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AdLeverage Advertising Review : It Is Safe Review

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About AdLeverage

AdLeverage is fanatical about serving its partners and members. Besides hiring top notch staff with real experience in dozens of industries, AdLeverage uses unique technology and processes to help both Advertiser and Publishers make more money for their businesses. has been in your shoes. We’ve been up late writing content, placing backlinks and building websites. We know what a hassle it is to find advertiser offers that convert, that don’t charge back and that stay online. The feel your pain and because we know what you go through, they have structured the programs and our team to help you. We’ll help you find just the right offers for your traffic to earn the highest EPC’s, we’ll make reporting and implement a breeze—and we’ll even pay you on time. Their relationships with top-tier Advertisers and other Marketing Networks allows us to leverage your traffic to get you the best converting creative and payouts.

AdLeverage at its core, is a consumer motivation agency. At Ad Leverage, the refuse to accept what the consider the antiquated label of being a “traditional” or “digital” media agency, while also declining to be considered a “direct response” or “branding” agency. Instead, the combine industry-leading experience in all facets of old and new media, along with full in-house Bilingual creative and production teams and facilities to create a marketing perspective as diverse as the current media landscape.

AdLeverage When you couple media consumption habits being more segmented than ever with a modern consumer purchasing journey that contains more stops than a New York subway, the unique skillsets found at Ad Leverage are crucial in most effectively identifying and motivating your target persona to take action – via the most efficient digital or traditional methods available.

AdLeverage creative concepts and campaigns are crafted with ROI as the focus, while tailored to seamlessly weave into the fabric of your business’ infrastructure. The know it’s not easy to run a business, but with agreed upon efficiency benchmarks and growth modeling in place, the clients can focus on running their business, knowing they have a team dedicated to responsibly growing it.

Quick Facts About AdLeverage

Company NameAdLeverage
Base Commission 30% – 50% recurring commission on each sale
Minimum Payment$50
Payment FrequencyMonthly
Payment MethodCheck / PayPal / Wire
Referral CommissionN/A
Tracking SoftwareHasOffers
Tracking Link30 days
Commission TypeN/A
Affiliate ManagerClick Here To View

Media Buy Placing

Ad Leverage is a consumer-facing ad agency, providing a full suite of marketing services for mid-sized, emerging and enterprise-sized companies. When you decide to enter the world of television and radio marketing, you want a marketing partner with you who has an in-depth knowledge of how buying ads works and how to get the most out of your advertising dollar.  Trying to go at it alone can leave you spending much more than you might otherwise. Their Los Angeles advertising agency uses the established relationships with local media to stretch your advertising budget and put your business in front of the audience you want. has considerable buying power to use in getting the best deal possible for your ads. Not only this, but they have tested extensively to find the optimal time for your ad to air, and can make changes to the scheduling to maintain the highest viewership of consumers likely to become your customers.

No matter your business size, where you are located, or what consumer base you are looking to target, Ad Leverage knows how to spend your ad dollars wisely. Even after placing your ad, the put the time into researching and tracking how effective it is and make changes where necessary. Working with a trusted Los Angeles advertising agency, you can let go of the burden of trying to handle your own advertising. From the creation of your ad, to finding just the right time and station or website to air it, Ad Leverage works to gain exposure for your business and drive people to your door so you can do what you do best—run your business and serve your clients. agency is also proud to be able to offer a full in-house TV production department to help capitalize your traditional marketing efforts.

Can Get Your Digital Marketing on the Right Track

In recent years, online business has revolutionized how and where people spend money, therefore your company will need to keep pace to remain competitive in the marketplace. What you need is a Los Angeles direct response agency that can stay out ahead of your competition when it comes to the ever-changing nature of digital advertising. Ad Leverage, in addition to creating and maintaining a dynamic traditional ad strategy through TV and radio, develops internet marketing campaigns that put you in front of the consumers you want.

Don’t miss potential customers! Consumers are increasingly looking for what they need on their desktop or mobile devices. For this reason, you need a strong internet presence that offers more than just a slick website. You need a digital advertising team that understands the ins and outs of how internet marketing operates.


Many businesses suffer from a lack of connectivity and disparate marketing parts organic digital services, paid digital services, production, traditional ad buying — all essential, but all too often, highly segmented pieces. This limited connectivity and communication between moving parts translates into losses in efficiency and an inability to swiftly adapt to trends seen across channels. At Ad Leverage, we personify the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and nowhere is this better demonstrated than the content created within our production facilities. Ad Leverage production studios and post-production facilities enable us to bring our client’s brands to life. We routinely exceed our clients’ appetites for high-quality video and commercial elements with a highly skilled bilingual production team.


AdLeverage Learn how to generate leads and convert them in to customers while efficiently utilising the resources available to you. Marketing successfully is an essential component of attracting new customers and growing a business. In the tutorials the cover everything from email marketing to determining how much each new customers costs you. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any recommendations for new tutorials that you might have. They are always looking to expand the course directory and improve user experience, so you can use the form below and to us know exactly what tutorials you would like us to add.

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