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What Is Alien Wars Gold?(AWG) Coin Review? Guide About Alien Wars Gold

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What Is Alien Wars Gold?(AWG)

Alien Wars Gold is a collectible, digital combat card game with play to earn (P2E) mechanism and a PvP ranking system. The game allows players to earn rewards, in the form of Alien Wars Gold (AWG) or NFTs. Alien Wars combines blockchain technology with traditional card games. Alien Wars not only allows for owning of playing cards similar to a physical card game, but also for easy trading of NFT cards online.

In the far future, the Federation of Mankind discovers the Meta-V001 blackhole allowing them to fast travel to resource rich Pi galaxy. Pi galaxy contains rich amount of rare element Alien Wars Gold Coin (AWG), the most essential and valuable commodity in the metaverse. Unfortunately, the mining activity of vast amount of Alien Wars Gold has attracted unwelcome enemies.

In the year 31415, an army of the Mech Alliance originated from Andromeda Galaxy invades and occupies 100 planets in the Pi galaxy. Soon after, the war between the Federation and the Alliance break out.Join the battle by affiliating yourself with one of many factions. Build your own team, hire troopers to win in this ravaging war and become the top ranking ruler and earn AWG!

Important Points Table Of Alien Wars Gold

Coin NameAlien Wars Gold
Short NameAWG
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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How to Buy the Alien Wars Gold Coin & Trade On Exchange?

First Step

Buying AWG Is Very Easy Task . Just Find Exchange Where AWG Available & Buy Through Your Credit & Other Altcoin .

Second Step

Once You Purchased AWG. Now It Is Time To Store Your AWG Or Start Trading On Exchange .

From playing many P2E games, we found:

  • Most P2E games lacked quality artwork and gameplay.
  • Token allocation is mostly given to investors.
  • Not much focus on the NFT economy which is essentially the driving force of the game asset values.

With this in mind, they set out to create a self funded NFT-focused game:

  • The game will deliver a great gaming experience through exciting gameplay, unique AAA quality 3D characters.
  • Having no token allocated to public/private listing or venture capitalists and a Fair Launch.
  • Tokenomics model that rewards the players in the ecosystem with 75% of all token supply.

Thus, beginning the journey of creating a sustainable and long-term Alien Wars and beyond.

The Game


Digital Combat Card Game


Earn Rewards

Alien Wars is a collectable, digital combat card game with play to earn (P2E) mechanism and a PvP ranking system. The game allows players to earn rewards and NFTs. Alien Wars combines blockchain technology with traditional card games.

AWG Usage

Community members who have $AWG staked will be able to vote on proposals by the community. This allows community members to be involved in the governance of Alien Wars.

Holding $AWG gives early access to future upcoming NFTs, Aliens and Planets.

AWG will be used for in game purchases, e.g. merging of cards, card packs.

Fair Launch

To allow for fairness and equal opportunities, Alien Wars Gold will have a Fair Launch. This means that there will be no seed, pre-sale or early investors.

AWG Token

Tokens can be used for in-game activities such as:

  • NFT purchase on the marketplace
  • Merging of NFTs, Alien War Gold will be needed for every NFT merging
  • Entrance fees for in-game faction wars
  • Future NFT mints
  • Promote Trooper NFT to Commanders NFT
  • PvE Missions sign up fee

Earning Mechanisms

NFT Staking

Staking offers NFT holders an option to earn $AWG passively, users who stake their NFT will be rewarded $AWG based on the value and rarity of the NFT. i.e. Higher rarity cards will yield a higher staking return.

End of season rewards

Players at the top of the ranking system will gain $AWG. This is to identify and reward the top players, in terms of skills and involvement in the game.


Wars will be held between 2 factions. Players have to pay a registration fee and rewards will be based on total number of registered players.

Technology and Art


The engineering team within Alien Wars are extremely talented blockchain experts and programmers with many years of experience. With their expertise, we have created our own Alien War Marketplace and Staking platform which will be launched right after the initial minting is completed.


The Alien Wars art team is working with leading art studios that have been worked with big game developers and AAA games.

Game Lore WriterJ. Lang

J. Lang is a published author in the genre of science fiction, fantasy, and Young Adults. She also has several years of experience in writing and editing, including game writing and she has worked on several games.

Game Design TeamYJ

YJ is an upcoming game designer in Singapore who made his fame through his first published game Going Postal. Debuting at Essen Spiel, Going Postal had raving reviews among critics and was invited to PAX Unplugged the same year.

White Paladin

Game Designer and Game Developer White Paladin has been passionate about gaming since he was 15 years old, from playing to designing his own games. This has led him to dive into the gaming industry after his National Service, first by managing Leisure Central Game store to being a founder of the Singapore’s first board game café.

Advisor V

Game Design Advisor Uncle V has been involved in online gaming, iGaming, and RMT (Real Money Transactions) movement in gaming since the mid 2000’s. He has worked with gaming companies on monetization and growth across iGaming (gambling) platforms across Asia.

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