 4 2020

Launch of Arcadier ARCTX Payment System


Launch of Affiliate Marketing in Arcadier Hub
Launch of Arcadier Trust Phase 4 features
Introduce AI driven discovery based on recommendations


Beta launch of Provenance blockchain solution
Beta launch of Trade Finance blockchain solution

Their Problems

In today’s eCommerce industry, online buyers, sellers and market operators are increasingly seeking for solutions to address issues of low discoverability, growing mistrust, as well as ease of content transfer across eCommerce platforms.


The same best sellers in my usual store. why don’t they have more variety? Maybe I should try another site?”

“How do i know if this seller or marketplace is legit and will deliver the promised products at the agreed timing? Can I trust him/her?”

Smart buyer who always gets the best deal from a trusted supplier, but it takes so much time to do online research across different sites to get there.”


Harnessing the Best of Both Worlds – A Blockchain Enhanced Marketplace Platform Arcadierx.io will utilise the power of distributed ledger technology along with innovations in inventory sourcing and distribution, a platform of trust, cryptocurrency, provenance and trade financing, to strengthen Arcadier marketplace platform at the core.

Trade Financing

Streamline trade financing in cross border business to remove high fees and increase trading efficiency.

Arcadier Hub

A new cost-effective eCommerce inventory distribution mechanism that increases sourcing efficiency and sales distribution opportunities.


Provide greater supply chain transparency, stronger assurance of origin and chain of custody in any supply chain.

Arcadier Trust

An innovative online reputation trust consolidation and portability system.

AI/ML enabled data analytics

Introduce intelligent data analytics capabilities by using artificial intelligence or machine learning, such as making product discovery recommendations to online buyers and sellers.

ARCTX Payments

Issuance and use of ARCTX, the proprietary stable tokens, as the preferred currency within Arcadier ecosystem while enabling traceability and lowering transaction fees.

The Main Team

How It Works

Arcadierx.io Hub and Arcadier Trust will work synergistically to enable content sharing of products, services, and reputation within Arcadier ecosystem and across eCommerce platforms, enabling faster discovery and improving distribution in a trustless ecosystem.

By connecting to a decentralised Arcadier Hub:
Sellers can be discovered more easily and increase their sales distribution;
Marketplace operators enjoy efficiency in inventory sourcing and portfolio management; and
Consumers and buyers will gain access to greater product variety and pricing transparency.

Arcadier Trust will decentralise reputation and enable trust portability of authenticated ratings and reviews across eCommerce platforms. The solution aims to restore trust in online markets, reduce time and resources needed to build and foster buyer to seller/ seller to marketplace-operator trust, as well as incentivize users to generate and share verified reviews.

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