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Advidi Advertising Review : It is Safe ?

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About Advidi

Advidi is a full service provider, dedicated to offering complete marketing and CPA services – using the most up-to-date optimization technology to create ROI-driven solutions. They are the leaders in innovation and campaign optimization; focusing on detecting the most profitable offers and verticals in the space, and bringing the newest and most profitable campaigns to the clients. We’ve developed specific revenue generating programs using a wide range of exclusive online tools, verticals and metrics so Advidi clients receive maximum return. Their full-service approach and expert knowledge will exceed your expectations of a standard network.

Advidi We’re a performance marketing network. Founded in 2012. Worldwide affiliate network – but deeply Dutch. mission is also our core business: find and connect the best people in the industry while inspiring and empowering them to be more successful. put people before profits. The share everything – from beers after work on Fridays to cross-department training. We respect the traditions of our industry, yet bravely challenge it to grow. believe they must know exactly who they are, as a united entity, in order to serve you best. And that’s exactly what you will find below: the story of Advidi.

Advidi You may not recognize them at first glance; they’re defined by their character and their decisions, not their outward appearance. They push new boundaries. They’re not afraid to challenge new markets or take calculated risks. They believe fear is a luxury; they’re too busy taking action. They believe in these people. They call them performance marketing heroes. The recognize, connect, inspire and support them as they rise – because they bring everyone up with them. their mission is to empower the next wave of heroes and fill the industry with their brave mentality. If you believe you share their traits, then this is our promise: we are here for you. Let’s grow together.

Advidi Their industry is different. It’s fast-moving and dynamic – driven by data and changing markets. But despite the apparent chaos, it’s surprisingly consistent; centered around shared principles and key players. To reflect this, the logo must be different, too. Alive. Chaotic at first glance – but in reality, carefully controlled by data and human input. Meet HIRO. A living logo that unifies two powers that cannot exist without each other in the digital environment: the ideas and passion of humans, and the precise execution of machines. created HIRO, and HIRO creates our logo dynamically, constantly – like the industry, it never sleeps. The invite you to interact with HIRO and find your own personal variation.

Quick Facts About Inuvo

Company NameAdvidi
Commission TypeCPA, CPL
Minimum Payment$100
Payment Frequency30 Day trail with a revenue target of $1500
Payment MethodWire, PayPal, Paxum, Payoneer
Referral CommissionOnly on mutual agreement, we can agree on % or flatfee
Tracking SoftwareIn-house proprietary platform
Tracking Link
Number of Offers500+
Affiliate ManagerClick Here To View

Product & Services

Behind our Products & Services portfolio are our people. Experienced. International. Persistent. Genuine. all work around the clock to ensure that our Offer Market is constantly updated with the most attractive offers on the market; whilst creating innovative technology to give you an advantage in the market. affiliate managers are vertical experts who ensure that you’re not only matched with the best offer, but that you’re fully supported in the overall flow. account managers act as an extension of our advertisers’ business and leverage the extensive market knowledge combined with aggregated data to match their offers with the best possible traffic source.


As a network, the role is to find and deliver the most suitable traffic for your offers, to get better leads and more sales. We’re not only tirelessly looking for new sources, but through the years, we’ve built an extensive network of proven 5000+ active affiliates, diversified in verticals, GEOs and traffic sources. Due to the diverse approach and combined efforts, we can quickly identify the right traffic possibilities for your business and offers, and significantly decrease the time-to-value period.

  • Affiliate traffic: Traffic delivered through our extensive network of proven 5000+ affiliates based in more than 100 countries globally. This traffic is diversified and can cover a variety of verticals, GEOs, traffic sources, etc. The leads can be generated through social platforms, native, SEO, SEA and other traffic sources.
  • In-house traffic: Our in-house media buying team is capable of delivering traffic to specific offers in specific verticals. As a result of the internal control, we can ensure absolute quality and exceptional results.
  • Email traffic*: Available on demand and only for specific verticals.

Programmatic Traffic

Utilising machine learning and real-time solutions, the programmatic display team is capable of supporting you through the transparency of pricing, buying, and optimization. experts help determine which traffic channels will drive the most ROI for your business. Combining ultra personalization, thousands of data points, and customized algorithms, they make sure that you’re compensated on performance only.

Global Based Infrastructure

Providing unmatched speed and performance, our global cloud infrastructure ensures that the speed and the performance of every offer are equally high no matter the GEO, which incredibly enhances the offer performance and your ROI.

Trading Experience

They always have your best interest at heart. This can be seen through our dynamic trading experience on the Offer Trade Floor. On the Offer Trade Floor, our dedicated account and affiliate managers are always negotiating the best traffic and offers in your best business interest. They use their extensive market knowledge combined with aggregated historical data and smart algorithms to match the best possible traffic for your offers. ensure a short communication line and 24/7 availability, so you can rest assured that your account manager has your best interests front of mind. They use their extensive market knowledge combined with aggregated historical data and smart algorithms to match the best possible traffic for your offers.

Our dedicated Business Intelligence team understands what matters most to our clients – data. It is proven that leveraging data provides us with a better understanding in predicting customer behavior, how they are monetized, as well as increasing our clients’ profit margins. Using custom, regular reports and segmented data, our Business Intelligence team is able to spot trends and opportunities, quality prediction and user value. The result is that decisions are made accurately, helping you scale your business.

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